17- Love blossom in the Leaf

Rock Lee laid on his bed, in his little apartment, depressed. It wasn't beacause he ultimately failed his mission, no, he could live with that, he brooded because when the Uchiha cut out his right eye with a kunai, the taijutsu specialist let his anger take the better of him and pulled out the traitor's own. An eye for an eye was the saying. Still, he was better than that. The boy pressed his palm on his new eye: Naru-chan had recovered enough to do the surgery two days ago and Ino was adamant nobody did it but their red-haired friend. Even Tsunade was chased off under the threat of controlling her body to make her fuck all the Inuzuka's dogs in the town square. The sanin relented when Inoshi told her that Ino greatly progressed in her clan's jutsu. You couldn't tell the difference between Lee's eyes. They were black. He looked at his reflect in his forehead protector: his right one turned red, with two tomoes. He still couldn't use ninjutsu as he didn't produce enough chakra at a given time but could use eye's based genjutsu, learn opponent's jutsu and read their movement. The last he could do was to write what he copied for his friends uses. They all came to see how he was healing. Even Neji came to cheer him up, but he wasn't in the mood. Lee lost a piece of himself in the fight. Yes he didn't have his bowl cut hairstyle anymore but it would grow back, no, he lost his calm. A taijutsu user had to have a clear head in every situation. What if he did it again, worse, what if he let his anger burst at Ino. He loved the girl and her pushy ways but if he couldn't control himself... The boy sighed. She had asked him to live with her. As ninja, she said, life was too short to waste a single minute of it. He looked over his spartan one-room apartment. He was afraid that it wouldn't work out, the blond would eventually tire of him. Someone knocked at the door. He gulped, seeing Yamanaka Inoichi, eyes devoid of emotion, glacial like a frozen lake.

"We need to talk, Rock Lee." The genin let him enter, praying to Kami for protection. They knelt on small cushions around a table, the silence unbearable to the youngest. "Let's cut the chase. I love my little princess dearly, she is the Yamanaka clan heiress. What are your intentions toward my daughter?" Lee gulped again.

"Yamanaka-sama, we're kind of young to..." The blond held his hand up.

"As I told my wife when we were your age, as ninja, life is too short to waste a single minute of it. I didn't came here to murder you even if I want to strangle you very bad. You'll understand if you live long enough to be a father." The boy took a calming breath.

"I am in love with your daughter, sir. She may be assertive and don't take no for an answer, but I can't imagine my life without her."

"As an heiress, she and any child of her will have to carry her clan's name. Is it alright with you?"

"Sir, Rock is the surname I chose when I entered the academy. I wouldn't deny a history to children." The adult though for a minute.

"What if she change her mind about you?" Lee looked up eyes brimming with determination.

"If she find a man she love more than she love me, then I will wish her to be happy with him. I will protect her happiness even at the cost of mine" he strangled a sob. Inoichi searched his eyes for any deception, finding none, he sighed.

"Rock Lee, I entrust my only daughter to you. If you hurt her in any way..."

"I will die before doing that sir!"

"Pack your things, you are rooming with her." He got up and left. A relieved Lee would comply when his legs stopped to shake. An hour later, he was greeted by his girlfriend.

"Lee-kun! You came!" She kissed him, pushing the boy up the stairs to her room. "Naru-chan put chakra locks to the doors and windows but you're already keyed in" she smiled, "she put privacy seals in all the rooms and communication's seals on the back of the door. Do you need help with your other boxes?" He gave a weak smile.

"Er, it's the only one, I...don't possess much." The blond looked sheepish.

"I'm sorry, Lee-kun. Please let me put it in order." He couldn't bring himself to say no to her, never, so he nodded. She squealed, opening the box. She hung his green spandex suites, his shirts and shorts in the closet with her attires, putting his blue sandals down with her owns. The orange leg warmers found themselves in the dresser's lowest drawer, with her stockings and socks and his boxers, to his embarrassment, found their way to their underwear drawer. His team's photography was put with her mementos on the desk. She smiled at the boy setting herself on his lap. "Thank you Lee-kun. I swear you won't regret it. I love you with all my heart" He returned her smile.

"No, thank you Ino-chan, for this chance. I love you and I'll do my best to make you happy." For the first time since they were an item, he took the initiative to kiss his delighted girlfriend.

