Title: Nighttime

By: Metamorcy

Pairing: 10027

Summary: Byakuran has always appeared to be an stranger to Tsuna at times but for some odd reason, he seems to relate to him the most. Fluff mainly

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Chapter 3

A month had passed since their nightly meetings – which most of the time they spent curled up on the floor playing video games of some sort – began. It was interesting to say the least. Tsuna couldn't help but enjoy these moments the most during the passing days; unable to wait for the next time Byakuran would come over to hang out as if they were best friends. He had to admit, Byakuran made wonderful company despite his unusual personality – though, if he had to compare multiple others within Vongola for their personalities, Byakuran was quite mild when he was mentally stable.

Still, the game playing was a perfect chance to relax and shrug off the stress of the day, and sometimes, when he felt sleepy, he would lean on the albino's side to rest his head. It didn't take long before that shoulder began to feel like the perfect pillow after a hard day of work, as if it had been molded just for him. Sometimes he would bury his face against the white-tresses, taking in the other male's strong cologne. There were also times he fell asleep mid-game because of this, but Byakuran never mentioned it nor was he bothered, he simply continued to play despite it changed to being single-player.

When it was cold, Tsuna would wrap a large blanket around both of their bodies, causing them to snuggle up against each other. They never minded the sharing, purely enjoying the warmth and closeness it brought. Of course, this made it easier for Tsuna to stumble into slumber, sometimes even sliding down to land on Byakuran's lap. If the white-haired male thought anything of it, he never opened his mouth, instead let everything run its course. When the nights were warm, the fan would be on to help ventilate the room, while the large windows were propped open to let some cool breezes flow in. The soft gentle breezes rustled along their skin, sending goosebumps down their spines, and Tsuna could only smile as he leaned over against his companion.

Byakuran, of course, enjoyed his time alone with Vongola Decimo and away from his own household of madness. It was eerie how similar they could be despite their past history of blood and death. After an hour or two of gaming, if Tsuna managed to not fall asleep beforehand, they would head to bed and drift off into dreamland without any care that they were sharing the same mattress. If Tsuna had already fallen asleep, Byakuran would take the initiative to lift the poor brunet up in his arms and tuck him in into the thick sheets. It was kind of cute after all to see the normally uptight boss of Vongola cuddling into the blankets as if it was some sort of safety net, completely content with his position. Byakuran didn't mind making a few pokes here and there on that adorable expression, feeling the softness of the warm skin under his fingertips. Tsuna would shift at the touch, flickering his eyes open for a moment to see Byakuran leaning over him, before once again closing them to bury his face further into the pillow as if he were trying to hide. It was like he didn't care or mind all that much, falling fast asleep soon after. Of course, that wasn't enough to stop the Millefiore boss, who continued to stroke the soft cheeks in hopes of getting a response from the other.

However, after a few minutes, the white-haired male would grow tired and would immediately pull the covers up to keep the Vongola boss warm before slowly shuffling into his side of the bed. He knew he was acting like this was his own place - like he had a right to sleep here - and he was so close to calling this place as his own. Everything was perfect and he enjoyed the comfort of having someone with him since it wasn't as lonely as it was back at his place. He could only deal with being by himself for so long. Even though he had his group and Yuni, they were always trying to have a normal life – a life he had once taken away from them many times in the past.

Still, he was a little amazed that no one had realized he had been coming here. His wings were quite noticeable during the dark since they had the tendency to glow brightly just like Tsuna's flames. Maybe the sun Arcobaleno, Reborn, had left him alone in order to further push the bonds between him and Tsuna. He wouldn't be surprised if the hitman did something like that. He was familiar with that man's ways despite not being with the Arcobaleno as constantly as Tsuna was. Byakuran just shrugged his shoulders and shuffled deeper into the warmth, turning around to face the brunet to smirk. He really was pleased with his time with the brunet and he wouldn't dare give this up for anything.

"Hey, Tsunayoshi."

"Hmm?" The brunet spun around slowly as he peered towards his companion beside him. It was only for a moment before he turned his attention back to the television screen to kill off an incoming zombie, aiming for the head automatically. He could hear screaming in the background of the game, people running around as they tried to survive the zombie attack. Of course, the characters they were playing were the only smart ones to actually have guns. "What is it?"

