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Amor Numquam Moritur

Chapter eleven: Killing me softly?

Erik's POV

It was the early the next morning and I was feeling restless. The melodies I hear are pure and unearthly and I knew I had to note them down before they were forgotten forever. But when I got downstairs to the piano I could sense something was wrong but I couldn't tell exactly what was wrong. Maybe I am overreacting since Christine got shot by that insolent boy who claims to love her. I then proceeded to try and play out the melody that was playing in my head. I got so lost in the music I didn't notice anything was wrong until I felt a sharp pain in my head and I lost all consciousness.

Christine's POV

I woke up to silence and knew something was wrong almost immediately. I got out of bed and went in the direction of the door; only stopping to grab a dressing gown off the back of the door. But when I got downstairs I gasped when I saw Erik tied to a chair with a nasty head wound and two burly men on either side of him. The two men were holding a gun to his head and my eyes next fell upon the shadow of a figure in the doorway.

"Ah Christine so pleased you could join us." The voice said coldly causing shivers to go up my spine.

"Now since we're altogether again why don't I give you an ultimatum? Start a new life with me; buy his freedom with your love! Refuse me, and you send your lover to his death! This is the choice; this is the point of no return!" I just shook my head with tears falling heavily down my cheeks whilst pleading tearfully.

"You can't possibly mean it! If you loved me that much you would never force me to make such a choice!"

"Oh but Christine my dear I am completely serious. You cannot possibly love this man with all your heart. You pledged your love for me and you said these words to me; 'anywhere you go let me go too.' You were engaged to me and now you are going to marry this murderer, this monster! Please Christine come to your senses!" Raoul pleaded in reply.

"I made my decision that night of Don Juan Triumphant under the Opera House! Why can't you understand and live with the fact I love my Angel rather than you?!" I yelled in reply.

"If you don't make a decision I will be forced to make it for you!" Raoul demanded coldly. I shook my head rapidly as the tears continued to fall down my cheeks.

"Please Raoul don't make me choose. I love you but as a sister should love a brother; you deserve a woman who loves you with all her heart. But my heart belongs to another and so I wouldn't be able to give you the love you deserve." I replied tearfully. I could see that made Raoul hesitate for a moment but then a fire formed in his eyes and he yelled angrily in reply.

"You lie! And for lying to me like that I have made your decision for you. You two kill him! I need to spend some time alone with Christine." I looked at him in horror as he approached me with single minded determination and although I tried to back away I soon hit an obstacle which allowed him to grab me roughly around the wrist.

"Erik! Don't leave me! You promised me we would be together forever! Erik I'll always love you no matter what!" I yelled pleadingly. No matter how much I struggled Raoul pulled me out of the room as I continued to scream Erik's name until my voice became hoarse. I then numbly let Raoul drag me away knowing there was nothing more I could do to change my fate. I guess I was destined to marry Raoul rather than my Angel and nothing could be done to change that. Before I could think anymore about my fate I felt myself being thrown harshly to the floor and I realised we had arrived at our destination. However he didn't take me where I expected but instead I found myself back in my room. Why didn't he take me away from this place? I thought Raoul would have taken me away whilst they dealt with Erik. Does that mean Erik could still possibly be alive?

"You have exactly half an hour to pack your belongings then we're leaving. If you're not ready in half an hour I will carry you out of here over my shoulder and there will be no turning back." Raoul demanded coldly. I nodded numbly and after he slammed the door loudly behind him I proceeded to pack my belongings with tears falling down my cheeks heavily. I tried as best as I could to suppress a sob but every so often a sob would escape and before I could finish packing the last of my belongings I fell to my knees in anguish. What were to happen if I were never to see Erik again? What were to happen if Raoul's men actually did kill him? I couldn't live with myself if I lost my Angel like that and the only thing I could do was join him for all eternity. I then tried to compose myself as best as I could and quickly packed the last of my belongings. I then surveyed the room to see if I'd forgotten anything and when I realised everything I needed was packed I reminisced on the times I had spent with Erik. Before I could stop myself the tears started falling again and I knew I couldn't live without him.

Erik's POV

As I was being dragged away Christine's words still haunted me and something inside me snapped. I couldn't let that insolent Vicomte take Christine away from me and I proceeded to knock one of the men to the floor. I didn't even take the time to see if the man was unconscious as the second man was proving harder to subdue. But even though he was bigger and stronger than I was I would not let him defeat me; I am the Phantom after all and the Phantom will not be beaten so easily. I finally defeated him and decided to think up of a plan to get Christine back. I then saw a man dragging someone forcefully behind him before promptly throwing the person over their shoulder. I knew almost immediately it was Christine when I heard the figure shout out.

