To Survive: Terminus Coalition


Dear readers,

Many of you may recognize the title of this ongoing story, and to those of you who do not, let me tell you. There exists a series of stories by Calinstel including "After the Trial", "To Survive", "To Survive: Alliances", and "To Survive: Terminus". Combined these works are both my inspiration and foundation for the story I will be telling you over the months to come. If you have not read those stories, then either go and read them first, or read through some of my story and see if it intrigues you enough to go back.

This story directly continues the "To Survive: Terminus" beginning at chapter 24. It will not follow the outline Calinstel set out for in his last entry, but will instead move it's own direction free from the bounds of The Arrival DLC and Mass Effect 3 canon. In doing this, note that this is a continuation in the series and not simply the story. I have chosen this because it seems to hold truer to the way the "To Survive" series was leading, and having adapted those stories to my own personal vision for John Shepard, I wish to continue along the current path. For clarification I need, concerning Quarian culture, I will be turning to any advice that Calinstel offers, but that doesn't mean this story is any less my own. It's simply set upon the foundations of Calinstel and BioWare before him.

I know that many of you, like myself, have adopted Calinstel's tale as head-canon. I would like to hear all of your input and reviews, because my greatest desire in writing this is to do justice to what Calinstel started. Help me give John Shepard and Tali'Shepard the ending they deserve. Hearing your reviews is the only way I know if I'm meeting your expectations.

Although I won't be following the ME3 story, I will be borrowing characters/groups/settings etcetera so that we can all feel a little more familiarity with certain concepts, but these will all be introduced properly and with context.

So please read Calinstel's work before my own or go check his stuff out if you're interested, and enjoy the story, leave critical reviews, ask me questions and share your concerns, because I am no English major. I leave you with a principle I will keep from Calinstel's Prologue:

"I still leave the real game play to you, the reader. Except for a few oopsies, I have left Tali and the quarian people's physical attributes undescribed, allowing each reader to maintain their own personal view."

Edit: I want to thank both Bahoogasmif and Wanako for reviewing each of my chapters and providing a lot of support. Bahoogasmif inspired me to get into FanFiction in the first place with the magnificent "Wings of Fire". Wanako has been a great friend, helping me iron out ideas and giving me the encouragement I need to keep writing at a quick pace. Give them both your thanks. Enjoy the story!