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Note: This story is the third part of the Heart Trilogy, a sequel to to my first two FanFiction stories, Secrets in my Heart and Memories in my Heart. While they do not necessarily have to be read, as a short summary of each exists below, I would recommend that you read them both first to fully understand the entire story.

Raven stood on the cliff with her eyes closed, letting her long hair flow in the breeze. This cliff contained very special memories for her, all of them of Beast Boy. Perhaps if she called him from here… Opening her eyes and taking a deep breath, she placed her thumb and index finger into her mouth and blew as hard as she could, producing a loud whistle. Nothing happened. Again, she whistled as loud as her lungs could manage. Again, nothing happened. Panting, she continued, ignoring the gradual weakness of her lungs. And when she could whistle no more, she closed her eyes once more and again let her long hair flow in the breeze.

"Beast Boy," she whispered. "Can you hear me?"

Secrets in my Heart –

The story begins one autumn day with two best friends named Beast Boy and Raven, who both discover hidden feelings for each other. One day, Beast Boy shows Raven his favorite song, a melancholic love song called "Lovers' Tears". In a spur of the moment, he asks Raven to be his girlfriend, which she tearfully rejects, saying that she has a secret that would prevent them from being any more than friends. Not fully understanding what she was saying, Beast Boy decided to forget the entire incident.

A week passes and Raven teleports to Azarath to attend a banquet, accidentally bringing Beast Boy with her. While there, Beast Boy learns that Azarath has thirteen very powerful sorcerers and sorceresses called "Fathers" and "Ladies", with Raven being one of them. These Fathers and Ladies are the most powerful of Azarath and act as the leaders of its people.

During the banquet, Beast Boy sits with Raven and many others and impresses them all by giving a speech on living life to its fullest and taking risks. After the banquet, Raven is escorted away and taken to a private room, where Beast Boy finds she is getting married to a cold, spiteful professor named Seymour. Interrupting the wedding, Beast Boy is captured and Seymour threatens to kill him and other people who were attending the wedding for unknown reasons. Raven demands that he gives her "the cure," but when she realizes she was tricked, Raven manages to free the people and she and Beast Boy escape to Earth. Inspired by his speech on living life and taking chances, Raven kisses Beast Boy and starts a relationship with him.

Things complicate their relationship, however, when Raven encounters Terra, who tearfully confesses that she still loves Beast Boy. Guilty over taking Beast Boy away from Terra and tortured by a secret that she has been hiding, Raven breaks up with Beast Boy and—after seeing Beast Boy kiss Terra—loses control, transforming into a monster called "Paen".

While the other Titans fight off the monster, not knowing it was Raven, Beast Boy goes into Raven's room to search for clues. He somehow contacts a man named Raphael, a close friend of Raven's from Azarath. He informs Beast Boy of Raven's secret: all her life, she was inflicted with a curse called Paen. While Paen was kept under her control for many years through meditation and self-control, it feeds on her negative emotions like anger and sadness and slowly gets stronger. Beast Boy had now understood everything that was going on and realized that Raven must have lost control of Paen when she saw him kiss Terra.

Beast Boy, with Raphael's help, manages to destroy Paen using a magical Crystal Sword from Azarath. Upon Paen's destruction, Beast Boy and Raven fall into an inter-dimensional realm of non-existence called the Void. The two manage to escape, however, and both realize they truly harbor feelings for each other, now officially restart their relationship.

Memories in my Heart –

Some time after the defeat of Paen, the Teen Titans were invited to New York City to teach a seminar at the Young Superheroes' Academy. A series of events strains Beast Boy and Raven's newly budding relationship as Beast Boy learns he was adopted and meets his true birth mother—a woman named Sarah Prynne—and Raven learns Cyborg has had deep hidden feelings for her. But their romance and their lives shatter completely as Beast Boy mysteriously dies in a car accident while on his way to meet Raven for a date.

Ten years pass and Raven was now an agent in an organization called Polaris. She was just engaged to Cyborg when she met Terra's new boyfriend, a man named Jeremy Rousseau who bears a nearly identical resemblance to Beast Boy. Jeremy claims to have been born and raised in France—disproving any theory that he was Beast Boy—and later turns out to be Raven's partner in a new case involving Azarath, which had been taken over by an enigmatic group of people called the Taboo. The Taboo were led by a man named the Conductor—who had revealed himself as Seymour—and is preparing something they call "Via Purifico". As Raven and Jeremy are hired by a small rebel group in Azarath, primarily headed by Raphael, who plan to retake Azarath, Raven eventually becomes convinced that Jeremy was not connected to Beast Boy in any way.

