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The war was over. The Allies had won. All that was left to do was to pick up the pieces. But there were a lot more pieces than they had thought.

The days of training and chasing Italy down were just distant memories of the past. In fact most of them, the Axis Powers, had not seen each other for years, especially when the war began to get complicated. When Germany (the country not the personification) had been finally taken by the Allies, he, Germany, was no were to be found. They thought he would turn up as their troops began securing different areas of the city. Nothing.

America looked up to see a lone figure straggling towards him in the camp. He let up from bugging England to stare. "Halt!" yelled one of the perimeter guards, the figure stopped and put up his hands.

America squinted "Prussia? Is that you?"

"Yes it's me" something was very, very wrong here. For once Prussia had not referred to himself as the 'awesome me'. America motioned for his men to stand down, Prussia continued his dragging stumble forward, obviously favoring one leg over the other. The most notable of his bandages would probably be the one wrapped around his head cover one of his ruby eyes. Alfred rushed forward managing to catch him right before he fell, when his bad leg gave out.

"What's wrong?" he asked immediately. Something had to be up otherwise Prussia wouldn't have come forward so easily without any kind of attack.

"It is West, you got to help him!"

"And why would I help that #$%^&*" Americas once worried eyes turning to chips of ice.

"Please! You got to help me; I don't think he's going to make it without any medical attention, please!"

Prussia sounded so desperate that America's heart melted a little.

"Fine" he said gruffly "but only because he needs to stand trial for what he has done".

Prussia felt relief wash though him "Thank you! He's this way"

Hoping desperately that this wasn't a trap he followed Prussia after a quick word to England and some of his men, they would be following behind, just in case.

Prussia led him to the remains of a house; all that was left was rubble, bombed down to the foundations.

"So where is he?" America demanded sharply, this was looking more and more suspicious.

"He's in the cellar, duh" responded Prussia as he opened as set of cellar doors that had been partially obscured by all the surrounding rubble; this was his attempt to sound more light hearted than he actually was.

The steps went down, down, down, seeming far too long for Prussia's liking. Didn't the stairs understand that his brother's life was on the line? After what seemed like an age to him they reached the bottom. Immediately he rushed over to his brother's side.

"West, West? You still with me?" but the way Prussia said it made it sound more like a statement than an actual question. America walked over to the cot cautiously. Germany was lying on it with a thin blanket, it was a wonder he wasn't shivering. As America was about to voice this aloud Prussia answered his unspoken why with, "He made me give them away, to the people we saved, he would have given more but he slipped into a coma a couple of months ago, at least I think it's a coma" Prussia knew he was rambling, but he couldn't help it, when he was stressed he started to ramble. America reached out and touched Germany's forehead

"Feels like he's got a fever" he kneeled down pulling back an eyelid once he did so. He watched the pupil

"No pupil reaction, he might be in a coma"

"Can you help him?" the desperation in Prussia's tone was not lost on him, his injuries must be much worse than what was currently visible.

"I can see if I can get him into a hospital soon, that's best case scenario, worse case I might be able to get some medicine and first aid supplies for a while then get him into a hospital"

"Thank you"

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