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She was in a dark room on the second level overlooking the operating room. She was breathing calmly and quietly, looking down with cold, hooded eyes at the corpse in the hospital bed below. She stood straight and unnaturally still with her hands clasped behind her back. She was watching thru the entire autopsy procedure, all the while remembering with slight satisfaction how she got to this point.

Five months ago

"…if money is what you want, I have more than enough, properties, jewels, I can get those too and you know it. I can hack into any system and get the information I want but the kind of technology you can handle is beyond my abilities. Together however, we'll be unstoppable and no one will know when or how it happened…trust me" the young woman whispered.

"What you want to do is murder. I may be many things but I'm not a murderer. If that was your main reason for tracking me down all this time then I'm sorry to disappoint you" he angrily whispered back.

She smiled maliciously "You wont have to do a thing, darling. I'll simply borrow your belt, take care of what I must then come back. Easy as that"

"And how would you explain your absence when everything around is on a time leash. Breaking into a prison is not exactly a walk in the park, specially for someone so…house trained as you are" he said tentatively and with a slight hint of sarcasm but his comment merely made her laugh.

"Not that I take into account what you just said but that's why I need the mastermind thief under that mask." she said flirtingly an leaned in closer. "Dear, if you're trying to offend me to make me change my mind then you're sadly mistaken. Nothing will deter my objective and he will pay… slowly but surely. Besides, breaking into the prison will be the easy part." she smiled again.

"The prison? Yes. The lab however is a different story." said a third voice quietly before sitting down next to the young man.

"About time you showed up Mel, what took you so long?" Leonore mildly reprimanded.

"I had to wait for Cyborg to leave." Meliah said with a smile then turn to him. "So Michael, what do you think of the plan?"

Stoically, Michael looked from one girl to the other before answering.

"Why not let the authorities take care of it? They're already behind bars"

"Being behind bars is not enough" said Leonore in an icy tone.

There was silence for a tense moment before Meliah stood up and started to walk away.

"Mel, where are you going?" Michael asked as he also stood up and quickly grabbed her by the arm.

"Look Michael, there are only two other prospects that could do the job but you and I know they will refuse even at the merest idea, so I have decided to go back to plan A"

"Which is?" Michael asked but Meliah looked away.

"She's referring to the original plan, where she infiltrates both places and plants the bug but we discarded that idea because her condition worsened" Leo explained but received a cold glare from Meliah.

"Absolutely not"

"We don't have much choice, do we? And what made you think you can tell me what to and what not to do?" Meliah rebuffed as she snatched her arm from his mild grip.

"The fact that you're carrying my child. That gives me enough right"

"Oh please. I told you why I did it. To buy time so I can carry on with my plan, but I also told you not to get attached because there is no possibility for either of us to survive and you agreed. What's changed?"

"Mel, I'm aware that you used me and I don't care, but I'm also aware that that child…my child, has no fault in any of this. I will not allow you to put yourself, him or her in harms way just because you want revenge"

"What are you saying Michael?"

"I'm saying that I'll do what you asked. I will help you do what you want to do but only under two conditions"

"And what conditions are those?" asked Leo as Meliah remained silent.

"The first condition is for you to promise me that you'll do everything you can to find a cure to save them both" he told Leonore in a tone that left no room for argument so she simply nodded. Then Michael turned to Meliah "And you have to promise me that you'll do everything Leo says for you and the baby to get better"

"You…want this child? Why?" Meliah asked with narrowed eyes but he got closer and without touching her skin, removed a strand of hair behind her left ear and from there, traced her jaw line with his finger and gently lifted her chin and brushed his lips on her before whispering "Not only the child. What if I want the mother too?" Meliah scoffed softly to herself and tried to look away.

"You're in love with Raven, not me. Why would you even want me around"

Michael gently pulled her chin again and locked eyes with her and whispered "You don't know what I feel, besides, whoever said we cant be a family… Deal?"

Meliah reluctantly nodded and Michael rewarded her with a small smile and a gentle kiss on the lips before letting her go.

