A twitch of an eye was one of the many signs that gave away the Prefect's vexation upon hearing the Aristocrat's snarky response. The silver haired male was well aware of the fact that Senri wasn't usually the one to cause trouble nor to stay when he was told to leave, yet Kiryuu cared very little for what had caused the whimsical bloodsucker to act the way he currently did. Lavender gaze was glued tightly to the porcelain features of the mahogany haired male, studying him with the level of meticulousness that only a true hunter possessed. Nothing unusual was detected, but then again, when was the last time Zero actually studied the quiet vampire with such determination? Even if there were something seriously wrong with the smaller male, the hunter would probably fail to spot it straight away, only coming off as creepy if he even attempted to look at Shiki any longer than the latter deemed as necessary.

Cerulean gaze was adamant on not meeting the other's, Senri not even wanting to question the hunter's motives behind such a close inspection. Bloody Rose was still pointing at his forehead, the cold metal almost coming into contact with flesh that was just as cold.


Perhaps even dead?

Awkward silence consumed the pair, as thick as a blanket, settling comfortably amongst the trees and various shrubs. A quiet growl finally dispelled the awkwardness, or perhaps even added to it, the silver haired male's patience wearing thin quicker than he expected it to, yet the younger male seemed unfazed by the sudden sound that carried hostility with each stir of the air around Kiryuu.

"Are you deaf?!"

Finally the mahogany haired vampire rolled his eyes, his motionless physique coming back to life once more as he stood up, each movement carrying a touch of languid nonchalance; a complete opposite to the vexed Prefect before him. Not even the sight of Kiryuu's anti-vampire weapon made Shiki stir, something that only added to Zero's burning frustration with the Night Class student. A sigh parted Senri's pallid lips, his gaze flickering up at the taller male at last.

"Are you done?"

Each syllable, each note that dripped from his mouth carried a soft, gentle smoothness of pure velvet, the sound that matched Shiki's current nonchalance. Of course Senri was more than aware of the answer he was about to receive yet he couldn't stop the unfriendly enquiry from slipping past his lips. He wasn't in the best of moods, far from it actually, especially now that Zero's bite was beginning to ache once again and the sudden scent of his own blood that ruptured the air around him was a dead give-away that the wound had reopened once more. For some ridiculous, probably even bizarre yet just as unknown reason the bite mark refused to heal, driving the Aristocrat mad, just like the rest of the Night Class.

Today, even the lessons didn't go as well as they usually did, mainly because Senri's healing ability clearly had no say in when the two rather large and ragged puncture marks were going to close back up. Not many other students showed it, yet Shiki could tell by the curious stares that burned his back harshly that everyone was uneasy, and it was all because of him. During the break Rima brought him yet another plaster to stick over the wound, it probably being the fourth or fifth one that night, worry painted finely upon her usually unreadable features. Takuma, too, was there, yet he decided against helping Rima this time, emerald gaze studying everything but Shiki. Or, more truthfully, anything but Shiki's neck. The crimson liquid that seeped from the weeping wound carried an alluring yet barely detectable scent, a scent that shouldn't be allowed to spill so freely.

"Cover it up before someone notices!"

The hunter spat, the note of hostility inside his voice heightening for more reasons than one as he watched the white plaster that was now barely sticking to the pallid porcelain slowly turn crimson. Another quiet sigh escaped the vampire as slender pianist fingers of his hand caught the edge of the stained thing and ripped it off the pink, irritated flesh, the bridge of Senri's nose wrinkling in silent distaste. He lacked sleep, blood and now this…this was really, truly the icing on the cake of frustration and misery.

Again, a sarcastic comment threatened to roll off the tip of his tongue, yet the vampire had managed to bite it back as he wrinkled the useless plaster in his hand and tossed it aside without a care, momentary forgetting about Zero's heavy presence that unsettled the atmosphere around the two greatly. At first the abrupt change in Kiryuu's aura went unnoticed by the vampire, his attention coming back to the hunter once he found himself pinned against the nearest tree trunk, one of Zero's legs between his own, his knee digging into the thick bark to stop the mahogany haired male from escaping. The Prefect's hands were on either side of his head, leaving the smaller male trapped between the tree and his lean physique.

Kiryuu's chest rose and fell rapidly, his breathing rate increasing considerably as lilac slowly dissolved in predatory crimson, a quiet growl rolling off the tip of his tongue once the alluring aroma that Shiki's blood had carried took hold of his senses. He was well aware that it's only been a day since he'd been fed; yet he couldn't contain his thirst any longer. The monster roared deep within his very being, demanding more blood. Curiously enough, it wasn't just any blood that was to his liking- the beast had taken a fancy to the blood his current donor, that was Shiki, was providing, only too eager to taste more. A subtle shiver run down his spine as the silver haired male leaned in, lowering his head in order to come even closer to the puncture wounds that graced the delicate curve of Shiki's neck. The small wound wasn't bleeding anymore, blood already clotting around the ragged flesh, courtesy of Zero with his impatience and lack of empathy.

