This is a silly short chapter story written for the wonderful mauigirl60. My writing self-esteem was broken and she helped me get it back!

A big thank you to MidnightLove87 for coming up with the title!

Parks & Recreation is my favorite TV show and April is my inspiration for this Bella. Watch the show! It's terrific!

Thank you for reading.

Curve Ball

Chapter 1

"So what do you think of Tanya Denali?"

The boy was bothering me again as I was trying to eat a slice of pizza. As Captain or General or whatever they call the head honcho of the baseball team, he needed to get back to the jocks table before I poured my milk over his head.

"She tried to stuff me in a locker, so not a fan." I pushed my glasses up on my nose and glared at him. That kid could not take a hint. "You want to date her?"

He grinned and played with his Gatorade bottle. "Why? Are you jealous?"

"Nope, I was just thinking if you like big boobs you should talk to Angela. She lent me a pen. It gives her a leg up on her big rack competition."

The idiot started laughing. Hard. He calmed down and announced in amazement, "You're funny!"

"Not really, but you seem easily amused." I swatted my hand at him, like he was a fly. "Go away now, pest!"

"I just want to ask..." He started to say with his face turning red.

Then I was saved by the giant kid with the tee-shirt ten sizes too small. "Yo Ed, we got to get to French! Hey girl, how you doin'?"

The giant talked to me. I might hate him more than Baseball Boy.

"Please take the Jolly Green Giant out of here," I said with a sneer.

The giant laughed. "She's funny!"

"I know, Emmett!" Baseball Boy agreed.

They were both idiots.

Unfortunately, I couldn't breathe a sigh of relief at them leaving me to peaceful silence due to Baseball Boy calling out, "I'll save you a seat in Biology!"