This is the very end. It's been a very long ride, let me tell you. I have no regrets in writing this, only that it took so long. I am very pleased with this trilogy, though it's probably the last time I'll write something as long as this! Still, I extend my deepest gratitude to everyone who has been patient enough to have read all three stories. Thank you. Thank you to all my dear readers who have been reading this trilogy since it first started. Thank you for all of those who have stayed until the very end. I hope I have satisfied and pleased you all with my work. I am glad to have had the chance to share with you this story. I am glad you have chosen to listen to my story. I am glad that you are here.

Thank You.

Secret Report 20

It has been a year since the events these reports cover have transpired. A year since Raven had defeated the Conductor and saved the World. Azarath is rebuilding and restoring itself quite nicely, with my anonymous help of course. And now that Raven has decided to leave Azarath to come home to Earth, seeing that it no longer needs her, I find myself leafing through these old papers of mine and reflecting upon my actions.

It's true, I have thought about the many things I have done. Were they the right thing to do? But still, I have no regrets, for it all worked out well in the end.

But now Raven had saved the World at the cost of the person she held most dear—Beast Boy. She seems to be doing fine, however. Her past experiences, as well as my encouraging words from before, have helped her through this time of sadness. She understands now the meaning of happiness and of life. She understands now that despite her troubles, she is not alone. She understands now the importance of people and friends, something she did not fully understand years ago. That is why she continues to live.

It was because of the change he saw in Raven that the Composer decided to not erase the World. It seems that she had brought to him the Wonderful World he's always wanted.

I believe now I should reveal my true identity.

My name is Soel. I am the Producer.

The Producer serves as the Archangel, leader of the Angels and personal advisor of the Composer, Joshua. No one knows who I am except for the Angels and the Composer. Even the Conductor is unaware of my existence. My position is similar to that of the Conductor—leader of the Taboo, and Trigon—leader of the Demons, but I am exponentially more powerful than either of them. When Joshua first informed me of the game between him and his Conductor many years ago, I knew I had to stop him. I couldn't let Joshua erase the World and I tried my best to convince him otherwise. But I knew he was right; there were so many problems in the World. I did all I could in stopping the Composer, even resorting to helping the Conductor and Seymour.

Seymour was my backup plan to ensure the World's survival. If the Composer had not changed his mind, the World would've been lost. I knew I had to prevent that at any cost. Thus, I've deemed it necessary to cross the boundaries Angels usually respect. I helped Seymour, giving him new knowledge and powers in the hopes that he would stop the Composer's goal from reaching fruition. If Raven had managed to defeat both Seymour and the Conductor, then I would have had to come in and stop her myself before she helps the Composer win his game and thereby allow him to erase the World. Putting Raven in danger was something I did not wish to do, and I loathe myself for having done so, but her life does not come before the millions of lives in the World. Neither does Joshua. I love him dearly like a brother, but if he wished to erase the World, then I must stop him.

I resorted to putting them in danger. Raven and Joshua… If anything had happened to them, it would've been my fault. Every time I set my eyes on either one of them, every time I hear Joshua smile, completely unaware I tried to kill him, every time I watch Raven from a distance, every time I reflect on my actions, I feel my soul and my heart grow darker.

But darkness has always been husband to light.

I sincerely hope that someday my sins will be judged justified.

I still hold faith that they will. Now, and forevermore...

One last thing. To the Composer's pick.


The future you must choose is within you. The World is within your hands.

I am glad to have had the chance to meet you.

No Place Like Home –

Jump City's streets were crowded with people as they walked here and there in the warm spring day. People walked, talked, whistled, and laughed, greeting each other and saying goodbye to each other. They all went their usual ways, unaware that a year ago they had almost been erased from existence. No one in that entire city knew except for a mysterious figure donning a white cloak.

The figure—a thirty year old woman with long violet hair and grey skin—walked down the streets of Jump City, remembering her time there as a teenage superhero. "Same city, same streets," she commented. "Jump City doesn't ever change, does it?"

It had been a year since the woman had defeated the Conductor, saved the World, and became Azarath's High Lady Raven. A year since he passed… Azarath's thirteen sectors were all fully rebuilt and were slowly repopulating. With that in mind, the woman had decided it was best that she returned home to Earth. She had no regrets; she was certain High Father Raphael would do a good job.