Dinner was animated this night as they celebrated Lee's arrival in the Uzumaki compound. They had a sukiyaki and sushi feast prepared by the girls and the great Choji, master cook extraordinaire. Naruto used the event to gratify Kimimaro, Karin, Haku, Jugo and Lee with Uzumaki's sealing gears as they were family. The Kaguya got a swirl necklace negating visual genjutsu, giving a headache to the caster. Karin was gifted with a fieldknife that channeled her chakra. The ice user gratefully accepted a little gourd releasing rain gorged clouds, and a teary-eyed Lee received brown boots that silenced his steps and didn't leave any footprints even in sand or mud.

Naruto and Hinata made their way to their room, after kissing Kimimaro goodnight. The Hyuga didn't leave her girlfriend since the failed mission. While the girl had told her about it, Sakura was never mentioned. Just the name sent made her jaw clench and her eyes water. They took a bath before cuddling on the bed. Hinata played with naruto's hair, a soft smile on her mouth, eyes full of concerns. The Uzumaki sighed, taking her hand.

"Haruno told me she was the one w-who injured me" Hinata looked questioningly, "I-I mean, down there" she pointed to her crotch, she closed her eyes to safeguard herself from the horror in Hinata's pearly ones. She opened them when the girl caressed her cheek, tears flowed on her furious face. While she had never seen her angered, he warmed her heart to see her girlfriend upset on her behalf. "I lost it out there, nearly released the Kyubi but I heard Kimimaro-kun's voice telling me I had people who needed me." They shared a tender kiss, filled with emotions. "I met my father in the holding seal" she smiled "he said he was proud of me, that he loved me -ttebane. He told me that I looked just like my mother."

"How could he be anything but proud, Naru-chan? You're simply amazing." She won a fiery kiss as the red-head's hand caressed its way south, to draw a pleasure moan from the little Hyuga who mimicked her lover, they panted and puffed until late in the night, snuggling against each other, sleeping deeply.

Lee was nervous...slash that, he was bloody scared. He laid on his back, Ino sprawled on him. She only wore green panties and a matching tank top barely covering her chest. Her breath tickled his uncovered torso and he didn't dare to move or risk his hard-on to be noticed. The Yamanaka sighed, she did all she was ready to do to make her boyfriend feel welcome. Still, his body was so tense. Her clan heavily dabbled in psychology so she knew how he felt: a new situation, the fear of relationship, of a family of his own for him who was an orphan. While she made sure he was aware of her feelings, the boy doubted himself, didn't want to rush her or to paint himself as a pervert. She sat on his stomach, frowning at him.

"Lee-kun, you don't have to be so tense, I won't be mad if your hands wander."

"I know Ino-chan but I can't help it, it's a new life for me, I don't want to fail this by doing something I shouldn't do." She smiled at him, rubbing his cheek.

"I don't mind" she pulled off her top to put his hands on her breasts, "see? I'm not upset. I'm not ready to make love, but I'm okay with anything else, please Lee-kun, just go with the flow and do not assume I will tell you off." She laid back on his chest.

"I understand Ino-chan, I'll do as you say." He put his hands on the small of her back, hugging her as she sighed contently in the embrace.

The Hokage talked to his teammate Tsunade and his advisors, Shikaku and the Anbu commander. The skirmish with Kiri became more and more frequent, with ninja wearing scratched forehead protectors. Kiri was turning into a major annoyance: did they really have so much missing-nins that could afford to try their luck against Anbu teams? Who the fuck were they kidding?

"We have to reinforce our East borders" said the man "The Wave's lord allowed us to freely roam the country, as their exclusive partners. He supported the Fire lord to impose a blockade for trade and business with the land of Water." Someone knocked on the door. Jiraya was at Anko's side as soon as she walked in his office, his face full of concerns.

"What's the matter, Anko-chan? It's the first time you knock before entering. Are you alright? Did something happen?" The woman's head was down, she fidgeted with her hands. "You know you can tell me, right?"

"I'm pregnant Jiraya-sama" she said in a barely audible voice. He gaped like a fish before taking her in his arms. She relaxed, worry washing from her soul. She felt something wet on her cheek, looking up, Anko saw the biggest smile she had ever seen under those brown eyes she loved, a bit watery at the moment. His kiss shook her off her feet. Tsunade looked over the couple, envious, still, a sad smile was on her lips. She didn't ever think Jiraya would be the one to settle down and have kids, it was always what she wanted to do. Despite her young body, she was fifty, her Uzumaki heritage would let her procreate for only seven or eight more years at the most. She saw Anko's eyes narrowed on hers, was she so easy to read? The brunette bore into her, looking for...she didn't know, but Anko found it as she shrugged, smiling to her. Maybe, just maybe...

