Chapter 1

Gordon sat at his desk, he couldn't believe Ducksworth was scheduling him to do community service. One DUI charge and he had to work with kids and coach hockey. Not that he didn't like hockey or kids, he just didn't want to deal with either of them. He picked up a picture of his niece Elizabeth Strong, who is twelve years old, she has long light brown hair. She is half American, half Asian, and she has hazel brown beautiful eyes. She was also a hockey player; the picture was her hockey card. Gordon had to admit, he always loved his niece. That was probably the only kid he liked. He was trying to get custody of Elizabeth, her parents weren't the type of parents he wanted for her.

He sighed and left his office. He took one last look back; he knew he wouldn't be back for awhile.

After Gordon left his office; he went to the child services.

Gordon walked into the office. He met Mary; she was Elizabeth's social worker, she was working on the case. She directed him into her office. They sat down to talk. She needed information from him. He needed information from her. He sat down and talked to her. The phone rang; she picked it up and talked to the other person on the other end.

Gordon sat in her office; he looked around, he couldn't help thinking of what happened, and how he could let this get out of control? How could he do this? He was out to win this and not lose? He sighed and hoped Elizabeth is okay.

After what seemed like hours, Mary finally gotten off the phone. She smiled at Gordon. She spoke and said, "We'll Gordon, I have good news, that was Amy, she is Elizabeth's social worker in Anchorage, Alaska. She told me, Elizabeth is ready anytime to come live with you ."

Gordon smiled, at last, his niece was coming to live with him.


"We'll?" Elizabeth asked Amy, as she sat in her office.

Amy smiled as she spoked, "In three weeks, you're going to live with your Uncle Gordon."

I smiled and nodded, I thought to myself.

Yes, I can get away from my parents and stay with Uncle Gordon forever. He's the greatest, he's like a dad I ever wanted.

Elizabeth was so excited, she couldn't wait for three weeks.

Finally the day arrived, Elizabeth went to the airport, she was given a sign that said UM, she had to asked what that sign was for. She was told it was stood for Unaccompanied Minor. She sighed, it was going to be a long ride. (5hours and 51 minutes.)

During the plane ride, that was getting close to landing in Minnesota, Minneapolis. Elizabeth got her backpack and purse close to her. She waited as the plane landed. She had to get her suitcase and duffle bag.

Gordon was already at the airport waiting for Elizabeth. He was thrilled, she was going to live with him. He had filled her room with necessities. He was going to let her decorate it how she wanted it.

Elizabeth got off the plane, she looked around the airport for her uncle, and she saw him waiting over by the conveyer belt. She smiled and ran over to him and gave him a big hug.

Gordon looked at his niece. She had grown up. She wasn't that tomboy anymore. She was becoming a young lady. However she still played hockey.

Gordon smiled at her, "Hi Elizabeth, your growing like a weed. You need to stop growing."

Elizabeth chuckled. She replied, "Yeah. You probably noticed, I don't wear glasses anymore. I have been wearing contacts since I was eleven."

Gordon nodded "Yeah I noticed that." "I already got your suit case and duffle bag, we can get to the car." Gordon told Elizabeth.

Elizabeth nodded.

"Liz, I want you to meet Lewis, my driver." Elizabeth nodded and shook his hand.

Lewis drove them to Gordon's place. Once Gordon and Elizabeth arrived; Gordon replied " home, sweet home."

Elizabeth smiled and nodded. It was her new home. A home she was happy to be in.

"Tomorrow, we have practice after we enroll you in school." Gordon told her.

"Okay. After I get settled in, you are still going to take me shopping?"

"Yes. You need new hockey gear. When we are out we can get clothes as well."

"Sounds good. Uncle which room is mine?"

"Go straight down the hall and make a right, bathroom is right across your bedroom." He replied.