She chuckled, remembering how when they were little she joked that he'd never be anything other than a simple farmer. Raphael had truly believed that as well when he was thirteen—he had no magical talent and was a horrible student. All he had were his muscles to lift heavy objects. Somehow, this simple farm boy had become the highly respected and revered leader of his world. Just goes to show you where perseverance can take you. Well, perseverance and an invasion that wiped out the other potential leaders. But mostly perseverance.

The woman sighed as she passed by the Jackal—a nightclub where she and Beast Boy had had their first date. She followed a sudden urge to go inside and saw to no surprise that the Jackal was relatively unchanged over the past twelve years. The layout was a bit renovated but otherwise remained the same. On the stage, a couple was slow-dancing. The girl was wearing a blue cloak and had grey skin while the boy was wearing a black and purple suit and had green skin. Raven gasped and blinked—the girl suddenly became a blonde with a black dress and the boy suddenly became a red-head with a white dress shirt and black pants. Shaking away her memories of Beast Boy, she left the club, saying to herself, "Beast Boy… There's one last thing I have to do before I let you go. I have to see you… one last time…"

She flew up into the air and towards Titans Tower. The building was recently refurbished and was set to be a museum to display the lives of the five Titans. The sorceress had informed the museum and renovation people that she wanted the Tower to herself today, and thankfully no one was here. She made her way inside and went up into Beast Boy's room. Everything was kept intact, from his bed to his desk. Walking over and sitting on his desk euphorically, she pulled out a piece of paper and a pen from her pocket and wrote a letter to the man she had once loved.

Beast Boy

It doesn't matter if you don't love me.

It doesn't matter if you don't remember me.

I just want you to know one thing.

You made me happier than I ever thought I could be.

Though the secrets in my heart separated us,

Though I cried my lover's tears,

Seeing you smile was good enough for me.

And it doesn't matter if you don't love me.

It doesn't matter if you forget me.

I just want to tell you a secret.

I love you.


The woman in white stopped as she felt tears about to emerge. Slowly she breathed in and out, in and out until the feeling subsided and her heart slowed. Folding up the letter and placing it into an envelope, she was about to stand up before glancing at the pen. For some reason unknown to her, she felt herself compelled to take the pen and write on his desk. She wrote on the desk three simple sentences that for some reason made her almost burst into tears. The sentences were rather meaningless but for some reason they tugged at her heart as if they once held a very important meaning to her—perhaps in a dream, or a dream of a dream, or a past life. She had written three simple sentences in black ink:

I am Raven.

I love you.

Do you love me?

She left the room, not noticing that on that very same desk, very faint, nearly undetectable lines appeared from nowhere, first showing the sentence Where are you? and a heart drawn from dots.

– Tying Up Loose Ends –

A clap of thunder, a roaring of winds, and a flood of light came from Raven's room as she cast a spell that transported herself into the parallel timeline. Opening her eyes, she saw to her surprise that inside her room was all sorts of gym equipment. "So this is the timeline that I died in…" she muttered. "Where I had disappeared inside the Void instead of surviving."

The woman left the room and rode the elevator down to the Tower entrance. She noticed that it was nighttime and that grey clouds were approaching, meaning it could rain at any minute. Flying towards the city, she landed near the Jump City Public Library and went inside. She knew that in this universe, no one remembered her, but was surprised to find everyone inside the library staring at her quizzically. "Why are they all looking at me?" she wondered. "No one's supposed to know me here."

Looking down, she realized the obvious reason—she was dressed like a freak in white. Ignoring their murmurs and whispers, she walked towards an open computer and searched for a Garfield Logan. With minimal difficulty, she located his house, which was not too far from here.

She walked outside and raised her hood above her head, walking towards Beast Boy's house, knowing full well that flying there would do nothing but cause commotion and have the local superheroes believe a new supervillain had arrived.

Garfield heard a knock on his front door in a dark, stormy night.

He opened the door and saw a woman in her late twenties standing there. She was wearing a white robe-like coat and her hood was down.

"Hi," the woman said.

"Hi…" Garfield said. "Umm… Who are you, may I ask?"

"Oh, sorry. You're Garfield Logan, right? About ten years ago, a girl asked me to give this to "Beast Boy" and left before I could ask who that was. After reading your book, I realized that it was you. So here you go."

The woman pulled a small envelope from her coat and handed it to Garfield.

