A/N: this is a song fic that I'm writing about the Senri/Zero pairing and I will try my best to keep them both in character the whole time. I wasn't actually originally much of a fan of this pairing, but, lets just say that things change haha. The song used is Cold (but I'm still here) by Evans Blue. Enjoy!

The day was a sunny one, the playful warmth of the sun's rays greeting everyone with a happy smile, finally announcing the arrival of spring. The breeze was still a little chilly, but it was easily endurable even without a coat. The birds were singing happily, a couple of larks performing their melodies from the top of the lonely sakura tree, which was just beginning to bloom. A single figure stood underneath it, the tall frame of the male leaned casually against the thick, relatively old trunk, lavender eyes half lidded yet alert. Zero was watching the crowd of Day Class students slowly disappear in the direction of the Sun Dorm, the Night Class having just been escorted to their lessons. He always enjoyed this time of day more because peace and quiet was just beginning to kick in, lulling his high-strung nerves. But then there was night shift that he would have to do by himself as Yuuki had a math test to study for and that spoiled his current mellow mood. That and the familiar scratching sensation that made itself known to the silver haired hunter, gnawing at the back of his throat viciously, craving for blood. But he couldn't leave just yet- he needed to make sure that all Day Class students went into the Dorm and none decided to bend the rules a little and stalk the Night Class members in their classes.

A hooded figure walked through the main gates of the academy, the large hood of his black hoodie hiding his face from the Day Class students that he was passing by. Zero didn't have to look twice to know exactly who the figure was. He wondered why Senri Shiki was so late, but figured that the mahogany haired vampire had just returned from another photo shoot. The thick material of the hoodie kept the vampire from burning the delicate porcelain of his skin and allowed him to travel incognito around the Academy grounds so the Day Class fans don't turn into a messy mob of endless screaming.

Zero turned away and walked back to the Sun Dorm, deciding that it would be better if he stayed inside for now- he didn't want to turn into a bloodthirsty monster in the middle of the campus. Cerulean irises followed his retreating figure as Senri sensed a sudden change in the atmosphere. Figuring that the hunter was thirsty, he decided to take a detour on the way to the Moon Dorm through Zero's room. After all, Kaname himself asked the mahogany haired vampire to keep a close eye on the hunter, not wanting him to harm Yuuki any more than he has done already.

Zero was sprawled on the bed, his breathing heavy and ragged, the cold lavender inside his irises slowly dissolving, giving way to the predatory crimson glow. His hand began to claw at his neck, scratching the delicate skin underneath his tattoo. Cold perspiration chilled the hunter to the bone, despite the warm weather outside. He knew that taking blood tablets was useless and was therefore unable to do anything about his thirst. He caught himself hoping that Yuuki would stop by to check up on him but quickly dismissed the thought, feeling disgusted with himself for even thinking that. He had already hurt her enough.

A loud knock sliced through the heavy silence, awakening Zero from his thirst-induced daze.

"I don't care who you are, just leave"

He growled at the one who knocked on the door, hoping that this was enough to scare them off. He didn't want anyone to see him in this state, especially not Yuuki.

"Open the door"

Senri told the silver haired hunter, a little bemused from being outside for too long. Not like he would let it show though. The hunter heard the familiar emotionless note and instantly recognised his unwanted guest. A small growl escaped his lightly parted lips, the hunter's patience wearing thin just from hearing the vampire's voice.

"I'm fine, leave me alone."

The silver haired Prefect responded through gritted teeth. He just wished for the vampire to disappear- he had other, more pressing matters to deal with. Senri's emotionless mask didn't even stir when he heard the other male's stubborn reply even if he was getting a bit annoyed by the hunter's actions. He had strict orders from Kaname, orders that he must carry out any way possible. So Shiki did the only thing he could do in this kind of situation- he lifted his leg and delivered a powerful kick to the door, almost disconnecting it from the hinges. Zero's eyes widened a little as he watched the door swing open, the mahogany haired vampire letting himself in. He closed the door, propping it with a chair to stop it from opening since the lock was completely broken from the powerful impact.

