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A Traitor's Fate

Barriss sat in her cell, staring at her hands. She had been there for months. For some reason Palpatine had seen fit to sentence her to a life time in Corescant's highest security prison, instead of giving in to Tarkin's demands for execution. Barriss knew Palpatine well enough to know there would be an ulterior motive behind his decision; that he hadn't done it out of the goodness of his heart. For in his heart, there was no goodness. Occasionally she would feel a pang of guilt about what she did to Ahsoka, but then she shoved it back down. Ahsoka was blind to what was happening in the republic, in the order, as blind as the Council members who had accused her of treason. There was nothing else she could have done. No other way for her to have acted.

The door slid open and she looked up. Alarms had been going off all day, and troopers had been racing past her door. She hadn't bothered to ask what was going on. Anytime she had asked for updates on the war, she was rebuffed by the troopers, and so she remained ignorant of all that went on beyond her cell walls. Now perhaps she might have some answers. She opened her mouth to speak to her visitor, but any words she might have said froze on her lips. Anakin Skywalker, master of her former friend Ahsoka, who she had nearly seen executed for her crimes, towered over her. He stared down at her, face hard and cold. In his eyes was a fire unlike any she'd seen. A fire greater then that which had been in them when he arrested her on that day months past. His yellow eyes were as fiery as that of a dying sun.

"Hello, Barriss," he said, his voice so sharp it could have cut through durasteel.

"Master Skywalker, how are you? I wish I could say congratulations on a war won, but I don't receive much news done here. Is the war over?"

"Oh it's over," Anakin said, and he smiled. His smile spread over his face like a wicked mask worn by actors portraying villains of old. Villains with little care for any life. At times, not even their own.

"And, is Ahsoka well?"

"I wouldn't know, she left the order the same day you were arrested."

Barriss breath caught in her throat, and wouldn't go. She couldn't get oxygen. An invisible hand was pressing down on her throat, and she clutched at her neck desperate to breath, her eyes growing wider by the second. "When we returned to the temple after the trial, the council asked her to return to the order. I asked her to return. But you know what? She didn't. She left, Barriss. She turned her back on the order, she turned her back on her family, and me. She turned her back on her life." Barriss' sight was growing cloudy, and she could barely make out Anakin's face threw the haze. "Thanks to you, Barriss, thanks to your betrayal, she left and I never heard from her again. Now it's my turn to thank you. To thank you for stealing my padawan from me. To thank you for stabbing a knife threw my heart. Time for me to return the favor."

Barriss heard a distant snap hiss of a lightsaber, and then she gasped as she felt a moment of pain, and then it passed. Everything, every emotion, passed. Anakin shut down his lightsaber, and let Barriss' still form fall to the ground. He looked down on it without emotion. They were even now.

He stormed out of the cell. "Get rid of that," he ordered a trooper. He turned to Rex.

"Now for the Temple."

The End