"I can't bend that way Naruto-sensei! It hurt when I try!" The chunin looked down smiling warmly.

"Take it easy Moegi-chan, one step at a time. Relax your legs, don't force it, there, breathe, a little more, slowly, let your body accustom to the stretch. You're done!" she congratulated the girl as she succeeded to do a central split.

"Can you help me next, please sensei?" asked another female student. Naruto patted her head and helped her. The boys were doing laps around them as she conditioned the girls.

"Time's up!" yelled the red-head. The boys came to her as their counterpart began to run. "We worked on kicks earlier, now we'll build your flexibility by doing a split. Don't worry if you can't do it in one go, just keep trying little by little.

"Hai Naruto-sensei!" Chorused the children.

"I see you're training them as I trained you, my youthful student!" commented a boisterous voice.

"Hello Gai-sensei! Can I do anything for you?" She liked the Beautiful Green Beast. He trained her taijutsu to the limit then pushed some more. The man looked over the black spandex wearing kids. She did a fine job teaching them. She build every aspect of their bodies so they could choose what fighting style to pursue.

"I recently took on a new student in my spare time, your cousin, Karin-chan."

"Yes, she need taijutsu training in order to qualify as field medic, she's seventeen, and would like to do more than working in the hospital or be a support-only teammate. I build up her dodging skills but she lack in the offensive department. As she's not suited for the Goken or my modified one, I told her you were the best to know a style for her. I hope you're not upset."

"No, no, Naru-chan, I'm always happy to spread the youthfulness!" He sobered "I think she would be great with the Burning Fist as it revolve around dodging and accurate blows. I came to you because I'm concerned about her. She flinch every time she see someone teeth. I've stopped showing my youthful and bright smile in her presence, still, do you know why she could fear?" Naruto had an idea, but it was really personal. She bowed her head, eyes moist.

"Well, her body is covered of bite marks."

"So it is psychological. Do not worry my cute pupil, I'll cure her of this."

The big day was here. Yoshino fussed over Itachi as she looked at her engagement ring, putting light make up on her pretty face, pinching her cheeks while she yelled for the woman to smile.

"It kind of hurt Yoshino-sama." The Nara dressed her in a silk white kimono, chuckling as she finally got the Aburame to break her composure as she forced kinky lingerie on her. "I-I don't think th..." She shoved an apple in the bride red lips. She couldn't do anything else than take a bit, S-class kunoishi she may be, nobody could compare to the epitome of evilness taking form in the motherly woman. Hey! don't laugh! I dare you to sputter the word 'no' to her, we'll see if you still find it funny!

"There, you are perfect!" She swatted her ass. "To the temple we go!" They made their way to the hall, where the girls were waiting for them. The boys were already at the temple. The ceremony was short, and Aburame-like: Itachi gave a small smile to her intended when Shino put a blue butterfly in her hair, then it was nod, silence or one-word sentence. Soon enough, the couple shared a cup of saké, sealing their union. The lunch was more animated as congratulations were made and gifts given.

"Shino-kun? Were will we put all this?" Itachi gestured to the pile of presents, from silverware to clothes that made her eye twitch and Shino's eyebrow raise while a eerie laugh was heard in the background. "Is Yoshino-sama still staring at us?"



"She is scary. We will use my room at the Aburame clan compound as storage" his cheeks barely pinked "through you could maybe keep some of the clothes in our bedroom." Her own face reddened lightly.

"If you want me to." Across the dinning room, Shino's former teammates smiled, Naruto had given him a hug and Choji, a brotherly tap on the shoulder.

That night, the newlyweds entered their room. Itachi carefully knelt beside the bed, in a bow.

"If I do not look after you well tonight, please be forgiving."

"Itachi-chan, please, stand up. I'm not much for tradition." She didn't bulge.

"I am sorry for robbing you of the right to choose your wife. I admit I was so happy to be called home that I went against my better judgment and calm mind. I didn't really think about the one I would rope into this. For that reason, I beg for your forgiveness." This was so unlike the calm and solid composure she had. Shino sat her on the bed, his hands on her cheeks, looking in her moist eyes.

