Ever since he had arrived in Korea... no, ever since he'd learned he was going to Korea, B.J. Hunnicutt had dreamed of, had lived for, the day when he would return home to his wife and daughter. He had had so many pictures in his mind, pictures of all the things they would do together. Little things. Simple things. Family things. Simple, little, wonderful family things.

And now, he was home, but there would be no simple, little, wonderful family things. The funeral would begin in less than thirty minutes.

Someone touched B.J.'s shoulder. He looked up. There, standing together, were Radar O'Reilly and his mother, Dr. Daniel Pierce, and Mildred Potter.

"Sherman called and told me about your loss," said Mildred.

"And then," Radar said, "Mrs. Potter called the rest of us, and here we are."

"We've never forgotten that reunion you arranged for us," Hawkeye's father added.

"They've kept in touch ever since," said Radar.

B.J. felt comforted, almost comforted, to learn of the lasting friendships that had started with that reunion.

Just as the funeral was about to start, one more person slipped into the church.

Hawkeye Pierce.