"Ok ladies, what's the plan? How are we going to explain my absence to the Titans? You know they have under constant supervision"

Leo was the first one to snap out of her thoughtful state "A hologram can do the trick"

"But the hologram is only temporary and it wont speak" Meliah added finally coming out of her reverie.

"Then we'll give them a reason to think I left. Its time to tell them who's the father of the baby you're expecting"

"Are you insane? You don't know Gar like I do Michael. If he thinks you run away for that reason, he'll let out the Beast and he'll hunt you down" said Meliah with a trace of trepidation in her voice.

"I'm willing to take my chances, sweetheart. Besides, by the time they find out I left, I'll be half way to the second target. Now, where am I going first?"…

Everything had gone according to plan. Michael did as told and after breaking into her lab in Dayton Enterprises, he had called Leo to let her know everything was ready and he just needed to know which cell Alec was being kept and when to do it. Leonnore had wanted to find the information at a better time but that's when Raven decided to perform the ritual and for some reason, Meliah had left as well. But Leo didn't waste time and as soon as Cyborg and Starfire left the tower, she hacked into the security system and left to meet Michael at the vicinity of the prison.

She told Michael Raven's sudden change of plans but didn't tell him right away about Meliah leaving as well. Breaking into the prison had been easy as expected. Thanks to the blueprints she had been able to print out and Michael's teleportation device, they arrived at the cell late at night. Alec was being held in solitary confinement from the very beginning. He was considered a high risk rapist after what happened with Meliah's father at the asylum which, curious enough, died soon after.

Silently, they made their way around and disabled the surveillance cameras inside the cell and while Michael kept an eye on the sleeping criminal, Leo planted a bug in the faucet of the tiny sink. The bug was actually a small pill with body soap consistency that attached permanently to any surface. The bug itself was made of concentrated poison that would wash off tiny amounts of venom every time the water run.

The procedure would last a while. The victim eventually would start to get sick and after certain time had passed, the high concentration would give the victim hallucinations, elevate the stress levels and finally, a massive heart attack but with the small amounts being released each time he drank from it, it would be almost impossible to trace it no matter how meticulous an autopsy they performed. But to help matters, after the bug was planted, she injected two serums on the criminal on the side of his neck, into the hairline so the punctures wouldn't be found.

The first shot was a sleeping agent just to make sure he didn't wake up before they finished. And the second shot was a compound, also untraceable that would cause the victim to always be thirsty.

They made it out just in time right before the cameras came back online but not two seconds later, her communicator went off. It was Cyborg telling her about Meliah being unconscious and that they needed an emergency C section. It was too soon and she barely had time to call Dr Thorns and head to the Jump City Hospital and meet the rest of the Titans.

On their way there however, she called Robin and tell him about the hospital but when she asked for Raven, Robin demeanor changed to one full of worry and told her the demoness had gone back to the Tower and that's where Michael and Leonore parted ways.


Leonore stood in the same position during the entire autopsy. She had been called to identify her biological father's body. She had feigned a disturbed reaction, everyone knew what had happened when he kidnapped her all those years ago but really, she had wanted to make sure he was gone for good.

She was told that while in solitary confinement, he had developed a aggressive mental illness and in one of his outburst, his heart had given in and died almost instantly, right before the security guards reached him. The coroner had told her an autopsy was necessary to which she had to agree. Now, as she stood above the operating room and the coroner gave her a shrug and a shake of his head, meaning there had been no foul play in his death, she simply nodded once but tried to contain her contentment as she knew, he was watching.

As she turned around heading for the exit, Batman asked " That's it? No tears of joy or the slight fear after watching such gruesome procedure?"

"Forgive me if I don't show emotion for a rapist" Leo said coldly.

"But he hardly paid for his sins and suddenly, he's dead. Are you telling me that doesn't move you?"

"Should it? Are you actually asking me if I feel any remorse for his fate ?"