"Let me go this instant. When Erik finds you I will not be responsible for his actions and you'll be sorry for treating and kidnapping me like this!" I then shrunk back into the shadows and waited for them to get into the carriage. I saw the carriage move away from the front of the house and I stepped in front of the carriage before I even had time to think about what I was doing.

Christine's POV

After crying for what felt like hours, I was about to think about escaping when Raoul burst into the room and proceeded to drag me out of the room. I kept planting my feet in the ground and I stifled a cry when I felt a sting on my cheek.

"Stop resisting me Christine! You will be happy with me and this new life I have carved out for you!"

"I will not stop fighting for the rest of my life! Now let me go this instant!" But he would not let up and before I knew it I was thrown into a carriage and we began driving away from the house where I wanted to start a family with Erik. I looked out of the window with tears flooding down my cheeks as the house became smaller and smaller in size. I then felt a hand on my cheek and recoiled in horror knowing it was Raoul wiping away my tears.

"Why so sad my dear? You should be happy; especially on your wedding day." He questioned with a hint of sadness lacing his tone. I looked at him and felt the anger burning in my eyes and for a moment I saw him draw back in what I presumed to be fear.

"How dare you presume I will marry you?!" I questioned angrily.

"What else have you to live for? Your monster is dead and no-one will want to marry you because of your career and your past." He replied.

"So why are you marrying me then? Can you look past everything that has occurred in my past and remember the fact I live for singing in front of an audience; I could never ever give that up for as long as I live. If I were to give up music my soul would die with it." I replied passionately. I could see Raoul trying to compose an answer in his head but before he could bring himself to reply the carriage jerked to a stop and I saw Raoul open the window for a moment; he probably did it so he could see what was going on. I saw his fists clench for a moment and I wondered what was going on out there which caused the carriage to stop; but before I could ask what was going on I saw Raoul pull a pistol out of his jacket and he then proceeded to grab me harshly around the wrist. I couldn't even comprehend the situation for a moment as I heard him shout angrily.

"You will step to one side and let us continue on our way otherwise I will shoot her!" I knew I had to get back to Erik as I couldn't bear it if he got hurt but when I started to struggle in his grasp he then grabbed me around the chest and pushed the gun against my temple. I couldn't bring myself to stop as the tears began to pour heavily down my cheeks.

"You will let her go this instant boy or you will suffer the consequences!" Erik commanded coldly.

"And what are you going to do to me Monsieur Phantom? One word to my men here and they could get you arrested immediately." Raoul questioned with what I think was sarcasm lacing his tone.

"Why are you doing this to us Raoul? I thought we were friends? Why can't you let us be happy?" I questioned tearfully.

"Don't you remember that night on the rooftop? You told me you were scared of this monster and he murdered for Christ's sake! We were engaged! You professed your love for me! We were to be married! That's why I can't let you be happy because you belong to me! No other man can have you now!" Raoul replied angrily and I shivered through fear from the intensity of his emotions. And I thought it was only Erik who could be possessive but I was so horribly wrong; in fact I wonder if Raoul could be even more possessive than my Angel. Or could it just be pride doing the talking at this moment in time?

"Please Raoul let me go. I still care about you I really do; but it is the love between siblings rather than lovers. You deserve a woman who will give you her whole heart; not a woman whose heart already belongs to another. You see I've changed since we met as children and it has taken me this long to realise this; that night of Don Juan Triumphant, under the Opera House made me truly realise to whom my heart belongs to and to whom I would like to spend the rest of my life with." I replied pleadingly. I looked across at Erik as the tears continued to fall and I saw Erik looking like he was gauging his next move; but before he could even move I noticed Raoul's grip has loosened from around my waist and when I looked around I saw him lying unconscious on the floor. But when I looked up I saw Erik still in the grasp of the two men; so who knocked out Raoul? I then heard another two thumps and saw the two men who were holding Erik lying on the floor either side of him.

"Erik you're ok! But who did that to them?" I said happily.

"I did." I heard a voice say and for a moment I tensed waiting for them to take me away from Erik again. But that never came but instead we were both approached by a dark-skinned man that wasn't Nadir. But if it wasn't Nadir who saved us then who was the man in front of us?

"Erik, we need to get away otherwise we could get in trouble. Erik? Why aren't we running?" I said worryingly.

"We're not running because I know who this man is." Erik replied mysteriously as he smiled towards the man with no trace of fear at all but instead there was a hint of recognition in his eyes...