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Chapter I: The Broken Basket

"He is not my heir!" Thorin shouted at his sister. Dis softly spoke to crying babe cradling him in her arms and handed her brother the note that came with the poor cold child.

Thorin by the time you read this I shall be gone, but please believe me I never meant to hurt you, I beg to protect him. His Name is Bellcaunion, he is our son and your heir, and you must accept him as such for I know my family will never receive him, as much as my heart will break by leaving this world without my son and you my love I pray you forgive me in time, maybe in the end you will see me again.
All My Love,


The ink was blotched in certain areas marring the paper with salty water on certain words; on her mark it was faintly stained with blood. He held the memorandum closer to his chest as he fell to his knees. Gasping for air as the sorrow stretched in his lungs depriving him of the essence that could keep him alive, he cried deeply and internally. None should see his weakness. Dis shook her head laid a firm hand on her eldest brother's shoulder. Thorin clasped her hand and looked at the broken basket had delivered the child.

He noticed something in far corner, it was a pendant. It was a star stone, which easily could have rivaled the Arkenstone though as Thorin held it, it lost all color and became glowing white and faded. In that instantaneous moment Thorin thought that if this babe was his own blood, he would need to live a life outside of being his heir.

"Dis… you must take him as your son."

"Thorin I…I…" she started.

"It is for his own protection and I will not have him be… my son until the time is right." He rasped.

"Very Well Thorin." She smiled

"Treat him as you do Fíli… name him Kíli… I will reveal his true name to him when he is of age."

"I promise you Thorin Oakenshield that He will be in great care."

"I have a son." Thorin whispered tears freely flowing from his eyes now, he held his son close to him.

"You will have a kingdom Bellcaunion that I vow to you on this day." Thorin's tear fell on the babe waking him. The amber eyes stared at Thorin as held by his son.

There will always be a broken light as they say for Thorin Oakenshield, as star stone lives.

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