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Chapter 13

They were on a feeding frenzy. It took one shake of their food and the little shrimp went bat shit crazy. Not too mention, since I ran the dishwasher, more of them hatched. They were so odd. Chief Charlie gave me money to purchase a kitten. He thought I needed something to cuddle. I came home with a sea monkey kit, a package of Twizzlers and a TV Guide. He was not impressed.

At least the little buggers weren't cannibals like the ants. My mother gave me an ant farm when I was ten. Let's just say, I was scarred for life.

"What are you looking at?"

I jumped, probably scaring the sea monkeys. There stood Baseball Boy with a grin.

"What are you doing here?"

He kept smiling. You would think his face would start to hurt by now. "Your dad let me in."

"He has a shotgun and a police revolver."

Baseball boy looked worried. "Is he going to shoot me?"

"No. I might."

"Really?" He looked upset.

"Of course not, kid! It was a joke." I sighed and looked up at the ceiling. "It was obviously a bad one."

He patted my hand causing me to look at him. "It was funny. Don't worry."

The kid was so sweet he was giving me cavities.

"What are these things? They're really cool." He looked at my pets in awe. "I've never seen them before."

"Sea Monkeys."

"Monkeys live in the sea?" He asked in amazement. "But these monkeys don't have fur."

Oh sweet Jesus.

"They're shrimp, dude. Brine shrimp that have baboon butts. Take a good look!"

He stared at the biggest of the sea monkeys and it stared right back. Baseball Boy started talking to it, "Hey buddy, what's your name?"

"They don't talk." I felt I needed to clarify it for him. He was slow on the uptake.

He grinned again. It was pretty. What the hell? He asked, "What are their names?"

"Umm..." You could see their skeletons. I thought it was stupid to give them names, but he seemed to really want me to. I decided to make shit up. "Well...there's Larry, Curly and Moe. The little one is Tiny Tim. Over here is Lenny. Squiggy is floating in the corner..."

"Tiny Tim must be after A Christmas Carol. The rest are some crazy names! Where did you get them?"

"The Three Stooges and Laverne and Shirley. Tiny Tim is after the big dude who played a ukulele on Laugh In."

He looked at me blankly. "What are those?"

"Old television shows." I grabbed his face and looked in his eyes. "Is there anything in there? I think you might have just been let out of a bubble."

That's when Baseball Boy kissed me.

It was nice. Oh fuck.