"I agreed to the wedding on my own volition. As clan heir, I need a strong person by my side. I do not need a submissive wife, Itachi-chan, only a loving one because I'm not the best at showing what I feel. You are no longer Uchiha Itachi and, even as an Aburame, you don't have to be stoical. I would like for you to smile, to laugh because I'm not good at this." He wiped a tear on her cheek. They would make this work. The woman stood up, untied her robes letting them fall to the floor. She was flushed but had a bright smile while the boy's eyes glued to her white, lacy babydoll. He let her undress him, still in shock, until she pressed her lips to his in an awkward kiss. He came to his sense to find himself naked, his bugs silent and his dick pulsing. Her smile widened as he fondled her chest, pinching her nipples. Pulling off her panties, he tried to enter her but missed. She giggled, after a second, he laughed with her. They finally made love for the first time. He spooned behind her.

"Goodnight husband."

"Goodnight wife."

Our favorite red-head stretched like a cat, basking in the morning sunlight that entered through her window. She looked over her sleeping boyfriend, brushing his pretty white hair out of his face. His name adorned the door's plate, with her's and Hinata's. His clothes were put away with her own and her some of her girlfriend's. His relationship with the Hyuga still was restricted to chaste kisses but they were comfortable with that, and even more since Shino's wedding. Naruto softly kissed her prince, without succeeding to wake him. After five minutes, she softly blew in his ear. Nothing. She poked his cheek repeatedly. He sprang like a devil to tickle her without mercy as she dissolved in peals of giggles, only stopping with her unconditional surrender.

"You're mean, Kimimaro-kun" she pouted "my sides hurts now." He pulled up her shirt to lay kisses on the life-threatening injuries, while rubbing her belly. She sighed in bliss under his ministrations, blushing and moaning as he wandered over her body. "Ano, Kimimaro-kun? Are -oh!- are you s-sure you -ah!- you don't wa-want to be a jonin -ttebane -ah!- ?"

"I prefer to be the academy's taijutsu instructor, Naru-chan. Like Jugo, I tire of fighting" he paused to enjoy a loud cry of pleasure, "although we still train together, he work in the store, so I would like to train the children to give them better chances when they will be outside." He had to admit he loved to make her squirm, to roam over her silky skin. "Furthermore, I would stay in the village and help to take care of the house." She kind of winced at that, the man was the kitchen most hated enemy as he could burn water or left more dust when he tried to clean the furniture... even the frying pan hanged itself after the bones user washed it.

"I-I think we girls, can take care of that, Kimimaro-kun." He looked at her blankly.

"The boys help too, in fact, I'm the only one that don't do it, it's not fair to you all. I need to do my share as well."

"Ano, maybe you could take care of the garden or the orchard?" Yes, it was safe to let him harvest the fruits and veggies.

"I can do that." She kissed him tenderly. "Do you have a mission today?"

"Yes, I am going to Frost country with Shino-kun, Kin-chan and Neji-san to scout for an artifact. You'll find the house quite empty because Teams Kurenai and Asuma have a joint mission in the land of Rivers."

"...You'll have to go through Hotsprings country... Orochimaru-san has a hideout there."

"Don't worry Kimimaro-kun, we'll be careful, I promise." She hugged him tightly.

Team Naruto traveled to Shimogakure to ask for the permission to search the country. The land of Frost deserved its name: white powder covered the ground and vegetation. The teens wore thick wool cloaks over their clothes to protect them from the cold wind blowing over them. The Uzumaki was happy that she inscribed warming seals on her dress and stockings or she would have been freezing to death in her light attire. Even the welcoming ninjas were cold to them leading them to the jonin-leader who grumpily gave his approbation for no more than three days. Their papers in order, the team ran toward their target, a devastated forest near the border with Lightening Country, to look for the Nuibari, one of the Kiri no Shinobigatana Shichinin Shū.


"Yes, Neji-san, I know. They stay outside of the byakugan's range but my sensor jutsu pick their chakra signal." Two Shimo's teams followed them since they left the village. As a minor hidden village, Frost wouldn't spit on a famous sword. It was their right to seize any treasure found in their land. "Shino-kun?"

"On it. Hijutsu: Mushiyose." A small web of chakra drew local insects on the ground, where he put his hand. The Aburame looked over them for a minute. "Nothing conclusive but it seem that for some reason, no bugs venture in a clearing not far from here."

"Let's see if we can set camp there." The teens jumped in the trees. They arrived to the location, Naruto smiled: a little spring pooled in the center of a large pit. "Shino-kun and me will set sentry and privacy seals, Kin-chan, please, set the tents, Neji-san, keep your eyes active and look around."

"Hai" they chorused. They established the guard shift at dinner.

"Ne, Naru-chan, if they can take whatever we find for themselves, what are we searching at all?" asked the black-haired girl.

