"Bluepaw, you have to leap higher!" Silvercloud meowed to her apprentice, who was trying to bring down a leaf from on a somewhat high branch that was hanging over the new training hollow. Since the former one had been invaded by the two-legs, Bramblestar had found a new place for the apprentices to train in.

Bluepaw stopped leaping for the leaf and looked her mentor in the eyes. "Why should I be doing this anyway? It's not like YOU'RE doing it."

Silvercloud padded over to her apprentice. "That's because-" The silver tabby leaped up and caught the leaf with her teeth, falling onto the ground lightly. "I've been trained, Bluepaw."

The apprentice's blue eyes widened in amazement. "Wow! You jump high, for a kittypet."

"Oh really?" Silvercloud purred. "Where did you hear that I'm a kittypet?"

"Well," Bluepaw shuffled the soft dirt around her with her forepaw. "Thornclaw told me you were a kittypet and that you had no ThunderClan blood in you, and that you weren't a good warrior to this Clan." The eyes of the young she-cat sparkled in the sunlight as she watched the dirt move around under her paws.

Silvercloud was startled by this. Why would Thornclaw tell his own daughter these things about her? She let her claws sink into the soft ground of the hollow. Then she remembered something. The prophecy? The words Yellowfang had said sunk into her head and she couldn't get them out, even after training was over.

The two finished training with no words and padded back to the camp, Bluepaw leaping on every falling leaf. The late-day air smelled strong of leaf-fall, and Silvercloud knew that when leaf-bare came, it wouldn't be a short one, at all.

"So, what's the plan?" A whisper came from behind a bush next to the path. Bluepaw kept bouncing off as if she didn't know her mentor had been left behind.

Silvercloud sniffed the air and finds WindClan scent in it, mingled with ThunderClan. The silver cat peeked through the bush to see Ambermoon, Thornclaw and Hare, the new cat that Silvercloud had found in the forest a few quarter-moons before. The cats were huddled close, trying to whisper, but Silvercloud could still hear them.

"So," Thornclaw growled to Hare. "Are you with us or not?"

The brown tabby who still had scars from her belly wound, looked small next to the two other cats, but she still looked confident. "Yes, of course I am. I don't want to end up dead like I almost did last time."

Ambermoon stepped forward a little, then sat back, her tail curling neatly over her paws. "So, here's the plan. Thornclaw and I plan on being on guard tonight, but we won't be guarding the camp. We'll be at that new two-leg place they just built over our former camp. We'll make the dogs there run after us, then we'll bring them here to attack the Clan. Then that dumb old Bramblestar, Lionblaze, and all those ThunderClan mouse-brains will die. And then, we'll make the Clan even better than it had when Firestar was in power." Her words surprised Silvercloud much. But what surprised her even more was when she saw a cat appeared from between some bushes.

"Well, I see we have someone new on our side," Breezepelt's bloody teeth glittered in the sun. His figure was somewhat shadowy, and his black pelt was covered in deep red blood from the battle.

Hare raised her chin a little. "Yes, sir. Ambermoon told me you would be coming. I know I use to be a kittypet, I am still the best fighter you've on this team." Her voice was strong and filled with confidence.

Breezepelt nodded. "Thornclaw told me you would be a great contribution to this fighting force."

Silvercloud tried to step forward a little so she could see a little better, but stepped on a twig. She jumped back in surprise.

"Hey, what was that?" Ambermoon growled to her companions.

Breezepelt answered him in a strong tone of voice. "I don't know. Hare, go check it out."

Silvercloud ran towards the camp before Hare could spot her. The silver she-cat slowed down as she entered the camp. She spotted her apprentice talking with Seedberry over a thresh at the fresh-kill pile. The silver she-cat padded over to the medicine cat den and slipped inside.

Inside, Jayfeather was sorting through some herbs, trying to get ready for leaf-bare. He looked up at the entering she-cat and stood up. The blind tom put everything he was working with into a tiny hole in the wall and brought some poppy seeds for her.

"Here you are, for the stress," He shoved them towards her, but she shook her head.

"No, Jayfeather," She replied to him, her eyes growing deep in memories. "I'm not here for poppy seeds today. I just wanted to know if you could take me to the Moonpool tonight."

Even with his pale eyes, he still was able to look at her in surprise. "Why do you need to go there tonight?" He meowed, putting the poppyseeds away.

Silvercloud shuffled her paws on the soft dirt floor. "I just, need to do something."

Jayfeather stopped in his tracks, turned around, and looked her in the eye. "Its this about the prophecy?"

Silvercloud almost fell over. "You, you know about the prophecy?" She asked him softly, looking around to make sure there was no one in the den other than them two.

"Of course," He sat down. "I entered your dreams that night. I saw you, but you never saw me. Silvercloud, you have to remember, I have a power just like you."

"Thats it, thats just it. I don't HAVE a power, Jayfeather," She growled. "If I did then I would have already destroyed Thornclaw, Ambermoon, Hare and-"

She cut off when she remembered that she had never told Jayfeather about what had happened earlier. He looked at her in surprise again.

"What happened earlier, Silvercloud?" He asked her.

She sat down, then told him the whole thing.

"We attack tonight. She doesn't have her powers yet. She will not be able to fight without them."

"But what if StarClan gives them to her before we attack?"

"They won't. I am certain of it. Lets us attack tonight, just after midnight. The time of darkness to rise up has come!"