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The kids were all at the attic. Trying to brake Chris's spell.

witches of the Halliwell line

hear these words hear the rhyme

return this woman back to man and fix

our cousin's hex

But nothing happen.

" Nothing, a big bag of nothing." Said a frustrated Prue.

" My God we've been trying for hours." Said Henry JR.

" what did you expect?" Asked Penny.

" The power of 16 can't break Chris's spells." Said Patty.

after 10minuets

" Has anyone ever asked themselves about Perry." Asked Wyatt suddenly.

" You mean the sarcastic neurotic bitchy whitlighter from the future that saved you?" Asked Pam.

" Yah. I mean ever since I heard about him and how he died to save me I was grateful. I want to meat him. I mean we havn't met him yet right?"

" Yah I want to meat him too." Said Henry

" We all do." Said the girls.

" So how about we write a spell to take us to him?" Said Wyatt.

" And if it backfired?" Asked Penny.

" Simple we blame Wyatt." Said Patty

" Hay." Said Wyatt.

So all of them started on the spell.

secrets in this house are held

an answer to us send

those who are in this house

show us Perry who here was once

lights appeared then they found them selfs in the living room. However this room was different somehow. There was hardly any family pictures of them, these pictures were old.

Then a younger Piper appeared. When she saw them she flicked her hand but they didn't freeze.

" What's going on? Who are you?" She asked. Then Paige orbed back with Pheobe who didn't realize Until it was too late that there are people in the house.

" Oh my god." Said Paige

" ah, this is a trick an illusion." Said Phoebe in a hypnotizing voice waving her hands. The kids raised their eyebrows at that. Pheobe just stopped after figuring out that that wasn't working.

" What is going on?" Asked someone from the kitchen. Four women that look like older charmed ones with younger looking Piper with gorges emerald green eyes.

Which after analyzing the situation were filled with anger.

" It was Wy's idea." They all said at once then they ran hiding from Chris's anger.

Chris ran to Wyatt then he jumped. His legs rapped themselves on Wyatt's wist and they both fell to the ground, Chris out of anger and Wyatt out of self defense were trading punches kicks, while they were on the floor. The two of tham even went as far as pulling each other's hair.

then the cousins ran to them pulling them off of each other. When they saw Chris's murdering look however they backed off. Then the fight with magic began.

Chris threw a fire ball at Wyatt. Wyatt raised his shield. Then they started flinging things telekinetically at each other.

" Chris." Future Piper screamed, suddenly orbs formed and a male Chris.

" What is it Pi." A chair flew at him from his right and he held his hand instinctively and blew the chair up. He saw Wyatt in a girl's body. Everyone froze, the cousins, the charmed one and Wyatt. All frozen.

" You had to call me didn't you mom." Whispered Female Chris through clinching teeth.

" Who's he?" Asked Henry.

" That is Chris Perry. He's from the future." Said past Paige.

" Wait Perry? As in sarcastic neurotic bitchy whitlighter Perry?" Asked Penny.

" Yah." Answered Past Paige.

The only one who wasn't surprised from the new generation would be Female Chris.

" You know?" Asked Wyatt.

And an argument broke between the two brothers. Then they went to the kitchen and kept arguing.

" You mean to tell me that Perry the future whitelighter is Chris?" Screamed Patty in frustration.

" Yes." Answered Paige

" Why didn't you tell us?" Penny asked.

Just then Wyatt and Chris came back arguing.

" Because of that." Answered Piper pointing at her two sons.

Then Chris orbed out.

" Chris, Chris, get your ass back here now." Screamed Wyatt at the ceiling.

" Where is he?" Asked Piper.

" The Golden Gate Bridge. Chris." Wyatt yelled his name again.

Male Chris was looking at all of them.

" Chris sweetie we're fine. See we all live past 50."

" Oh don't remind how old I am." Said Pheobe.

Wyatt orbed out.


The two brothers kept arguing.

" Would you let it go?" Asked Chris frustrated.

" No I can't. My little brother traveled back to the past to save me from god knows what and gets killed while protecting me."

" Oh come on. you would've done the same thing." Yelled Chris again.

" Yes but I'm your older brother it's my freaking job to protect you." Yelled Wyatt back.

" Since when?"

" since you were born." A storm started in the sky and the earth started to shake.


" What's going on?" Asked past Pheobe.

" The two of them are arguing." Answered Polly like she is saying the son will rise.

" We need to get them to stop fighting." Said Piper panicking.

" They'll be fine and so will the city."


Orbs appeared and four Elders appeared.

" Why are you so sure that it's your freaking job to protect me?" Chris still yelling.

" First I'm your big brother second remember 7 years ago what the angel of destiny said?"

" Screw the angel of destiny. I did what I had to do to protect you, I'm your brother."

" It's not your job." Wyatt yelled again.

Of corse all of this is said as girls the Elders were pretty confused.

" What's going on here?" Asked Leo.

" Nothing, just an argument."

" Who are the two of you? How did you get up here?" Asked one of the Elder.

" We orbed." said Chris. Then he blew three of the Elders up, Leo not included.

" That's for sending us a good for nothing idiot whitelighter in the future."

Lights appeared and took them and the future people, except male Chris back to the future.


" So you're my son?" Asked Piper.

Chris panicked so he chanted.

secrets to past people in these hours were revealed

for the protection of the future

take these memory's away with you I plead

before from my mother I get a lecture


" We're back." Prue stated.

" Yah we now know who Perry is."

Chris just orbed to his room to avoid any more arguments with Wyatt.

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