"Uh, thanks," he said.

"Sure. I didn't open it, just so you know," the woman smiled. She gazed at him for a few seconds, then left.

As she looked up at the sky, the woman said, "It sure is rainy." With these words, she pulled up her hood and stepped into the rain. She opened up a portal and walked inside, returning back to her own universe with a smile. She had seen Beast Boy's face one last time, saw his eyes and his smile. And for the first time, that was good enough.

Reunion –

Raven stood on the cliff with her eyes closed, letting her long hair flow in the breeze. This cliff contained very special memories for her, all of them of Beast Boy. Perhaps if she called him from here… Opening her eyes and taking a deep breath, she placed her thumb and index finger into her mouth and blew as hard as she could, producing a loud whistle. Nothing happened. Again, she whistled as loud as her lungs could manage. Again, nothing happened. Panting, she continued, ignoring the gradual weakness of her lungs. And when she could whistle no more, she closed her eyes once more and again let her long hair flow in the breeze.

"Beast Boy," she whispered. "Can you hear me?"

A whistle came from behind her, followed by the sound of his laugh. Raven dared not turn around. "Why can't I seem to forget about you?" she whispered. "I'm even hearing things now."

She suddenly felt the warmth of a body behind her as two arms wrapped themselves around her. Her heart skipped a beat from the shock. Refusing to believe her senses, she ignored the arms, repeating to herself, "Stop thinking about him, stop thinking about him, stop thinking."

In response, one of the arms reached down and grabbed her hand, bringing it to his own. "I'm here, Raven," she heard him say.

Raven dropped to her knees and burst into tears. Before he could bend down, she turned around and jumped back into his arms. "Beast Boy!" she cried out as she shoved her face between his cheek and shoulder.

"I'm here, Rae. Just like I said I would," he smiled.

"Is it… really you?"

"It is," he nodded.

"Please tell me it's really you, Beast Boy. Tell me I'm not dreaming," she cried. In response, he put his hands on her cheeks and brought their lips together for a passionate kiss.

"Convinced now?" he smiled.

Wiping away her tears, she sniffled, "I don't know. I might need some more convincing." Both laughed a bit and resumed kissing passionately.

The Two Men Who Watch From The Shadows –

From a distance, two figures stood on the roof of the Titans Tower, watching the two lovers' reunion.

"Well isn't this romantic?" Soel said with a laugh. "Such a great happily-ever-after ending. At least things are back to normal, right?" The other figure was silent. "Haha, what? You seem down. Aw, come on, what's the matter, Joshua? If you're gonna be this way, why'd you resurrect Beast Boy in the first place?"

The other figure was again silent, before slowly replying, "It's what she wants, isn't it? Having him in her life again will make her happy."

"I get it…" Soel said. "You miss them, don't you? You wish you could be normal and be friends with them." He sighed, "I know, I know. Being Composer is hard. Having no friends and barely anyone to talk to… it's hard. I'm the only one you have, and even then we're both so busy sometimes we have no time for each other. But you know, sometimes you just have to let them go and be happy."

"Raven…" Joshua said, for the first time with a serious—almost melancholic—look on his face. "Be happy."

"Whoa… wait," Soel jumped. "You didn't—did you have feelings for—" Joshua transformed into a flash of light and flew into the air. Soel laughed out loud as a pair of wings emerged from his back. "Poor guy. I better get him a cup of coffee. Maybe a couple shots as well, hahaha," he laughed as he flew up into the air, joining Joshua in the heavens.

Under a Moon-Filled Sky –

Raven emerged from a portal onto the roof of the Titans Tower. There was a gentle breeze and the night was illuminated by the stars and the moon. "Beast Boy?" she called out. "I'm here. What now?"

Beast Boy, who had been standing near the edge of the roof and was staring out into the ocean, turned around, staring at something in his hand. He had the most ridiculous smile on his face that Raven couldn't help but laugh.

"What is it?" she asked again, stepping closer to him.

"Oh!—nothing!" he quickly responded, hiding his hand behind his back and giving her an awkward wave with his other hand, trying to act as innocent as possible.

"What's that?"

"None of your beeswax." He stuck his tongue out before turning around to examine the object much closer.

"What? Tell me! Tell me you childish little brat before I—"

In a movement so quick, the man turned around, took Raven's left hand, and carefully placed onto her finger a silver wedding band.