"If we find something, they won't know it, trust me" her eyes sparked with mischief.

"Still, how do we know which way to go, no offence to you Shino-kun, but your bug didn't know much." The boy nodded.

"That's easy Kin-chan, I don't know if it's the Nuibari but something is definitely here. I feel small chakra residues. Neji-san, I want you to fetch some water, when you're at the spring, please, take a look in 360°." They waited for him to come back.

"We are in a crater. Vegetation masked it but there no mistake; judging by the crystallised stones under our feet, I think it was made by an explosion. I am unable to see below that." He tried to take a sip of his refilled gourd but Naruto gave him hers.

"Here, that orange juice, it will help for the first shift" she exclaimed cheerfully then lowered her voice to a whisper "and if I'm right in my sensor's skills, you may not want to drink from that spring. The chakra I feel is familiar. It will rain, wait until the crater fill enough to reach our tents and come wake us to camp somewhere else." She took her tent buddy's hand, "Let's go Kin-chan, our shifts are later, goodnight, boys!" Once inside the tent, she addressed her friend. "Kin-chan, I need you to use your gauntlet to see what is under the spring. The girl complied, putting her covered palm on the ground. It took her a few minutes to manipulate sound wave as a sonar, but she gave the red-head a disgruntled wince.

"Naru-chan, I think I felt two corpses deep below it." She looked a little green as she had contemplated using it for cooking earlier . She thanked the heavens that her friend resolved to unseal water bottles. "They're not whole, maybe decomposed but I guess the cold preserved them somewhat."

"Sorry boys" she bit her finger, "Kuchyose: Song of Storms." A tiny whirlpool puffed in existence then dissipated as the thunder roared outside while rain began to fell. She took a card from her leg holster. "Majutsu: Hungry tunneler." The card stored the earth and rock as they made their way underground. Naruto used her chakra shield to engulf the two girls, unwilling to be dirtied by the mud or soaked with the seeping water. They came upon two mangled and frozen bodies. The Uzumaki sealed them and they went back, the card spitting out what it had stored.

"Naru-chan, Kin-chan" said Shino's voice from outside, "the camp will be flooded in a minute. We have to find another site." They hurried to seal the tents and the team ran for the upland. They camped under a big tree as the crater became a lake, erasing any hint of their presence. When morning came, they resumed the search for the Nuibari, without success. They decided to go back to Konoha as their permit would expire the day after tomorrow. The teens booked tow rooms at a local inn, for the night. They browsed over the stores for anything good, Kin finding a nice back pouch that Naruto would drown with seals later. She perked up while looking in a weapon shop.

"Ne, Naru-chan, can I borrow a sealing scroll, pretty please? I've seen a nice warhammer that Shika-kun would like." She bowed, clasping her hands over her head, in a prayer. The girl shrugged, giving her what she wanted. Her purchase made, the team exited the village, and the country. They stopped deep in Fire country, the red-head summoning the toad-house. Once the little toad burrowed in the ground, she turned to the other girl.

"What did you find Kin-chan? I love onii-chan but a heavy weapon would not be his best bet" she smiled.

"It was in a rack of second hand swords." The brunette unsealed a long needle-like sword, grinning like the cat who ate the canary. Nuibari cost her as much as two bowls of ramen...I'd say it was a good deal...

"And what did you find in the forest, Naruto-san?" asked Neiji.

"We retrieved two bodies below the spring. The chakra is familiar to me."

"What do you mean?"

"It's classified" interrupted Shino.

"I don't mind Shino-kun" she kissed his cheek, "thank you. Neji-san, I am the jinchuriki of the Kyubi no kitsune. When he rampaged, nearly fourteen years ago, the fourth Hokage sealed him into a baby, me. I am the biju's prison."

"Did you ever use the beast?" he asked curiously, with a touch of respect he tried to hide. She smiled sadly.

"Two time: on our mission to capture Sasuke and Sakura; the first was in the preliminary of the chunin exam. If you had come any closer to Hina-chan, I would have killed you." The boy gulped, nodding quickly. On their way back, they halted near a ruined temple. Naruto ventured inside, brushing the red spiral on a stone gate. She looked over the rows of masks hanging on a wall and took off one of them.

"Naru-chan, you're not pulling my leg, are you?"

"No sensei!" pouted the girl. He didn't laugh that hard since Minato fainted in the town square when Kushina told him she was pregnant.

"Down, Naru-chan, down, so not only did you retrieve the Nuibari, but the corpses of Ginkaku and Kinkaku, the Gold and Silver Brothers of Kumo."