"No. I can understand that. What I don't understand is your reaction. Almost as if you had enjoyed the experience. As if you knew the coroner would find nothing there and that is the oddest thing. As hated as that man was, and as physically fit as he was, dying suddenly and yet finding absolutely nothing on his autopsy is just… strange"

"well, again, forgive me if I don't give a damn. All I know is that the world is better off without him"

"Even knowing that he was your only relative? Now your blood line is gone"

Leonore narrowed her eyes and came closer to the dark knight and looked up at him dead in the eyes and whispered "My bloodline was lost when I was born and well, not everyone's parents are missed and as tragic as this might be to some, I would never mourn my father as you did yours…Mr. Wayne" he remained stoic but the tension his jaw was in told her she had achieved her goal.

A content smirk made its way briefly before she turned around but before she made it to the door, he grabbed her arm and discreetly slid a small plastic bag into her hand and closed her fingers over it and as he walked away, he said " Too bad everything is untraceable" and he disappeared in the dark corridor. With a frown she looked his way but then looked into her hand and found the remnants of the bug.

They watched anxiously from afar as the T-ship took off but they also saw Michael glance longingly after it and Starfire had come next to him as she placed a comforting hand on his shoulder before walking away.

"He really is in love with her, isn't he?" the boy asked not too amused.

"I told you he was. And now I see he has never been able to hide it. Not even in front of dad" said one girl.

"She's been the only one who has ever been able to make him smile that way. No other woman ever achieved that" said Victoria almost absentmindedly as she looked at her father lovingly from afar, leaned against a tree., but it was then that the boy remembered why were they hiding in the first place.

"Vik, what were you thinking?" the young man asked as he grabbed her by the shoulders and slightly shook her but she didn't answer, instead, she leaned on his shoulder and started to sob inconsolably. The young man forgot why he was upset in the first place and simply wrapped his arms around her shoulders as he didn't know what else to do.

"I'm sorry Mark, I know I said I was going to keep myself together but…"

"Don't be sorry Vicky, I understand, I swear I do but you have to remember what your grandfather said, we cant just tell them who we are. Even if Mariella is able to lift a blocking spell, my mom would definitely know something's up. The holorings can only do so much but they cant hide our powers"

"We were lucky Mom's powers didn't work because of the amount of people but I doubt we'll be so lucky next time" said Mariella as she placed a comforting hand on her friend's shoulder but after a few silent moments, she said "Its time for us to go. The first trial worked but we have to go back before the others find out we're gone" she said in a monotone much like her mother.

Vicky wiped away her tears and nodded at her friend and within seconds, Victoria lifted a portal and as soon as they walked in it, it disappeared.

For a moment it was dark and as the dark hemisphere dissipated, the three teenagers looked at their surroundings. No one was in sight.

"Vik, when are we?" asked Mark with suspicion but Vicky ignored his question and walked up to the door a few feet ahead, slightly ajar where distant, muffled voices were heard.

Mariella took a sharp breath the moment she realized where they were and in an urgent whisper, she said "Vicky, no!" but it was too late and Victoria was already at the door, lost in thought as if whatever was on the other side of the door called her like a magnet.

"…so be it Titans" said an angry voice through the speakers on a video call in the other room and with cold, expressionless countenance, Victoria heard the shots and watched how her father was being executed in front of the camera for all the Titans to see without the possibility to do anything about it.

Immediately, a painful, blood curling scream was heard from a younger Victoria who was being held by Robin and Raven, while Cyborg typed furiously on the keyboard in the failed attempt to track the call and Starfire was also shielding the other two younger siblings from the sight.

The older Victoria could not take it anymore and as she closed her eyes and covered her ears, fell on her knees and screamed just as painfully before her friends could reach her. Mariella raised a dark bubble and encased herself and her friends the moment they were within range of each other and disappeared in the void.

Michael noticed Raven's distracted glance over her shoulder and followed her gaze but whatever she had seen, was gone.

"You saw them again, did you?" Raven nodded .

"Saw who?" asked Garfield coming next to his new wife "The girl that was hugging you? Dude, how much younger do you get them."

Michael frowned at this "It's not like that Beast Boy, she said I was more handsome that what she remembers but the fact is, I don't remember ever meeting her so, unless she was confusing me with Robin, I have no idea who she was"

"I've never seen her either" said Robin coming into their little gathering. "But she did look familiar, did you notice anything in particular?"

