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Guilt was gnawing at Romano. He hadn't meant to go so far as to call Germany a Nazi, he was just angry and so used to taking out all that anger on Germany… Romano sighed again, really he hadn't meant any harm. And now he was going to feel guilty for much too long a period. Maybe if he went and yelled at (talked to) Spain and ate his tomatoes he would feel better. Yes, he decided he would go and visit the Spaniard.

Spain was out in his tomato fields behind his house. Working in them was always a good way for him to relieve stress. Talking to plants is supposed to help them grow anyways.

"Oi! Tomato #$%^&!"

Spain allowed himself to smile, Romano was here! Sure enough Romano stalked over, immediately swiping a tomato off of one of the vines. Spain could tell that Romano wanted to talk. So he waited patiently for him, working on the tomato plants. The Italian shifted from foot to foot before opening his mouth. Just to shut it again. He did this a few times before managing to say,

"Can we talk?"

"Okay spill," Hungary demanded, as soon as they all managed to leave the ink drenched meeting room. Prussia rubbed him head sheepishly.

"I only could bring a little bit of it because of how sensitive this information is, soooo, if you want to know more we need to go back to the house."

Prussia knew it was safe, Germany had vaguely mentioned going somewhere for a while after "work". Hungary raised her frying pan in exasperation, not only did Prussia not bring all the information; he had also covered her in ink.

"Hey! Hey! Don't hit me!" he exclaimed.

"Security reasons remember!?"

Prussia started to walk away the other countries following. America just caught what he was mumbling to himself, "I probably shouldn't even be showing any of this to you guys. Most of it anyway, but if it will help West…"

They had headed back to his house at Romano's insistence, Spain silently hoping that the sound proofing was good enough. Germany had asked to crash again via text while Prussia's ink war was in full swing. They sat down at the kitchen table, Romano fiddling with his hands before speaking.

"Back during WWII…"

"You ready for this?" Prussia hissed to Germany. He nodded once.

"Alright let's go."

They stealthily approached the camp, their target. They dropped low to the ground blending in with the sparse shrubbery as the guard changed. They kept moving slowly. Then suddenly they were at the fence. Quietly they removed three strands of barbed wire from the post placing it off to the side so it could be replaced later. Through the sizeable gap created they entered the camp, loosely twining it on the post so it looked like there was no breach. It was dark and cloudy that night; they were going to use it to their advantage. They entered the first of the barracks. They had picked this camp for a reason, no child deserved to die. Eyes finally adjusted to the darkness, they went about slowly and silently waking them from sleep. This would be extremely dangerous, and if they were caught... They didn't want to think about it.

Germany took the first group of five; Prussia followed in a few minutes with the next group. Those they couldn't get out they snuck supplies to, and promised to come back for them. Like silent shadows they walked through the camp back to the entrance they had made. He removed the wire soundlessly, ushering the children through before setting it back. Now was the hard part, but as soon as they made it to the trees they would be safe. They inched across the open ground soundlessly trying to not attract any attention. They had managed it, they were at the trees. They moved forward with more haste now, since they were running out of time that night. Already the darkness was beginning to fade.

An old farmer waited with a cart seemingly full of vegetables. They nodded to each other. Germany lifted the false bottom and herded the children inside.

"This cart will take you to safety," his whispered. "But you need to be quiet understand?" The children nodded their agreement. Germany gave them a tired smile yet it was full of triumph, and then shut the top carefully. Silently he ran back towards the camp. There were many more children that needed help.

They continued to go through the chest, pulling out countless documents and files on people. People they had managed to get out of the camps, people which had been saved. It wasn't just their names though; it was a full documentation confirming their path to safety. Names poured past their fingers: David Altman, Robert Brock, Sara Danzing; Switzerland, America, England. Names and final destinations kept together. Prussia extracted another massive folder. He looked up.

"You guys heard of a guy names Oscar Schindler?" America looked thoughtful.

"They made a movie on him I think…" He paused thinking. "He was the guy who bought that work camp and managed to save hundreds of lives."

Prussia nodded.

"Yeah he also created defective equipment for the front lines," he paused thoughtfully, tapping the folder. "You guys want to know a secret?" The others looked up, curious.