Cerulean optics widened in shock once Shiki had managed to catch on with what the Prefect was about to do and shook his head, mahogany strands rearranging themselves once more:


It was a weak protest but a protest nonetheless, too bad that the person it was addressed too was so far gone that he had failed to hear the other's lack of permission. Senri was only too aware that this was too soon and he still didn't manage to fully recover since yesterday's feeding session as Kiryuu had taken too much blood already.

The tip of his tongue came into contact with the cold porcelain of the vampire's neck, the wet muscle ridding the flawless flesh from the faint crimson stains, each motion languid and potentially relaxing. However, for Senri this was far from relaxing- if anything he preferred the other to just bite him and get it over with since his neck, especially the pulse point Kiryuu constantly attacked, was one of the most sensitive parts of his body and such gentleness made him shiver. Hands grasped at the black uniform jacket that the Prefect wore in an attempt to push the other away, yet his strength was quickly leaving him, dissolving in thin air. Zero's tongue didn't continue its ministrations for long, the vampire quickly becoming overwhelmed by anticipation, the feeling of the other's hands that grasped his shirt so pitifully only fuelled his desire to hurt and bring pain to the race he despised the most. Elongated canines grazed his pulse point gently before the hunter sank them into the delicate flesh without a warning, making Shiki shudder and bite back a quiet whimper of pain that shot through him the moment Kiryuu's fangs pierced the flesh none too gently. As the crimson liquid began to leave his body, so did his ability to stand up straight, his knees buckling and giving away. Senri's back began to slide down but the hunter's arms caught him just before he managed to escape his grasp, pinning him to the tree with such a force it made the vampire groan in pain.

The mahogany haired male murmured, his voice losing its usual silky texture, quickly becoming weak and unsure, the order coming out as more of a plea than the latter. This time, however, his words reached the silver haired teenager and a gulp later Zero had retracted his fangs, having sated his thirst once more. A quiet sigh of relief left the Aristocrat once he felt Kiryuu's canines retract, yet his strength was nowhere to be found and right now, the only thing that kept him from coming into contact with the ground was Zero's hands.

Now lavender gaze flickered away from the heavily breathing vampire, an uncomfortable feeling of guilt settling inside the pit of his stomach, making him shake his head. He shouldn't have felt guilty for the deed, he was drinking the blood of another vampire…besides what did it matter to him if Shiki wasn't alright with it?

"Let me…go"

Senri murmured- all he wanted to do was get away from the man before him, the dull ache of his neck nothing when compared to just how desperate he was to just go lie down in his own bed and pretend that what had just happened didn't happen at all. Of course such a thing involved waking up with a strong feeling of disappointment, but that was going to happen later and right now, Shiki only cared about the present tense rather than future.

Once again that vampire had found himself shut in his own Dorm room, the palm of his hand pressed to the side of his neck that Kiryuu had assaulted once again. Thoughtlessly, mercilessly...it hurt. The wound was throbbing harshly, the stinging making Senri wince every once in a while, yet every movement of his frail frame went unnoticed, lost deep within the darkness that consumed his room due to the fact that Shiki had drawn the curtains shut, the thick, heavy material preventing the sunlight from entering. A quiet knock on the door broke the silence and cerulean hues blinked, his mind coming back to reality.

"Senri? Are you back yet?"

The worried note in Takuma's voice made the mahogany haired vampire wonder if anything was wrong with the older male, so his lips parted and a quiet-


-slithered past his lightly parted lips. Nothing more was needed for the blonde Aristocrat turn the door handle and enter the room, his emerald gaze locating Shiki almost instantly, only too used to his almost undetectable presence. Blonde brows came together in silent worry as he spotted Senri sitting on the floor by the bed, the older male wondering what exactly was going on with Shiki. This was not the vampire that he knew and was used to seeing- this was just an empty shell. The door closed behind him as Ichijou crossed the distance between the two with a couple of quick steps and lowered himself to the floor, taking a seat opposite Senri, slender fingers grasping the other's chin gently and tilting Shiki's head up ever so slightly so Takuma could study him better, more easily. Right now Shiki had to be studied and looked after and Ichijou was prepared to do just that.

"Were you bitten again?"

An enquiry that rolled off the tip of his tongue before he could stop himself, the older male already knowing the answer, or, at least, able to deduce it from the bite mark that Shiki tried to cover with his hand. No wonder the smaller vampire looked so worn out.


Takuma murmured in an effort to bring the other from his reverie, making Shiki blink and focus back on the blonde Aristocrat.


Finally everything registered within the vampire's dulled mind and he gave Takuma a mildly curious look, unsure of what might have caused the man to behave in such a way towards him.

"You need to have some blood"

The statement wasn't quite an order, yet Takuma wouldn't hesitate to turn it into one if he deemed such a thing as necessary, deeply unsettled by the dark circles under the model's cerulean optics and the unusual degree of paleness that made Shiki's skin almost translucent.

Cerulean came into contact with emerald, mild confusion still evident in the bottomless pools of blue:

"I'm fine"


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