"I was too busy wrecking my head trying to remember her but her eyes…"

"What about them?" asked Raven as if he had read her own thoughts.

"I don't know, they looked like…. But that would be impossible"

"What. Go ahead, say it" Robin insisted but Michael shook his head.

"No, nothing. I'm loosing my mind"

There was a short pause before Raven decided to reveal her own concerns.

"The other girl also seemed familiar in a strange kind of way"

"What other girl, babe?" Garfield asked as he placed his hands on her shoulders when he saw her frown.

"A girl came to my room to tell me everything was ready and they were waiting for me to come down, but… her eyes were very much like yours and the boy…"

"Y'all can argue about the guests some other time. Right now you two have to leave before you miss your flight" Cyborg came and was ushering the newlyweds into the aircraft while the others stepped back.

"But Cyborg…" started Raven but he interrupted her again.

"No buts, time to go. And here, you'll need this…" he said and gently shoved in her hands an envelope with their plain tickets. When she opened them and saw the destination, she asked surprised "Greece?"

"Really?" came the surprised voice of her husband looking over her shoulder. Raven looked at him with a frown.

"You mean you didn't know?"

"No babe, I thought we were going to Hawaii for a couple of weeks"

"And I though… Cyborg? Did you change our destination?"

"Don't look at me, it was wedding gift. All I know is that everything is taken care of, and you two just need to get your butts up there and enjoy yourselves"

"A wedding gift? From who?"

"Must you ask so many questions, beautiful? Just go, have a great time… be happy" said Michael in an almost exasperated tone but without his mask, Raven could sense the tremor of his emotions that he was so strongly trying to hide. She gave him a small smile and simply said "Thank you" before turning around and levitate to the cockpit while Garfield said his goodbyes to his friends and even shook Michael's hand briefly before following Raven in but as soon as Garfield went through the door, Raven walked back out.

"What about…" but before she could finish, Michael came forward, grabbed her hands and gave them a gentle squeeze.

"Don't worry, I'm as curious as you are. I'll check the security cameras with Cyborg and Robin as soon as you leave, just… don't worry about it, ok? I promise we'll have something to report when you come back."

Raven nodded once more and without a word, she pulled her hands slowly from his gentle grip and as he started to walk away, Raven entered the aircraft which soon took off with the almost non existent humming of the turbines and disappeared in the evening sky. Michael couldn't help but glance back in the direction of the T-ship as it disappeared.

A few hours later, Garfield and Raven were comfortably seated in a private jet, headed to Greece. The crew was very professional and other than to provide refreshments or ask if they needed something else to make their trip more comfortable, they left the couple alone, alone and silent as each one was lost in their own thoughts until the stewardess came by once more and snap them out of their reverie.

Garfield politely declined whatever the stewardess was offering and when she left, he looked to his right and found Raven looking out the small window into the ocean of clouds and gently running her right hand fingers over the back of her left one as if savoring the feeling.

A slight frown appeared on his face but soon disappeared when she turned his way.

"You've been very quiet the entire trip babe" he said to mask his real concern.

Raven smiled and gave him a curious look. "I can say the same thing about you, what's been bothering you?"

"Probably nothing as important as whatever has been bothering you. Is it about those kids?… that girl?" he asked cautiously hoping that she didn't read between the lines.

Raven looked down at her hands on her lap and gingerly traced her hand again silently before she said quietly "She touched him"

There was certain longing in her voice that he couldn't be sure or even believe he had heard it but then, she continued "And when he touched my hands, I could sense a trace of her aura, I've been trying to concentrate on it and see if I can identify her but, is strange, even though she's a total stranger, there is a certain… familiarity that I cant pinpoint, Not right now at least"

Garfield was visibly relieved and Raven gave him a curious look before realizing the meaning of his reaction.

"Gar? Did you actually think I was jealous of that girl?"

"Yes… no… I'm sorry Rae" he said defeated and no longer trying to defend himself.

"Gar, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to give you the wrong impression but the way my powers have been acting up ever since I got pregnant, is completely new to me. I have never had to concentrate this hard without results"

"Those kids… I didn't get to see them up close like you did but by the looks of it, they were more than what they seemed. Do you think is some kind of trap? Some kind of… I don't know, spies?"