She felt her heart stop beating as she saw the shining object on her ring finger. The ring reflected the moonlight so beautifully that she couldn't take her eyes off it. Bringing it closer and examining it as if it was a baby, she dropped her jaw and looked up at him in surprise.

Beast Boy had the largest grin on his face as he lifted up his own left hand, showing her the exact wedding band on his own finger. Raven could barely contain her tears as she rushed up and hugged him.

"Beast Boy…" she whispered in joy.

"I dare you to finish that other sentence," he teased, forcing her to punch his gut. Beast Boy took her left ring finger and brought it next to his own. Raven noticed that there were engravings on their wedding rings—Beast Boy's contained the word 'TOGETHER' while Raven's bore 'FOREVER'.

"Together," she mumbled. "Forever."

"That's what we are, right?" Beast Boy smiled. "That's what we always will be." Placing his hands on her cheeks, he said, "Together."

Placing her own hands on his cheeks, Raven finished, "Forever," as they kissed for the first time as a betrothed couple.

A Love That Transcends Time –

Sarah Prynne picked up the latest issue of Architecture Monthly magazine and saw on the front cover the image of a beautiful vacation mansion resting on a private island, surrounded by a beautiful garden with the caption: "Vacation Home of the Century".

Out of curiosity, she flipped to the page that gave the details about the home and read the entire article. To her surprise, the details were exactly like the ones on the blueprints of the vacation home she had made years ago. The parameters were exactly the same and the design was a carbon copy. She was infuriated and was about to sue for plagiarism before she suddenly realized the truth.

"Richard," she gasped. He had promised to make the house for her when he came back. This means he's—he's alive! "Richard…" she panted as she suddenly ran out the apartment with the magazine in her hand. "Richard… you're alive. You're alive!"

Sarah arrived at the mansion breathlessly. The mansion was so much more beautiful in real life than it ever was in her mind. The garden was absolutely gorgeous, with the most beautiful and exotic flowers she had ever seen. Walking inside the house, she noticed that the walls were a lovely pure white ivory and the floors were a stunning marble. She made her way around the house, surprised at how every detail of the mansion was exactly like her blueprints.

Finally she arrived at the balcony—a wonderful porch with wooden floors, a table, two chairs, and a light breeze to top. But what attracted her most was a jigsaw puzzle hanging on the far wall depicted a piano—the very same puzzle piece she had seen when she first met Richard.

Walking inside and riding the elevator up to the seventh floor, she quickly found the office of the man she was assigned to: a Mr. Richard Burke, who was just slightly older than her. Walking inside and examining it, she saw that the office was clean and empty, with few furnishings and no decorations. The one thing that caught her eye, however, was a large jigsaw puzzle on the wall that depicted a beautiful piano. She noticed there was a piece missing and immediately took out the puzzle piece she found outside on the ground earlier. Reckoning that it had fallen off when the movers brought the puzzle into the office, Rayne carefully placed the missing piece into the gap, pleased that it fit perfectly.

Turning absentmindedly towards the door, she saw that there was a man there who had been watching her—a man in his early twenties with dark hair and a rather grim face.

Staring at the jigsaw puzzle wistfully, she saw as a strong gust of wind blew, shaking the jigsaw and causing a puzzle piece to fall off. Rushing over as if a baby had fallen, she picked up the puzzle piece, caressing it between her fingers, before placing it back into its proper spot, pleased that it fit perfectly.

Turning around absentmindedly, she saw that there was a man there who had been watching her—a man in his fifties with graying hair and a rather beaming face.

She felt her heart stop. The two stared at each other, each unable to comprehend the other's existence. Sarah felt her heart race and her mind go blank. And as she stared into his eyes, she knew it was him. "Richard? I—Is that you?"

"Rayne?" he answered. "Is that you?"

Both burst into tears as they embraced each other, finally reunited after thirty years of separation.

The Wedding –

"A Catholic mass?" Jinx exclaimed in surprise as she walked into the church. "That's strange."

"Well Cyborg told me that Beast Boy was raised by the Doom Patrol as a Catholic," Kid Flash replied as he walked right behind her. "And that a Catholic mass was the closest thing to an Azarathean wedding."

