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The nations filed into their usual meeting room. Germany was the first one there, as usual. He gingerly lowered himself into his seat, still in pain from the still healing wound. He would have to be especially careful today. The power Spain had lent managed to pull him out of the nightmares, but the slightest push could send him back into a relapse. He stood up to check the presentation equipment, as he was to be presenting today. He stood hiding a wince and walked over towards the podium. Two things happened. The first- The Italians had arrived.

"Germany! I missed you! Where did you go? I wanted to eat pasta with you!"

The second- Italy had launched himself in a 'tackle hug'. Normally Germany would be able to catch him, no problem, but with his injury. . . Germany winced as Italy barreled into him, slowly returning the hug.

"Hands off potato #$%^&*!" Romano announced, annoyed.

"Lovi~!" Spain said cheerfully grabbing the grouchy brunette from behind in a hug. He had arrived the same time as Germany as he wanted to make sure that he would be okay, but then split up to avoid suspicion. Italy climbed off his perch on Germany, and smiled up at him

"It's ok though! I brought pasta that we can eat at lunch!" Italy said, finally finishing his hello.

Germany nodded absent mindedly tuning out Romano's furious rant about how Veneziano should not share perfectly good pasta with that potato #$%^&*. He really hoped that Italy, the human cannonball, hadn't made the existing wound worst, he didn't want people asking about it. He finished checking the equipment then sat down in his seat gingerly, not wanting to cause more damage than Italy might have caused.

Prussia, Hungry, Austria and America all met in an empty meeting room a few doors down from the actual meeting.

"Where's Italy?" America asked, noticing the absence of the bubbly brunette

"He had to meet up with his brother" Hungary replied.

Nodding his acceptance, America and the others turned towards Prussia

"I brought it." Was Prussia's reply to the unspoken question "But, I want to sneak some things into the meeting" Austria and Hungry rolled their eyes. Typical Prussia ultimatum.

"Fine, we'll keep anyone watching busy" came Hungary's response; cutting off Austria's immediate 'No'.

All the nations had finally arrived. Even America wasn't as late as he normally was. The chatter levels rose in the room. Germany sighed. Why did everyone seem too depend on him to get the meeting started? Well this was going to hurt. He stood up gingerly, and then slammed his hand down on the table.

"Shut up! And sit down, the meeting is starting now!"

Begrudgingly the other nations moved towards their seats. Germany also sat wincing as more strain was put on the sword wound.

Again the other nations seemed to look to him for guidance. Were they seriously all this needy? He rubbed between his eyebrows tiredly

"Ok, now who is scheduled to go first?" The meeting proceeded.

At 12:00 they stopped for lunch. Germany felt a warm trickle of blood seep through the bandage. '#$%^&*' He swiftly left the meeting room, when Italy wasn't looking. He stepped into one of the stalls in the bathroom and hung his jacket on the door.

He hadn't been imagining things; the white bandage now had a crimson circle in the center of it. He rummaged through his jackets pockets coming up with the small role of bandaging he had remembered to pack. Securing the end to the existing bandage he wrapped it around securely, tying it off tightly.

"Hopefully that'll hold" he muttered not hearing the other occupant of the bathroom.

"Finally!" Prussia announced "It took you long enough to get here! I though you said you were going to be fast in the bathroom!"

"The hero is never late!" was America's boisterous retort


"Let's get a move on shall we?" Threatened Hungary dangerously, removing her frying pan from the table

They nodded and Prussia motioned for every to sit down

"Italy said he would keep Germany busy as long as he got the run down later" Prussia announced as he rummaged for the packet he had carefully, oh so carefully, put together. He stopped for a moment and stared at them "First, swear on the country you represent, that whatever you hear in here does not leave this room." Everyone agreed.

The folder certainly looked innocent enough, manila colored, the kind they saw every day that held notes or important information. But they knew that this one held something much more sinister.

With deft fingers Prussia flicked it open, selecting the first document. He studied it for a moment before allowing it to be passed around. It was a medical form dictating the removal of suture materials and bandages.

"It was 1935, mein Bruder had a meeting with that ! #$%^&*, he attended, being the perfect soldier he was trained to be, that I trained him to be" he finished bitterly "I knew that the meeting was over because that #$%^&* was walking around but there was no sign of West."

"So you went looking for him" America said knowingly

"Exactly, and I'm really, really glad I did, because when I got to the office He was impaled to the wall by a #$%^&* sword! Because he didn't want to break off the alliance with Italy!" there was a sharp intake of breath around the table. "Ok listen, this next part you can't tell anyone." He waited for their agreement which was swiftly given. "The reason West was so reluctant was because Italy was his first friend that wasn't family, and there's also the fact that mein Bruder wasn't always West…" Prussia trailed off, as he glanced back down at his watch. "#$%^&* we have to get back! The meetings about to start again! And we don't want West to get suspicious!"

'Just two more hours,' Germany thought to himself, 'then I can leave and down some pain killers, and an Advil. His mounting headache was getting progressively worse as the meeting ran on. Luckily he had already presented so he didn't need to move around anymore for the remainder of the meeting.

"WATERGUN FIGHT!" Prussia announced jumping up on the table, clearly he had gotten bored. He managed to pull a Super Soaker out of nowhere and proceeded to try and spray everyone in the room. However it wasn't full of water, it was full of colored dye. Nations scrambled for cover, grabbing Prussia's back up Super Soakers for protection. Germany took one look at the mayhem filled room, and rainbow colored nations and left, they could clean up the mess this time.

Prussia smiled when he saw Germany leave with almost a look of relief on his face. To be honest, Germany wasn't looking good, and the meeting wasn't helping. So he decided to use his awesomeness to help out his little brother. And it had worked.

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