"Do you like playing video games with me?" Byakuran fired a single round, killing a zombie on his side with a shotgun, and opened a pathway for their characters to run through. He watched as the creature's head exploded, sending various parts across the virtual cement. He didn't want to miss and get eaten; losing wasn't something he wanted to risk at this moment even if it was just a game. Byakuran immediately made his character run into the alleyway with Tsuna's right behind, enclosing the fight to help decrease enemy numbers.

Tsuna blinked and immediately paused the game, stopping them from going any further even when there was a whole mob of zombies upon them. He placed the controller down onto the floor, unfolding his legs to lean back against the bed. "That shouldn't even have to be asked. If I didn't like it, I would have said something long ago and I wouldn't be here right at this moment."

"Really?" For a split second, Byakuran's face flashed into a childish neediness, it was almost like he desired something. Affection? Friendship? It was hard to tell. And as soon as it was there, it was gone the next as Byakuran adopted a more neutral expression. It revealed nothing, nothing of the emotions that had been flashing through his face.

Tsuna stared at the other mafia boss for a while, trying to get things cleared up within his own mind as he thought over the words and expression, before finally sighing. He pushed the controller further away and spun in place to face Byakuran, knowing he needed to show his full attention to this individual. He gave a small amused huff and smiled. "Of course I enjoy playing with you! It puts my mind at ease actually and I kinda look forward to it every day. It's really fun playing games with you and getting the chance to talk in between about normal subjects. I would be really upset if you were to leave or stop showing up," He tilted his head, letting his brown bangs slide over his eyes. "I might come after you to find out if you were to pull something like that on me."

"O-Oh…" Byakuran rotated away quickly, staring at the paused screen as if unsure on what to do much less respond. He was quiet for a few moments before he opened his lips to speak, "Thanks. I'm glad to hear that," The older man leaned back, tilting his head onto the edge of the bed so that he would be facing the ceiling. "So Tsunayoshi appreciates me~" His face held the same cunning expression he used when talking to anyone, but the tone of his voice stated otherwise.

Tsuna saw right through it, He had learned to read his companion clearly after all the time they had spent together and shook his head, going along to prevent Byakuran from having to defend himself. "Sure, sure." He pressed the start button to continue the game, smiling to himself as he made the next shot. He was covering for his partner who was still within his own little world, pondering over Tsuna's words continuously. The brunet glanced over, looking over his partner's face that held a small red tint on those pale cheeks, and slowly leaned over. Their shoulders bumped against each other, snapping the white-haired male's thoughts out of place and making him focus on what was going on before him. Almost instantly, they went back to playing video games, trying to concentrate on the zombies that were heading their way.

Tsuna shifted slightly in bed one morning four months into their little meetings, unable to stay asleep since waking up earlier in the night. He only had one hour left before his alarm would ring and knowing that little fact made it difficult to fall back into dreamland. He wanted nothing more than to do that, but resisted the moment he saw Byakuran and their position. The Millefiore boss had somehow managed to snake his arms around his waist overnight, burying his face against his shoulder as if it was some sort of tender pillow. It wasn't pressed up against him where he could feel the warm breath, but it was close enough to see every part of his facial features. Tsuna almost chuckled at the sight, keeping himself still to prevent any waking on Byakuran's part, wanting to keep this moment going for as long as possible. It was interesting to see the other so relaxed, so calm, with a peaceful expression resting on his face like there was nothing wrong. Byakuran's lips were opened slightly, small puffs of air blowing through and his white hair was sliding gently across his face.

Tsuna smiled, his eyes gazing over the entire form. He could do this for one hour, just watching the other. It wouldn't be too hard to do. It was really nice to see Byakuran like this for once with no sinister outlook.

"Juudaime, you're been strangely happy these days." Gokudera pointed out one day during regular hours of working. The silver-haired male was helping his beloved boss sort through the paper mess on Tsuna's desk, organizing it to be signed by the brunet. He stood over the boss, currently shuffling everything into one neat stack to be placed on the right corner of the desk. He had his normal three-piece suit on with a red undershirt and a pack of cigarettes and green lighter in his breast pocket. His stacks of dynamite were all hidden under his jacket, connected to either his belt or inner waist.

Tsuna paused in his signing, his pen hanging over the dotted line, and glance up at his right-hand man curiously from the comment. He blinked a few times, trying to understand how he must be appearing happy enough that Gokudera would notice. However, he soon shrugged his shoulders, not bothered by such a thing. He had everything he ever wanted, lots of friends, people he could trust, and a large amount of wealth. Of course, he could do without the insane people and threats against his life and friends. "What do you mean?"