"I suppose. But I really do wish they would've done it outside. It's such a beautiful spring day…"

Taking out a brochure, he read off the list: "Bride: Raven—Rachel Roth. Maid of Honor: Starfire—Koriand'r Grayson. Bridesmaid: Terra—Tara Markoff. Groom: Beast Boy—Garfield Logan. Best Man: Cyborg—Victor Stone. Groomsman: Robin—Richard Grayson."

"Oh look! The wedding's starting!" Jinx cried as a live orchestra began playing an orchestral version of Lover's Tears.

Beast Boy was the first to walk down the aisle. He went down by himself and was wearing a larger version of the same green suit he wore in his first trip to Azarath. He wore a black tunic with a standing collar buttoned down from top-to-bottom and accented with a gold trim and dark green cuffs. Intricate golden patterns are seen on the tunic. His pants are straight leg and tucked into black knee-high boots. A black belt is worn with the tunic and a jade green and silver belt-like strap is adorned from the top of his left shoulder across the chest to the top of his right leg. On his shoulders are golden tasseled pauldrons, which connect to a flowing dark green cloak. The clothes felt a little heavy, but strangely comfortable. Undeniably soft, too, like silk, yet strong like leather. Nothing on Earth could compare with such a fabric.

Next came the best man and maid of honor. Cyborg wore a large black suit with black pants, black shoes, a white dress shirt, and black bowtie while Starfire wore an elegant Azarathean dress that was white and covered with crystalline-like gems. The gems reflected light quite nicely—it reflected just enough to look beautiful but not too much that it was an eyesore. Robin and Terra came next, each wearing the same outfits as the previous two.

Finally came the person they had all been waiting for. Raphael emerged from the door, wearing an Azarathean suit similar to Beast Boy's, but was completely black from head to toe. Smiling proudly, he extended his arm and the audience watched in glee as they saw a dainty grey arm wrap itself around his. They could barely keep in their cheers as they saw Raven walking down the aisle.

Raven's blue-violet hair was tied up in a bun, with a few strands of hair daintily hanging over the side of her face, with a white diamond tiara on her head. She wore a white, strapless gown cut in the front to reveal her thighs with a short train behind her. The dress has white feather ornamentation on the front hem and a pair of small feathered wings attached to a small bouquet of roses on the back. She also wears white gloves, high-heeled boots, and a silver necklace. Sky blue designs covered nearly her entire gown. It was the same dress she had worn in Azarath when she first married Seymour.

Raven also could barely contain her smile as Raphael led her down the aisle and gave her to Beast Boy. The rest of the mass followed perfectly—for nothing could go wrong as long as the two had each other. They exchanged their vows, their rings, and finally a kiss to seal in the rest of their lives together.

Endless Love –

"Okay, okay! Everyone please smile right here!" the cameraman shouted to the giant flock of Titans. Everyone who had ever been a Titan, whether full or honorary, were in a massive crowd behind the new couple. They eventually sorted themselves into five rows and all smiled at the camera.

"Now will the bride please place her arms around the groom!" he shouted. Raven obeyed more than willingly.

"Okay, ready? One, two, three!" He snapped the camera.

As he did so, Raven tightened her grip on Beast Boy's arm ever so slightly.

"Raven," Beast Boy thought to himself. "The rest of our lives begins now, at this very moment. As time flows by, and everything starts to feel like a dream, I won't be afraid as long as I have you. I'll always be here."

"Beast Boy," Raven thought to herself. "Throughout the years, throughout all that's happened to us, you've always been there for me. Because of all the secrets, all the memories, and all the endless love in our hearts, we've gotten to where we are today. Nothing scares me anymore as long as I have you. Nothing else matters anymore. I love you. That's all I need to know. That's all there is to know. And for the first time, that's good enough."

Beast Boy sighed, probably because he was so tired. He started down the hallway, but couldn't shake off the feeling that he was slightly disappointed, like he wanted to say something to Raven, maybe to apologize one more time. He shrugged off the feeling and kept walking. He heard the sound of a voice calling his name, "Beast Boy?"

Beast Boy turned around abruptly, feeling his heart jump slightly. "Yes?" he answered.

Raven, standing at her door, seemed to stammer a little, but then gave him one final "Good night," and a small smile. Then she walked inside her room and gently closed the door.

Beast Boy felt like smiling, but he didn't know why. "Good night," he whispered, and headed down to his room.

~Secrets in my Heart~

~Memories in my Heart~

~Endless Love in my Heart~