"Are you crazy?!"

The cerulean irises of the vampire flashed at the hunter, an unreadable feeling burning into the back of Zero's mind as he watched the mahogany haired male put up his usual apathetic façade just as he realised that it was beginning to slip a little. A porcelain doll with no master; a beautiful creation that rendered many still. A true monster.

Shiki didn't say anything; he just made his way towards the hunter who was now stood up, eyeing the vampire carefully. His back turned to the hunter, Shiki took off his hoodie, revealing an almost see-through white shirt, and flung the black clothing item to the side, not really caring where it lands. His quickly slid out of his shirt, remembering just how much of a messy drinker Zero was and how hard it was to get blood stains off white fabric of an expensive, designer shirt. Or shirts in this case as Zero's drinking habit had already managed to ruin more than a dozen designer tops that were given to Shiki as a bit of a bonus after a successful photo shoot. He wasn't usually the one who paid too much attention to the trends and price tags, but it did become a little bit of a nuisance as his wardrobe became more and more deprived of wearable clothes.

Zero's eyes widened a little at the sight of the flawless porcelain of the smaller vampire's back, shocked despite the fact that he had already seen it a million times before. He personally didn't see the need for the vampire to strip but something told him that he shouldn't question Shiki's motives just yet. The craving for the smaller male's blood had increased a notch, a bright crimson hue taking over the calm, hateful lavender of the hunter's eyes as he caught the glimpse of the neck that was about to be offered to him to be violated once more.

With another sigh the mahogany haired vampire turned around, facing the ravenous hunter before making his way over to the other male and tilting his head to the side, fully exposing the sensitive side of his neck to the male, the cerulean of his orbs staring up into the bright pools of crimson with anticipation. It was a matter of seconds before Zero finally gave in to the blood lust and leaned down, breathing on the boy's neck. A small shiver run down Senri's back when he felt the warm wetness of Kiryuu's tongue connect with his cold flesh, choosing the right spot before his fangs sank in and Shiki let out a quiet whimpering sound- Zero never really bothered with the whole being gentle thing. Zero's arms snaked around the vampire's waist, pulling him closer so he could bury his fangs even deeper.

When his hunger was finally sated Zero pulled away from the other's neck, a little disgusted by his own actions. Shiki tried to steady himself, noticing that, much to his dismay, Zero had drunk a lot more blood than usual, which made the vampire feel a little light headed. He tried to steady himself but couldn't as his knees suddenly become weak, so he leaned against the hunter, eyes shut to stop the room from spinning.

'Hello, I'm your martyr, will you be my gangster?
Can you feel my trigger hand, moving further down your back

Zero allowed the smaller male to lean against him reluctantly, not really enjoying such close proximity with the half naked male. But he did owe him and Kiryuu wasn't the one to not repay a favour, no matter how revolting that favour was. Did he feel guilty about drinking so much blood?

"You can let me go now Prefect-san"

Senri finally murmured, his voice almost silent. The silver haired male obliged without a word and separated himself from the vampire. The bite mark stung, bringing back a lot of unwanted memories- the reason why he couldn't sleep. Senri inhaled deeply, trying to expel the unpleasant thoughts; he really needed to catch up on his sleep. Without another word the vampire got dressed and left the hunter to stand in the middle of the room, with the broken door serving as the only reminder of what had just happened.

The Moon Dorm was silent, which was a good thing for the mahogany haired vampire as he was beginning to feel a headache coming on. He scaled the stairs before turning to the right and disappearing behind the second door to his left. His room was a little messy, as usual, but Senri didn't feel the need to tidy it. Recently Shiki barely had time to sleep due to an increased amount of work. He shakily made his way to his desk and pulled out a small box of tablets from the first draw, taking out two and swallowing them quickly, his nose wrinkling a little from distaste. These heavy-duty sleeping pills that Rima had gotten him were the only thing that allowed the vampire to sleep, even if he was forced to see those awful nightmares over and over again.

A sigh escaped the lightly parted lips of the vampire as he lay in his room in silence, hoping to get some sleep.