"I mean that you seem happier, not as stressed as usual despite the same amount of paperwork that you're faced with every day. Even Reborn mentioned it during breakfast earlier today."

"Oh…" Tsuna tilted his head, glancing towards his papers before shrugging his shoulders once more. He didn't remember doing anything different besides his new nightly… routine. Tsuna almost smiled at the thought of it. Perhaps that was what had been keeping him calm these days despite the chaos. It had been almost six months now and their relationship was moving along smoothly. They were growing comfortable with each other's presence, speaking freely with some secrets that were going on with their friends or associates. Tsuna couldn't help but laugh at a few comments Byakuran had made towards his own guardians, finding them completely true. Of course, he would never say such things to their faces – a fruitless effort to preserve his life and mental state. Still, it was odd just how close they got within those months, acting like they were the best of friends, if not… more. Tsuna glanced up at his friend and smiled. "I see. Maybe I'm finally adapting to my role here."

Gokudera laughed at that remark, finding it humorous. "If only that was true, but I doubt it. You've been here for ten years already and now you're finally adapting?" He placed the stack down, leaning over to start gathering another one. He knew he had Tsuna's full attention and was tempted to reach over to flick his darling bosses' forehead. Although he was his bosses' subordinate, they had grown up with a strong, unbreakable bond and he didn't mind teasing Tsuna whenever he could, just like his boss would do the same to him. "I think it's something else. Reborn said he knew the reason why, but refused to go into depth when everyone asked about it."

The brunet froze once more, his lips strained as he processed those words. "Wait… Reborn?" Tsuna shifted in his seat, feeling uncomfortable at the sudden change of subject. 'Well, I didn't expect to keep it a secret from him of all people. I shouldn't even be surprised that he found out anyway. He is Reborn after all.' He leaned over onto the desk and ran a hand through his hair in an effort to straighten out his spiky locks, only to have them spring back into position. He could only hope that Reborn hadn't been watching him since the very beginning, though he wouldn't be surprised about that either. The hitman was far too sneaky for his own good, cunning too. Tsuna reached down to rub in-between his nose, closing his eyes as he pushed back a growing headache at the mere thought of Reborn hiding behind a wall to watch the entire scene. "I see. Well, whatever it is, it will eventually reveal itself."

Gokudera tilted his head at that response, finding it strange since he had expected his boss to react quite negatively towards Reborn. "Really?"

"That's how it normally goes. Reborn doesn't keep anything a secret unless it pertains to him or the good reputation of Vongola," Tsuna leaned back against his chair, staring up at the ceiling. His honey-colored eyes peered at his companion and he smiled gently. After so many years, he was getting used to Reborn's way of thinking. If he was getting along with Byakuran wonderfully, it would put a strong bond between the two strongest mafia groups in the world, probably make them allies. "We should know him better than anyone else now after ten years. He always enjoys messing with us."

"True," The silver-haired male chuckled in delight, placing the next stack of papers at the edge of the desk. "That's definitely true. Reborn is notorious for these stunts. We just learn to deal with it after ten years or avoid them to the best of our ability."

"That's right. If he knows it, let him. There's no point in hiding it since that would just egg him on." Tsuna went back to signing, trying to finish up as much as possible in order to get to bed on time. He didn't like missing his time with his newfound companion. Gokudera smiled at the sight of his boss working so hard and pulled back for a moment. He glanced around the room, like he was examining the setting, before watching Tsuna quickly dash through the papers.

The right-hand man nodded his head to himself. "I'll be right back. I'm going to ask the cooks to get you something to eat in the meantime: coffee and maybe a slice of cake or cookies? It might be a long day for you with all that work."

"Ah," Tsuna snapped his head up as those words. "Thanks. But I doubt this will be the end. I know that one of my beloved guardians will get into a fight of some sort and give me more paperwork to finish."

"Don't jinx yourself, Juudaime."

"How can I jinx myself when I already know? It's a routine by now."

"That's true," Gokudera just laughed wholeheartedly as he walked towards the front of the room and pushed open the door to exit. "Well, let me get that snack and coffee for you. It might make you feel a little better while you work."


Tsuna rolled around in bed during the middle of the night, unable to fall asleep despite staying up late to play video games with Byakuran. He just didn't understand why, much less figure out the meaning of his inability to sleep. He rolled over again, shuffling the covers around as he tried to find the perfect spot for slumber, but after each attempt, he only felt increasingly annoyed. Glancing at his clock, he grumbled under his breath, finding it only one in the morning, before sighing heavily. He was going to be tired tomorrow, he just knew it.

