As soon as he took off his sunglasses, I noticed his black eye, which showed his perfect blue eyes. I couldn't finish my sentence because I was surprised by the look he had. His face was banged up, claw marks and red marks everywhere on his face. I couldn't help but smile a bit.


"I'll get you ice." I went to the back room, and came back with a towel filled with ice, and gave it to him.

"Rough morning huh?" I asked, looking at him

"You have no idea…" He replied putting the towel on his eye.

"Oh yeah?" I replied raising my eyebrow. I lifted my shirt, and showed him my injury

"Okay … You beat me on this one." He said smiling.

"So, what was it? Settling of scores? Street fight? Accident?" I asked, serving him a cup of coffee

"This…" showing me his face "is the result of a relationship that didn't work" He answered sighing

"Oh man… If the girl has hit you at this point, you must have done something really wrong to her" I said laughing gently.

"Oh no, this is not her, this is her brother and his … 'gang' I guess…"

"Oh yeah … I understand better, why you have this …thing" I said, pointing at his black eye.

"And you? What's this? Settling of scores? Street fight? Accident?" He asked smiling

"I'm not gonna tell my life to a stranger" I replied quickly

"But I told you what happened" He answered back

"So?" I replied frowning

"Now it's your turn!"

"A crazy ex boyfriend, who wanted to force me to leave LA to Mexico." I added

"Oh wow … I guess we both aren't good in relationship!"

"Yeah… You can say that!" I said, sighing, thinking about me and Dom's relationship

"Oh, and by the way, I'm Riley, so I'm not a stranger anymore." He mentioned, holding out his hand to me. I hesitated a few seconds, but smiled

"I'm Letty" I said shaking his hand.

"So, for how long have you been working here?" He asked, taking a sip of his coffee.

"Actually, it's m" I was cut off by someone who suddenly came in the café, shouting my name.

"Leticia!" I turned my head to the doors and saw Ed.


I didn't say anything. The only thing I wanted to do when I saw him was to punch him. I was there, frozen, unable to say a fucking word. All the anger I had against him, and I had these days, was about to going out in the form of fists. I started to breathe heavily, the more I was looking at him, and the more I was upset. I walked around the counter, and went right in front of him.


"You know him?" Asked Riley, putting his hands on my shoulder

"He's the crazy ex boyfriend that I told you earlier" I replied sighing.

"I'm not his ex; I'm still her boyfriend, right babe?" Ed mentioned looking at me.

"You've got some serious balls man… You sent me a text saying that you won't give up, and you coming here, where I work, and claim that you're still my boyfriend? Really?" I asked frowning. For a few minutes, there was a dead silence.

"Letty baby, this whole story isn't my fault, it's-" I cut him off

"This…" I lifted my shirt and showed the injury

"… is because of you. You wanted me to go to Mexico with you, and you kidnapped me. You became friend with the guy who touched me, and your fucking 'friend' stabbed me. So tell me now, how it isn't your fault?" I added yelling.

"Come on Let, this is the past. Now, come here, the plane will not wait for us" He said holding out his hand. I smiled gently, took his hand with my left hand, and came towards him.

"Yeah, that's the good decision sweetie." Ed said smiling.

"I'm not going anywhere with you, now, get the hell out of my life." I told him upset .


I punched him in the stomach, and slapped him. He punched me back in the stomach, and I fell at Riley's feet. I sighed in pain, because he hit right on my injury. I put my hands on my stomach and looked at him. In two seconds, Ed was on the ground, under Riley's blows. Riley lifted Ed, and slammed him against the wall, a gun against his belly. As soon as he pulled out his gun, all the clients ran away.


"If you ever approach her or some other girl, I swear, I'll make your life a misery, understand?" He said softly, a few inches from Ed's face.


Riley let him go, and Ed gave me one last look before leaving. I was still on the ground, trying to understand what really happened now. Riley lifted me up, and made me sit on the counter. I looked at Riley's face. It looks like he had a little more bruises than earlier. I look at the room… It was a mess, broken chairs and tables everywhere. How am I gonna explain this to the guys? Well, I'm gonna simply tell them the truth I guess.


"You okay?" He asked, talking about my injury

"Yeah, just bleeding a bit, but I'm okay." I replied sighing. He lifted my shirt, put himself between my legs, and started to redo my bandage

"Thank you… I guess" I said smiling a bit. He was focus on my injury, so he just nodded as a 'you're welcome'.

"A gun? Seriously?" I smiled. He laughed a bit and shook his head.

"So, you're the kind of guy that shots everything that moves?"I asked laughing a bit, trying to lighten the mood. He stopped what he was doing, and looked at me smiling

"Uhm … Yeah, you could say that! Ex marine." He answered laughing

"Oh … That explains the gun" I said looking at his pocket.

"Yeap…" He smiled

"And ….you're done!" He said finishing my bandage, putting his hand on it

"Thank you again"

"You're welcome Letty." He answered with a beautiful smile. I smiled back, but then, I suddenly heard the doors open and I turned my head.

"Letty? What the hell is that?"


I lowered my shirt, looked at Riley, pushed him a bit away and looked at the person. Oh my god, I'm gonna spend a hard time to explain that.