"We helped convince him to do it." The others looked at him shocked. "It wasn't that hard really. Prussia shrugged nonchalantly. "He only needed a push in the right direction, despite all appearances to the opposite." He thumped down the folder, thick with names. "Course this was all rather late in the war when it was too difficult to sneak them out." He paused frowning.

"Come to think of it," Prussia started to pace restlessly. "That was also about the time West was summoned by his boss then practically went missing all together!"

"What do you mean went missing?" asked Austria

"Exactly that!" Prussia responded agitated. "I didn't see him at all and when I asked his boss all he would tell me was that he was away on business! Whatever the #$%^&* that meant!" He threw his hands up "It was forever until I saw him again, after the war was all but officially over!"

Italy dropped the small pocket watch he had been fiddling with in shock; it missed the table landing loudly on the hardwood floor, the glass face shattering. It went unnoticed by the other countries who were too much in shock. Missing? Countries, especially well- known ones such as Germany didn't just vanish from other countries' interactions. They had just figured that Germany had been with Prussia the whole time. Now that he thought about it America couldn't exactly remember if he had ever seen, let alone fight Germany in the war.

But seriously, just vanish off the map? That was unheard of. It seemed that as soon as they uncovered part of the mystery more secrets and questions tumbled out.

"I had started getting telegrams and letters from… Germany."

Spain was shocked Romano had actually not insulted Germany in some way for a whole sentence. "So of course being sensible I threw it all away or burned them at once." A ghost of a smile touched Spain's lips, how very Romano.

"But he wouldn't give up!" Romano exclaimed vehemently. "And then he had to go and show up at my house!"

Spain was surprised. What had been so important that Germany would show up to be insulted?

"The only reason I didn't shoot him," Romano continued.

Spain wasn't so sure that Romano would actually shoot Germany, at least not with real bullets unless he was in mafia mode…

"Was that he said it was about Feliciano, so I very reluctantly decided to listen to him." There was a pause as Romano pondered how to say he next part.

When the shaken countries pulled themselves together a barrage of questions flooded forth, becoming jumbled with one another. Prussia held his hands up for silence.

"Look I've told you all I know! I don't know any more than you do!"

The questions stopped abruptly. It was then that Hungary noticed the broken glass around Italy and hurried to clean it up, lest the clumsy the nation injure himself. Italy crouched down carefully, delicately removing the rest of the watch from the glass, (Broken like Germany was perhaps?). Something inside rattled. It didn't sound like glass, so he tipped the watch upside-down into his palm. The watch face fell out revealing emptiness behind it. This watch would have never worked; it wasn't just broken like Italy thought. There were no gears or other mechanisms, only a single key and a small slip of white paper. Italy stared at the items in his hand silently.

What else was Germany hiding? He closed his fingers around the items, before anyone could see; he wanted to keep them to himself for now. He needed to think about this.

Prussia spoke up again. "Maybe there's something about the missing years in the archives, if anything it would be worth checking out."

"He wanted me to get Italy, Feliciano out, away from him immediately." Spain furrowed his brow, the pieces he knew were beginning to fit together. "Nothing could have made me happier and within a week I got my fratello out of there and Germany seemed to vanish. None of Italy's letters were responded to. They were sent back, the whole 'no one lives at this address' stamp and the phone calls were met with the same result, it's like he dropped off the map. But it didn't worry me at first because he was following the agreement."

"Agreement?" Spain asked.

"Yeah part of the reason I was so willing to talk to him was that he said he would cut off all contact with my fratello for a year, so I decided to hear him out. Course that didn't work out my fratello got all depressed and mopey so I tried to contact Germany, telling him to call it off, but I was met with the same response!" Romano was almost yelling now in frustration.

"Coupled with the desperation he had in trying to contact me I think that Germany knew something was going to happen to him, and that he didn't want Feliciano to get caught up in it."

Spain clenched his hands very tightly under the table. The pieces were forming an unpleasant picture but of what he wasn't quite sure of what exactly.

"I just don't know what it was!" Romano finished with a flourish, waving his hands around.

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