"Can't fall asleep?" A voice crept up from behind, two arms wrapping around his waist as Tsuna was pulled backwards towards the center of the bed. The brunet automatically let out an 'eep' in surprise, clearly not expecting such an attack. He squirmed in the grasp, trying to get free but to no avail as his attacker tightened the hold around him. Tsuna shifted slightly, rotating around to see Byakuran pressing against him.

"Byakuran? Why are you still awake?"

The white-haired male just smirked. "Well, how was I supposed to sleep with a certain someone still moving around and making so much noise?"

Tsuna blinked, relaxing into the grasp, before sighing. "Oh, I see," He leaned back and turned towards the individual to face him better. "Sorry about that, I didn't mean to keep you awake like that. I just… couldn't fall asleep."

"Oh?" Byakuran didn't release his hold, keeping it still around the brunet, and gave a smile. It was awkward with his face half buried into the pillow. "Any reason as to why?"

"Not really sure, honestly. Maybe I'm just thinking too much."

The older man just stared, keeping quiet for a few moments as he a waited for the other to continue first. However, Tsuna remained quiet, unable to open his mouth as he closed his eyes, trying to fall asleep once more. Of course, it was failing miserably. He just couldn't do it at all. Byakuran watched the struggle in amusement, shifting closer so he could be near the warmth Tsuna's body was radiating. "Well, what are you thinking about exactly? You can tell me~"

Tsuna glanced up, his eyes examining the individual before him. "It's hard to say. I guess I'm getting to that age where I need… to be married off."

"Married?" There was a sharp tone in Byakuran's voice, but it was left unnoticed as Tsuna concentrated on the subject.

"Yeah, for an heir of Vongola. I mean, I found one through some backtracking of Primo's lineage just in case something happened to me before an heir was produced. I need to be prepared after all and I already have Basil's approval. However, in a case of marriage, I can't think of anyone."

In that instance, Byakuran tightened his hold, yanking Tsuna forward as he rested his head against the other's shoulder. He felt Tsuna jump in surprise, not expecting the sudden action and let out a small 'eek' as he found himself restrained by another body.

"B-Byakuran!" Tsuna shifted in the grasp, trying to untangle himself desperately from the arms. However, he was in bed, trapped underneath the sheets and blankets. There wasn't much he could do in his position, but he struggled regardless. He felt the hands snaking entirely around his waist, pulling him in closer to the other boy's body. Tsuna could feel Byakuran pressing up against him, feel the warm breath against his neck, and the hands touching his sides underneath his shirt. The brunet knew there was heat rushing up to his cheeks, burning his skin since this was probably the closest someone had ever gotten to him. Most people never got this physical with him unless they wanted something or were looking for a one-night-stand. Of course, this was Byakuran, a man who had been sharing his bed for the past seven months. He had gotten far too comfortable with the man beside him, never really being bothered by it at all. It was strange that he had never thought about it much. "B-Byakuran? P-please let me go."

"Don't wanna~" The white-haired male chuckled, burying his face against the warm neckline again and breathed in the scent of his fellow sky. He could feel the soft hair tickling his skin and closed his eyes in content, refusing to move at all. He was overly delighted by this position, the warmth, and tightened his hold around the brunet in an effort to keep Tsuna there. For a moment, he wished he could see Tsuna's expression, but he hesitated in doing so, knowing it would give the other the chance to escape. "You're so warm!"

Tsuna sighed heavily, shuffling in the grasp again, but this time to get more comfortable. He should have expected this to happen sooner or later with Byakuran's attitude. "Fine…" He pouted, burying his face into the pillow as he proceeded to ignore the man cuddling him. It wasn't like he could really go anywhere else anyway. This was his bed after all. He could possibly go to Gokudera or Yamamoto to share their beds, but it would be difficult to explain the reason as to why he wanted to sleep in their rooms instead. "Do what you want…"

"Oh?" There was a slight pause in Byakuran's voice as he shifted. "Does that mean I can do whatever I wish to you?"

"No, it doesn't." Tsuna grumbled under his breath. "It just means that I'm not going to bother fighting with you wanting to hold me."

