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1: The death of the Namikaze heir.

It's strange how one can go a lifetime without letting your anger out. But like a rubber band stretched to the max, it will snap someday. In the ninja village hidden in the leaf, the God of Shinobi snapped.

"Katon: KaryĆ» Endan!"

The fire beast roared as much as his caster and burned through the mob of villagers like a firestorm. Among the ashes, only one little place was left untouched: on a small patch of grass, a young 10 year old boy lay bleeding. The sandaime Hokage cradled the blond-haired boy in his arms and raced to the hospital.

Why? Why would people of Konoha do that to a child? Well, let say that human stupidity can go far. The only sin of the boy, Uzumaki Naruto was to have saved the village by harboring a tailed-beast in his body.

That night, he was thrown of his trashed appartement by his supposed ANBU guard left at the mercy of the crowd waiting for him. He was stabbed, got his arms and legs broken and his dick cut off before the Hokage arrived and let his anger and disgust burst in a mighty fire jutsu. The ANBU was captured by thick tendrils of shadows then crushed by a giant foot. The doctors could heal bones, heal wounds, but the boy wouldn't be able to have offsprings.

In Naruto's chamber, the sandaime was met with a man bowing low on his knees:

"Shikaku, what are you..."

"Hokage-sama, ten years ago, the council refused to let me adopt Naruto. I beg you to let me take him in the Nara clan. We tried our best to protect him from the shadows but it wasn't enough!" said the clan head with tears of despair and rage on his scared face.

A groan made them stop to look on the bed.

"Hokage-jiji, is that you? why am hurt...why did they... " sobbed the child.

His voice and his will were broken. The sandaime took the best decision in the last ten years. He put seals tags on the walls, floor and ceiling. He told him of his injuries.

"Naruto-chan, my dear dear boy. I didn't want to burden you with tis until you were a genin or better, a jounin...but that night has forced my hand. You do know of the kyubi's defeat at the hand of the Yondaime, ten years ago? To save the village, he had to seal it. He used a powerful seal that took is life and imprisoned the beast into you." came the sorrowful reply.

"Is that why my parents left me at the orphanage?"

"Left you! No my boy: they loved you with all their heart and even more." said Shikaku

"Loved? So that mean they died...who are you sir? You look like Shikamaru" said Naruto, tonelessly.

"He's Shikaku Nara, your classmate's father. He would like to adopt you if you allow it".

Surprised, Naruto asked "Why? I don't enjoy being pitied!"

"Calm down, he tried to take you since you were born but the council forbade it, not only because of your burden, but also your heritage." said the Hokage, whose face reflected his weary and tired age. "Please stay quiet for now. I wanted to tell you when you were strong enough so I beg you, don't tell anyone." After a promise from the boy, the old man pursued: Your father was Namikaze Minato, the yondaime Hokage. He trusted only his son to bear the power of the kyubi and to this day, you didn't disappoint him." he said with a proud smile. "Your mother was the second jinchuriki - that how are called those who hold a bijuu, a tailed-beast)- , a red haired kunoishi named Uzumaki Kushina. I have some of their memento in my office. I'll give them to you tomorrow. Now we have another business: will you go to the Nara?"

Turning to Shikaku, the tearful boy swore to be on his best behaviour. "So, will I'll be a Nara? I won't be able to pass on my names."

"I may have a solution to that. I'll bring it in the morning with your parent's things. For now, Shikaku will take you to your new home." said the sandaime with a grin. A shunshin later he was fussed upon by a concerned Yoshino Nara and a wide-eyed Shikamaru.

"You must eat more Naru-chan" said the dark haired mother. "Shika-chan is a head taller than you. You need milk and vegetables too. Here take another bit of chicken. tonight you'll use one of Shika-chan's shirt and we'll have your clothes tomorrow."

"Mom seems to have a field day", whispered Shikamaru to his dad. "What the hell happened to Naruto? He seems really down?"

"He was hurt, severely hurt son. At last, we could adopt him but the price was too high" said his father somberly.

"It'll be troublesome but I'll take care of him. He was my friend but now he's family".

Shikamaru woke up at the flash of his mom's camera and giggling form as she retreated from his bedroom. In the night, his bed-buddy changed place and cuddled him. "Troublesome. Naruto-kun, time to get up". He shook the little blond gently awake. Blushing, the boy shot up and fell of the bed with a "Owie!"

Smiling, the brunet gave him spare clothes and showed him the bathroom. "Get in otouto-kun. Mom will adjust the clothes for today".

"Otouto-kun?" asked Naruto.

"I'm older and bigger"

"Oh...hum hai onii-chan".

After their morning routine, the boys were eating breakfast when the Hokage arrived. He cried when he got a photo of his father caressing the belly of his very pregnant mother. It was the most beautiful image he've ever seen. He got some scrolls on sealing that were his mother's and Uzumaki Mito's, and three from his father.

"Now Naruto-chan, i've found a solution for you to have offsprings in the forbidden scroll of seals. I know it's not the best, but I'm afraid this old man can't do better, I'm sorry". Naruto gave him a hug and waited for him to collect himself as the three Nara held their breath. "I found a justu called Kokoro no henka that change a male body into a perfect female one. It was created by the now extinct Saotome clan as an infiltration technique. But they didn't understand that it would be permanent."

"So to have children, I have to stop being a boy? It's not fair..."

"No, it isn't. whatever you choose, I'll take a more active and sly role in your training. I can't show favoritism, but you're welcome to see an old man in his office whenever you like and, maybe read some books and listening some stories. What do you say?"

Naruto smiled at the twinkle in his Jiji's eyes. His came back to his parent's photo. He caressed his mother's beautiful face. "I'll do it Jiji, the jutsu and the training. I swear to you: I'll become the best kunoishi of the world" he said with a fire burning in his eyes.

"You do your grandfather proud. We'll need to go to the hospital for a liter of female blood and..."

"Use mine" said Yoshino "and Shikaku'll saturate it with his chakra so Naru-chan will be able to use some of the clan's jutsu."

With an approval from the clan head, Sarutobi took the blood and put it in a tube. Shikaku pushed three quarter of his chakra in and the hokage did the jutsu on the blood. He then hooked Naruto to the container and injected the blood. "Good, now you will go with Yoshino-san, and do your Kage henge well, your Oroike no jutsu, but try to picture your age, because it will be permanent".

Naruto followed Yoshino to her bedroom and pictured a younger Oroike, then remembered the photo. "Henge!" She took the form of a ten year fair skinned girl, with long bright red hair falling down to her knees, and the same gorgeous blue eyes that the boy was birth with, a slander and feminine build with


...well just imagine...getting back to the kawai-scream-of-death...and the following bear hug. Yoshino cooed the now-girl, petting her hair and her smooth skin, kissing her cheeks, nose, telling her how cute she was and how much fun they will have playing dress-up. Although she was blushing madly and somewhat disturbed, Naruto was basking in the positive attention...that is, until Yoshino decided to train her how to go to the bathroom as a girl and take care of her feminine aspects.

When they got back downstairs, the still blushing Naruto was wearing a blue dress adjusted by her starry eyed and pushy oba-chan. They were met by a gently smiling Hokage, and a relieved pair of male Nara (if Yoshino is busy with Naruto, she won't be as troublesome with them...right?...poor delusionals bastards).

Jutsu list:

Katon: KaryĆ» Endan ( Fire release: Dragon flame bullet)

Shunshin (body flicker)

Kokoro no henka (change of heart)

Kage henge/ Oroike no jutsu (Shadow transform / Sexy Jutsu)