But things change as Jeremy uncovers the truth that he is, in fact, Beast Boy, who had really survived the car accident years ago but had developed amnesia and forgot who he was. His mother had found him at the hospital and, wishing to live a happy life with her son, took him to France and gave him false memories. Just as the truth of Jeremy's identity comes out, Cyborg decides to break up with Raven so she could be with the man she truly loves and Beast Boy regains most of his memories.

Raven then discovers several secrets about Polaris, learning that it is an organization specialized in fighting Taboo. She and the Azarathean rebels, with the help of Polaris soldiers, eventually fights the Taboo and recaptures Azarath. In the climactic battle, Raven reveals that Seymour was only a puppet controlled by the real Conductor, and that the real Conductor was a man named Sanae, who had been acting as a spy in the Azarathean rebels. About to be killed by Sanae, Raven was saved by a mysterious light, which causes the Conductor to flee. After the incident, she was left with a magical timer in her hand and a note that was signed by "The Composer".

Raven and Beast Boy must now uncover the truth behind the Conductor and his Taboo, Via Purifico, and the enigmatic Composer. But are they prepared for the journey to come?

Endless Love in my Heart –

Secret Report 1

"Live every moment with all you've got."

These words carry such powerful meaning and yet are so easily misunderstood. That is the weakness of words, of human language. We can say and mean one thing, and yet others take it to mean something else entirely. I must clarify the true meaning of this phrase. Unlike what many people assume, this phrase does not give us the permission to do all that we please. Rather, it serves as a reminder that we cannot waste a single moment of our lifetime with regrets or worries—to keep the past inside our hearts and the future inside our minds but to not let them overshadow the present. We must focus on the present—what is happening now all around us. We must focus on helping each other, connecting with each other, and understanding each other. That is what this phrase means. That is what we should do with our lives, helping our community and society as a whole rather than satisfying our own personal desires. Do not let your own individuality consume yourself. Let other people in, let them connect to you. Let their differences clash with yours and create a better world in this way. If only more people realized that…

My name is Soel, and due to recent events I find it necessary to keep these reports to help me and any future readers of these reports fully understand what exactly is going on at this moment. These reports will mostly be centered on:

Raven and the journey she will take as the chosen proxy

The Conductor, Sanae Kang, and his 'Via Purifico'

The complete truth behind the nature of the Taboo, the Conductor, and the Composer

Ah Raven. A most interesting woman to say the very least. I've only just met her about a year ago. Formally met, at least. I've been following her and observing her for many years now. When we had met, I pretended not to know her and so I called her "Rachel" as she called herself at that time. I even pretended not to know that her partner, Jeremy Rousseau, was in reality Beast Boy. It's best that she only sees me as a normal man.

It's been a year since the Taboo's defeat and fleeing from Azarath, and much has happened since then. This world has begun rebuilding and restoring at a remarkable rate. Sector 1 of Azarath is already completely renovated and has become full of life. Sectors 2-3 are in fairly good shape and Sector 4 remains in tolerable condition. Sector 5 is still under reconstruction and Sectors 6-13 are completely untouched as of yet. The few surviving Fathers and Ladies—including the newly appointed Father Raphael—make up the New Azarath Committee, who have begun to restore order and life in their world.

Raven and Beast Boy have been helping the New Azarath Committee in many ways while in their search for the Conductor. So far, their journey has yielded very little information, much to their disappointment. But I sense that much will happen in the days to come, especially now that Raven's timer only has a month left. Only one more month…

Perhaps one day she will discover the truth of who I am and who she is, perhaps by reading these reports. But I sincerely hope that day will never arrive.

"Raven!" Beast Boy cried as he carried a woman into the Polaris infirmary. The woman was unconscious and had blood stains all over her blue robe. "Move, move, move!" the man shouted as tears streamed down his face.

"Put her on the bed!" a Polaris medic instructed. "Careful, careful! Someone get the equipment!"

"Is she alright?" Beast Boy shouted. "She'll be alright. Tell me she's fine!"

"She'll be fine. Will someone get the damn equipment over here?"

"Here, doctor," two nurses said as they came carrying various equipment. They expertly took out some items and placed them on the woman lying on the bed. "Her heart beat is slowing down rapidly," a nurse said.