"I sent them to the morgue, but I found storage seals on Kinkaku's teeth." she opened a sealing scroll, revealing four of the Five Treasured Tools used by the Rikudo Senin: the Banana Palm Fan, a large fan that able to generate all five of the elements, the Golden Canopy Rope, a thick length of rope that record the most used word of a person, the Seven Star Sword, a light blue broad and flat sword with a brown talisman hanging from the bottom that sever the soul of the person if he said the recorded word, and the Crimson Gourd, a giant brown-colored gourd, able to seal the severed soul. Jiraya looked at them blankly.

"I think I'll send you four on treasure hunt more often." His lips curled in a predatory smirk. "The Raikage would be green if he knew we have them."

"Ano, what will you do with those, sensei?" The man hummed.

"Well, it's your find, so you decide" he shrugged. "The objective was to take weapons from Kiri: you have Samehada" her hat chirped, "Kurenai gave Kubikiribocho to Asuma, who want this sword?" He looked over the teens.

"My teammate, Tenten, is a weapon mistress" said Neji. The Hokage grimaced.

"Yeah, Tenten, I would like her to get to chunin on her own merit before giving her a legendary weapon."

"What about Shika-kun? It's light and the Kage Nui use the same offensive patterns" submitted Kin. Jiraya thought for a minute then nodded.

"And the Treasures? To be frank, with such chakra hungry tools, only few jonins or Naru-chan has the chakra capacity to use them more than once in a day." The teens shrugged in concert. "Okay, keep them, maybe you'll find someone." He tossed two scrolls to Naruto and Shino.

"Kakashi recommended you for jonins. I've seen that your quite capable Naru-chan. You will take over team 9 for a month because Gai has something to do that I trust you know of. You will go with them at the chunin exam in Suna. I trust you've finished your wind elemental training as well?" She nodded, smiling. "Shino I need to see you in a battle situation to judge your prowess. I will test you myself in two days, along with Shikamaru as you two don't have affinities with common elements."

As soon as she made it home, Kimimaro scooped her in his arms, leading her to their bathroom. He gently disrobed the girl, helping her to the bathtub filled with hot water.

"Jiraya-sama told me before hand: congratulation for your promotion." She smiled as he massaged her shampoo covered hair with great care. "Hinata-chan told me this would be a good 'welcome home' present."

"It is wonderful Kimimaro-kun, you didn't had to do it."

"I'm happy to" he smiled, disrobing himself to join her and wash her back. He looked over her perfectly manicured hand, marveling at their softness. "Did your mission work out?"

"Yes, we completed it with some extra." She happily talked his ear off for an hour, not noticing when the water cooled, or when the white-haired young man dried them with a woolen towel, and laid her on their bed on her belly. She only stopped as his oiled hands massaged her shoulders, to give an appreciative moan. The Kaguya smiled, undoing the knot in her tense back, rubbing her neck and bottom. He roamed on the back of her legs, sending the weariness away. He did the same with her front, massaging her tanned skin and tired muscles. He sucked on her breasts, kissed her. He saw something new in her pretty blue eyes, the longing, the craving.

"You really want to?"

"Yes Kimimaro-kun -ttebane" she blushed. He placed himself between her legs, cuddling her, then their world exploded in colors and feelings.

They laid on the bed, snuggled together, the boy petting her hair while she sighed contently, like in a full meal aftermath, basking in the RRROOOOOOAAAARRRRR! Birds fled outside, civilian rushed to safety, ninjas armed themselves.



"Was that your stomach?"

"A-ano" she blushed prettily, hiding her face in his torso. Kimimaro chuckles morphed in a howling laugh.

"K-Kimimaro-kun! You're mean!" She pouted. He kissed her deeply, put his pants on to go in the kitchen. Thankfully, he didn't cook, but came back with fruits, lot of dango, some juice, boiling water and two giant deluxe ramen cups supporting the mention 'EMERGENCY'. "Thank you Kimimaro-kun!" She devoured the food, sitting between his legs, her back to his front. As she finished, he took her hand to kiss it, hugged her tightly from behind. She felt her finger being softly squeezed.

"Naru-chan, will you marry me?" She froze, looking down to see a gold ring with silver lines running over it on her finger. She turned to look in his eyes. "Will you make me the happiest man in the Elemental Nations?" He asked again. She kissed him so hard that the back of his head smacked against the wall.

"Yes Kimimaro-kun, yes, I'll marry you!" She said between kisses.