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Gilbert propped his feet on the desk as he sat in the Sheriff's office. Gilbird sat patiently on his shoulder but perked up when the Sheriff entered the room, "Good to see you Gilbert," he said. Gilbert took his feet off the desk and smirked, "Same to you Sheriff Vash; I've got some info you might want to hear." Vash sat down at his desk where he began polishing his favorite silver pistol, "And what might that be?" he asked.

Gilbert leaned forward a bit, "I have reason to believe that this town may have a, ah…nut-job in its midst," he said. Vash frowned, "What do you mean?" he asked. "I mean I think we may need to lock someone up in the asylum, get it?" Gilbert clarified. Vash stopped polishing, intrigued by the accusation, "And who, may I ask, is crazy enough that you'd want him locked away?" he asked.

"Arthur Kirkland," Gilbert answered. Vash gave an expression that said he knew that answer was coming as Gilbert continued, "Ever since Amelia's flown the coop Arthur's been a bit more wacky than usual. He gets drunk every other night and starts babbling about giant beasts and magic; it's starting to freak people out," he said.

Gilbert could tell that Vash was nearly swayed as he did not approve of people drinking heavily all the time; Vash had a very iron rule set in place that many of the people knew it was suicide to go against his laws. "So after a while, I went to see the old man to see if he was alright and you won't believe what I saw," Gilbert paused and took out some photos that he took, "I saw Arthur standing in the middle of some kind of weird circle, chanting some weird hocus pocus, and making the circle glow!"

Vash definitely wasn't expecting this response; he analyzed the pictures and they all depicted what Gilbert was saying with no trace of being fake. "Are you saying that Arthur Kirkland is associated with black magic?" he demanded. Gilbert nodded, "I came to you first since you know how the people here feel about black magic; we have to get him first before the mobs do, the last thing you want is a riot." He said.

Vash nodded and stood up, "I'll call Mr. Braginski to be on stand-by; you make sure to let me know when this gets too out of hand!" he ordered. Gilbert grinned and nodded, "Don't worry; you'll be the first to know," he said. Gilbert exited the station and headed back towards Amelia's house. He arrived only to find it empty; Arthur must have gone off to look for Amelia again. "Gilbird, I want you to keep watch; don't move from this place until Amelia and her father get back, got it?" he said.

Gilbird chirped and flew up to the rooftop where it found a comfortable perch. Gilbert smirked and headed back towards town; it wouldn't be long now. All he had to do was wait until Arthur reeled in Amelia especially for him.

Amelia sighed happily as she walked through the castle garden with Lovino by her side. The snow glistened in the sunlight as a few birds chirped and hopped around on the snowy ground. Amelia looked at Lovino who had a mixture of emotions on his face; he seemed amazed by the pretty sight of the snow but extremely nervous as well.

Amelia had to admit there was something sweet and almost kind about Lovino's expression. I mean, at first he was mean and course and unrefined; but now he's dear and so unsure, Amelia wondered why she didn't see it there before.

Lovino felt like his heart was going to burst out of his chest at any second; this was his chance to get close to Amelia and break the curse and he didn't want to screw it up. He watched as Amelia walked a little out of the way to look at some flowers all the while seeing little glimpses of Amelia flashing that bright smile towards him.

Amelia eventually came back next to Lovino and did something that nearly made his heart stop; she slipped her hand into his. The gesture was smooth and unhesitant; she didn't shudder at his paw! A tiny voice in the back of Lovino's head told him that it couldn't be what he thought and to just ignore; but then again, she never looked at him that way before.

Amelia had to admit that this was new and a bit alarming. I mean, who'd have ever thought that this could be something pleasant. True, Lovi was no Prince Charming (Amelia wasn't even really crazy about that kind of thing either), but like she said before, there was definitely something in him that she simply didn't see when she first met him. Her heart always fluttered around him and she felt warm but she didn't know why.