"Should we use the defibrillator?" the other nurse nervously asked.

"Not yet," the medic said. "We have to remove the bullet first. It's already inserted deep into her chest. It seems to have narrowly missed her heart."

"Raven!" Beast Boy cried out as he stood there, completely unable to help. The door slammed open as Raphael and the Captain came rushing in.

"What happened?" the Father shouted. "Raven… How is she? What happened to her?"

"I—" Beast Boy stammered as he clutched his head in distress. "I don't even know. I…"

"Is she alright? What's her injury?" the Captain said.

"Bullet—bullet to the chest," Beast Boy gasped. "I don't know what happened. I—we were going to meet on the cliff near Titans Tower today after the mission… She came early… When I came she was just—just like that. On the ground with blood spewing from her chest. A pool of blood all around her. Oh my God, oh my God, Raven!"

"Azar!" Raphael exclaimed. "How could this have happened? Raven's—she's strong! How could this have…"

"Doctor!" the Captain said. "How is she? She's going to live, right?"

"I don't know, the bullet's really deep," he explained. "She's lost too much blood. I don't think we can operate in time."

"No!" Beast Boy shouted, grabbing the doctor's shoulders and shaking him vigorously. "No, you have to! You have to save her! She can't die now!"

"Please, sir, you have to leave now," the doctor said. "We'll do whatever we can but you must leave this room."

"I won't leave until you save—"

"Move!" a man shouted as he rushed into the room carrying a briefcase. "I'm here, I'm here. Get out of the way!"

"Soel?" Raphael said. "What're you doing?"

"The Captain said Raven's in trouble," Soel said as he pushed the doctor aside. "I've brought my supplies."

"Supplies?" the doctor said, dismayed. "Excuse me?"

"I'm a hermit from Azarath. I've seen many things. I know how to save her in this condition." Quickly, he pulled out several magical charms and scrolls, laying them around Raven's body. "This… is a very delicate procedure," he muttered.

Closing his eyes, he whispered, "Remiomoren…" The charms began shaking with magic and the symbols on the scrolls began shining with light.

"Repercutio… Factus… Aetherium…"

Raven's bloody body started shining, become brighter and brighter like the rising sun.

"Remiomoren…" Soel whispered. "Remiomoren… Remiomoren…"

"Raven…" Beast Boy said as he clutched his hands in fear.

"Remiomoren!" the man shouted, creating a clasp of thunder and a flash of light as blinding as can be. Before Beast Boy could open his eyes, he heard Soel say, "It's over. It's done. She's alive." And as he opened his eyes and looked back towards the bed, sure enough he saw the image of Raven in her blue robe, sleeping peacefully as if nothing had happened.

"You gave us quite a scare yesterday, Raven," the President said as he sat behind his desk. "Are you feeling alright now?"

Raven nodded as she clutched her chest, completely healed and not even leaving a scar. "Yes, sir."

"Raven, please tell us," said the President. "Can you remember anything that happened yesterday?"

All eyes—Beast Boy's, Raphael's, the Captain's, Soel's, Joshua's, and the President's—were on Raven as she nervously coughed and cleared her throat. "I—" she started. "I can't, actually. I can't remember anything at all." Stopping for a moment to think, she finished, "All I remember is going to the cliff. The next thing I remember is waking up at the infirmary."

"I see…"

"And sir," Beast Boy said, pulling something out of his pocket. "This was lying on her body when I found her." He pulled out a pendant, black and circular, about one inch in length, and had an image of a scarlet stylized skull with wings.

"A pendant?" Raven said.

"That is strange indeed," the President murmured as Beast Boy handed the pendant to Raven, who placed it around her neck.

"It seems different, though," Raven remarked. "The design's a little different and this one has a different feel."

"Weird…" Soel said.

"Who could have done this?" Raphael muttered.

"The Conductor?" the Captain wondered. "A Taboo?"

"That seems wrong," Beast Boy said. "Raven was shot. Why would the Taboo use a gun to attack Raven?"

"That's true…" Raven said. "Maybe whoever did it purposefully used a gun to confuse us. He used such a common weapon so we wouldn't be able to tell who he was."

"That's possible," Raphael said. "Maybe you're right."

"But still," Raven continued. "How could I have been caught so off-guard to be almost killed by a simple bullet?"

"It wasn't a sneak-attack, either," the Captain mentioned. "She was shot in the front, not the back."

"And you really can't remember anything, Raven?" Soel asked.