"No, no spies. I could sense a trace of their powers but with so many meta humans around, it was hard to discern what kind. But there is something there, Gar"

"So you do have an idea"

"Its only a thought that crossed my mind earlier, but its too crazy an idea to even consider seriously at the moment. No, I rather wait until the others find something in the surveillance cameras"

Garfield smiled at her and gently placed his fingers under her chin and pulled her for a brief kiss until an empty glass exploded nearby and they had to pull apart.


"Nothing to be sorry for, babe. I like to know I still have that effect on you" Garfield said softly as he traced her jaw line with his lips until he reached her earlobe and gently tug at it with his lips while his hot breath sent shivers down her spine and this time, the small table where the broken glass laid cracked and almost fell apart. This time, the stewardess politely knocked before entering the private area to assess the situation.

"Forgive me Mr. and Mrs. Logan but I heard a disturbance, is everything alright?"

"Yes Becky, everything is fine. I'm sorry about the glass and the table" said Raven when the young woman walked towards the mess, ready to clean it up "Please, don't worry about it, I can take care of it" and to her astonishment, Becky watched how every piece of debris was encased in a dark aura and was levitated over to a concealed trash receptacle nearby. Becky quickly composed herself and with a smile, excused herself and left them alone again.

"I need to meditate, I don't think the crew would be too happy if I end up destroying the jet mid air"

"You have to give her credit though, she kept it together all the while"

"Only because she's professional enough not to show it but trust me, she's a little freaked out right now" said Raven with a small smile and both chuckled quietly.

"Ok babe, I'll take a nap in the meantime" he gave her a chaste kiss on the lips and then adjusted his seat to a reclining position and leaned back while Raven started to hover above her own seat in a lotus position, closed her eyes and quietly chanted her mantra.

In Nevermore, all of her emotions were gathered in the library the moment she appeared in the landscape of her mind and all at once, like a tightly trained army, turned their gaze at her, all with the serious expression she had, even Happy.

"Is that possible? I don't want to rely on my powers right now but the mental signature is too strong to miss" Raven said as she approached the group.

"Raven, your powers are fine, simply adjusting to the changes the pregnancy implies. You're under more control than what you think" said the one in blue.

"Then why was I not able to discern this before?"

"The amount of people was still a divergent to any known, traceable signature but she was close enough"

"So what I sensed its true? That really was Victoria" Raven asked and everyone of her doppelgangers nodded at the same time.

A wave of worry swept over them and everyone, including Raven turned to the source. Timid hid even further under her grey cloak at the attention.

"What Victoria said… that… he was more handsome than what she remembered,… does that…does that mean something will happen to him?… Shouldn't we tell him?"

"No, that would only make matters worse. Being aware of something that has not happened yet could be more dangerous, specially when we don't know exactly what" Wisdom said.

"What about the other girl and the boy? Victoria we've been exposed to long enough to recognize her mental signature even as a baby, but the other two?…" Raven asked, a lingering suspicion filling her thoughts but afraid to voice it out loud even to herself but the implications were just to delicate to miss.

"It is a possibility Raven, but we wont know that for some time. For now, we can only be sure of one thing" Knowledge said as she adjusted her glasses.

Raven glanced at every single one of her emotions and slowly, a smile was traced on her face along with the rest and she stopped and looked at Happy in the eyes, the emoticlone smiled even wider and nodded.

Raven opened her eyes still smiling and soon turned to her husband still asleep in the seat next to her and as she placed her hand on his thigh and started to shake him vigorously, small things around them started to float.

Garfield woke up with a start, fearing an emergency as he looked around and saw the disarray but when he saw the smiling face of his wife, a curious feeling took over him. "What is it Rae?"

"Gar… I know what we're going to have" she said so uncharacteristically excited that it was contagious but when her words sank in, his eyes opened wide and he let out a tiny gasp.

"What is it Rae? A boy? A girl?" he asked just above a whisper barely containing his excitement.

With a smirk, Raven said "How about both? Gar… we're having twins" .