"Aww~" This didn't seem to depress the older male, who kept still as he listened and felt Tsuna slowly breath in and out. He could tell that the brunet's eyes were closed, not bothered with being held like this. It was silent afterwards, no one wanting to say anything and Tsuna shifted slightly after ten minutes. It wasn't usual for the other to be this quiet. Then again, Byakuran did like his madness – unless he had somehow fallen asleep. The brunet almost huffed, quickly identifying that the white-haired man was still awake, almost like he was thinking of something next – something he wasn't sure he wanted to know about or experience. "Hey, Tsunayoshi?"


"Do you have anyone you're interested in?"

"What?" At that, Tsuna spun around slightly in the grasp, not completely sure what the other meant. "Interested in? Do you mean like a lover?"

Byakuran chuckled. "Yep! Do you have a lover or are you interested in anyone? I'm quite curious."

The Vongola leader was almost tempted to roll his eyes. It wasn't abnormal that the topic of his marriage would become the highlight of a conversation though he didn't expect it with Byakuran of all people. Like he had stated before, it had been mentioned by his family – marry and produce an heir for the famiglia. Of course, he wasn't all that interested, much to their disappointment. "Didn't I already tell you this? No, I'm not interested, nor do I have anyone."

"Hmm," The white-haired male kept still as he pondered over his next set of words. He momentarily buried his face into Tsuna's shoulder and took a deep breath of the brunet's scent, trying to take everything in. He was relieved that Tsuna had spoken those words. "Then would you be okay with a male lover?"

"What?" Tsuna tried to shift around in shock, not expecting such a question and attempted to turn to Byakuran's face. However, the other kept a firm hold, preventing any movements. "A male lover? What kind of question is that?" There was no redness on his face, but at the same time, there was no disgust either. "Byakuran?"

The Millefiore boss didn't reply, which was remarkable considering his personality, and then there was a loud sigh. Byakuran huffed and pulled away from the other, finally allowing Tsuna room to face his companion. Still, regardless of everything, the white-haired male kept the same neutral expression. Tsuna didn't say anything, waiting for the other to go first, but he didn't, he kept immobile as if waiting for the right time to speak. "Well, I was wondering if you would ever consider having me as a lover."

Tsuna didn't answer, but his face did it for him. His eyes widened and his mouth opened slightly, everything morphing into disbelief. He blinked a few times as if trying to identify if what he had heard was true. It couldn't be… right? Byakuran hadn't just asked them to be lovers.

"You don't have to look like that," Byakuran laughed at the humorous expression Tsuna was giving, giving a small poke onto the brunet's stomach. "It's just an idea. We could be lovers."

"L-Lovers?" Tsuna muttered under his breath, thinking about the idea carefully. He didn't know what exactly to think about, it wasn't a subject he was generally used to after all. He had been asked out by other mafia groups, proposals for marriage, and many others, but this? Tsuna bit down on his bottom lip as he stared at the other, knowing he would have to give some sort of a response. It was difficult though. Him and Byakuran as lovers… His mind automatically thought about the positives on the situation, the fact that their two groups would become allies, their forces combined, areas connected, among other things that would come out. There were also the negatives to take into consideration as well. As his mind raced over his thoughts, Byakuran suddenly smirked, shifting forward. In one moment, their lips connected together and Tsuna could only stare outwards in surprise, not expecting the sudden kiss. Almost immediately, his mind shut down, unable to think of anything but the lips against his own. 'Warm…'

Byakuran gave another smirk as he chuckled in amusement, pulling away. "Stop thinking about the good of the famiglia and instead think of yourself for once."

"For myself?"

"Such a silly boss~" The albino chuckled once more, reaching forward as he pushed away a strand of hair from Tsuna's face. "Stop thinking and go to sleep. Some rest should help you. You can think about my proposal later."

Tsuna continued to stare, unsure what else to do. He could hardly think after all, but he did as he was told and closed his eyes. Still, he couldn't stop his mind from racing about the warm grasp wrapped around him even as he finally began to drift off. His face was buried against Byakuran's chest, taking in his scent as he breathed, and felt his cheeks reddening for a moment as he thought about his position.

Byakuran, however, kept still, not wanting to scare the brunet in his arms just yet. His fingers ran through the soft hair and smiled gently for a split second before it was gone. 'I'm selfish after all. I want to keep you all to myself, but sadly, I can only have you at night,' He felt Tsuna wrapping his arms around his frame, holding him tightly. 'But that's just fine. The night is long and I'd rather have you by my side in bed than in someone else's.'

A little quick but it sums up everything without the whole instance of falling in love. I left room for your minds to expand on it. Enjoy!