She shook her head. "Not a thing."

"We'll have to be more careful then," the President said. Smiling, he added, "But we seem to finally have somewhere to begin now. For a year, we've been searching for answers only to find questions. But now we've made an enormous breakthrough. Captain?"

"Yes, sir," the Captain replied, pulling out a scroll. "We've been searching through the old Azarathean library and we came upon this prophecy, so to say, written by none other than the High Lady Azar of Azarath, shortly before her death and the Taboo invasion." Handing the scroll to Raven, he said to her, "Read it."

She took the scroll—feeling its old delicate paper, so delicate it seemed to crumble slightly when she touched it—and opened it, seeing ancient Azarathean writing engraved on the paper.

"Can you read it, Raven?" the President asked the sorceress, who nodded as she concentrated on the training she had received years ago, in which she was taught to read archaic Azarathean symbols.

"The Prophecy of ROSE," she recited.

"The One Who Conducts draws near, bringing with him his 'Way of Purifying'.

The One Who Composes looms close, lying beneath the shadows with a Raven perched in his hand.

And inside the Raven's beak is a ROSE she must find—as bright as the stars that will drive away the Ones Who Conduct and Compose.

And she will grant to the Composer his Wonderful World."

As she finished reading, she looked around her to see all the men staring at her with confusion.

"What the…" Raphael gasped. "That's… some prophecy."

"But what does it mean?" the Captain wondered aloud. "'The Ones Who Conduct and Compose'. The Conductor and the Composer obviously."

"The Conductor's 'Way of Purifying'… Via Purifico," the President said.

"The Composer lies beneath the shadows with a Raven perched in his hand…" Raphael said. "Does that mean the Composer is using Raven?"

"Or perhaps the Composer is watching Raven? Like he's seeing our every move?" the Captain said.

"Maybe it means the Composer is helping Raven," Beast Boy suggested.

"Or maybe it means he's always one step ahead of her?" Joshua said.

"Or maybe it means he's trusted by Raven?" the President said. "A bird only perches on a person it trusts, right? Maybe it means Raven trusts the Composer. Maybe it means the Composer is someone she already knows…"

They were all silent, until Raven continued, "ROSE… And inside the Raven's beak is a ROSE she must find. What ROSE is it talking about?"

"That's the thing that attracts us the most," the Captain said. "ROSE… It says that Raven will use this 'ROSE' to defeat the Conductor and the Composer, right? I take it ROSE is some kind of weapon—something very strong and very powerful. Like the Crystal Sword was to Paen!"

"So our mission now is to find this ROSE," the President declared. "Maybe it could give us the weapon powerful enough to defeat the Conductor and the Composer. Maybe it could give us the answers to Raven's timer. Maybe it could stop Via Purifico."

"Great," Beast Boy said. "So how do we find ROSE?"

"Our expert research team," the Captain said to them, "had combined the Scanning ability of the pendants—that is, the ability granted by the pendants to read other people's minds—with the magical aura imprinted on ROSE by the Lady Azar—"

"English, Captain, English," Raphael said roughly.

The Captain cleared his throat in irritation. "Basically," he said, "We've managed to create a radar that can sense the presence of ROSE. We've managed to pinpoint four distinct locations that match Lady Azar's magical code, which is mostly likely each a piece of ROSE."

With this, the President said, "Your mission, Raven and Beast Boy, is to find all four pieces of ROSE and find some way to use it against the Conductor and his Via Purifico. Joshua will accompany you as he is the one who knows how to operate the radar the best."

"Joshua?" Raven said in surprise. Glancing over to the blonde man, who waved at her cheekily, she heard him say, "Isn't that fantastic, Raven? Quality time with BFF Josh." He winked at her, making her shiver in disgust. "Alright fine," she scoffed.

"I'm guessing it won't really be as easy as 'Follow the yellow brick road'?" Beast Boy remarked as he stood up.

"Doubtless you'll have some kind of opposition," Soel said. "Perhaps the Taboo… Perhaps Seymour… Perhaps the Composer."

"But whatever it is, we're prepared," Raven said. "We've been through a lot of training. We've all fought the Taboo before. Beast Boy and I have fought both Seymour and the Conductor before. Whoever it is, we'll be ready for them."

It had been a year since Raven's timer started and now there was only one month left. Only one more month… And though she said she was ready, I can honestly say…

Raven was nowhere near ready for what was to come.

~Endless Love in my Heart~