Meanwhile, Francis, Elizaveta, Roderich, and Antonio were watching them from inside. "Look at that; who'd have thought?" Francis exclaimed. "Bless my soul, look at them; they're so happy!" Elizaveta squealed.

"Who'd have known?" Roderich agreed. Antonio shook his head in disbelief, "I never guessed they'd come together on their own; it's so very peculiar!" he said. "We'll just have to wait and see for a few more days; there may be something there that wasn't there before," Francis said.

Amelia and Lovino stayed outside, hand in paw, until it grew dark and the cold of night began to nip at them. They went inside to the parlor where a warm fire was waiting for them. Lovino hung up Amelia's blue cloak as an ideas popped into the girl's head, "Hey, want me to grab a book from the library? We could read it together!" she suggested.

Lovino nodded, "That sounds great," he said; he always enjoyed Amelia's reading. She always picked the best stories. Amelia nodded as she walked quickly out of the parlor and to the library where she perused a pile of books she had picked out. She had a feeling she would be old and withered by the time she read all of them, so she had set aside a small pile to start with.

She scanned the spines, wondering what she and Lovino would both enjoy. She pushed aside all the stories that involved large beasts or monsters for obvious reasons; she wanted this night with Lovino to be enjoyable and for it to last as long as she could. She stopped herself; that sounded odd coming from her.

If she didn't know herself better she would sound like a high school girl on a date with her crush. Not that Lovi was her crush; he was her friend…a good friend. A really close and nice friend who she enjoyed being around all the time; that's what friends are right?

Yes, that's what Lovi was; a very close and good friend who Amelia cared very deeply about.

A …friend.

Why did that sound so wrong to her? Good question; along with the question of why her heart pounded so hard whenever she was near him.

Amelia shook her head of these troubling thoughts; she was keeping Lovino waiting! She finally found a book that was perfect; Peter Pan, an old favorite that her dad read to her as a child. Ignoring the pang of hurt in her heart from missing her beloved father, she clutched the book to her chest and briskly made her way to the parlor where Lovino was patiently waiting.

"Sorry; took me a while to find a good one." She said as she entered the parlor and sat on the floor next to the beast, "Have you ever read Peter Pan?" she asked. Lovino shook his head, "I've…never really had the time or patience to read," he admitted sheepishly. Amelia shook her head, "Well, it's never too late to start; this one's a classic, you'll love it."

Lovino smiled as she opened the book and leaned slightly in towards him so he could read along with her; if Amelia loved this story, then he knew he would too. Just outside the parlor, Feli sat with a small smile and nodded, "There's really something there that wasn't there before," he whispered.

A few hours later, Amelia read the last few words of the story and closed the book, "That story was great," Lovino said in amazement. Amelia nodded, "It never gets old; my dad read this to me over and over again when I was a kid and it was always awesome," she said with a slightly pained smile at the thought of her dad.

Lovino nodded as Amelia got to her feet and stretched; he had to ask her now. He had been mulling it over in his head all day and was now or never. "Amelia," he called as she was just headed to the door to put the book back. "Yeah?" she asked, facing him. Lovino got to his feet as well, "Well…are you free tomorrow?" he asked. Amelia let out a soft giggle, "Yes," she answered; what did she have to do other than read in this huge castle anyway?

Lovino cleared his throat, "Well, I was wondering if tomorrow night…I could show you the dance floor," he said. Amelia faced him fully at this request feeling some heat rush to her face, "You have a dance floor?" she asked dumbly. "Yes; we only use it for special occasions so, maybe after dinner we could…you know…" he trailed off.

Amelia looked at the ground, her hands curling around the book, "I…I'd love to," she said softly; why did she suddenly feel so shy?! "Really?" Lovino asked. Amelia took a deep breath and looked directly into Lovino's golden eyes, her cheeks bright red, "I would love to have dinner with you and…use the dance floor," she said with a genuine smile causing Lovino's heart to melt.

"Great!" Lovino exclaimed after a moment of awkward silence, "So, tomorrow night then?" he asked. Amelia giggled and nodded, "Tomorrow night," she confirmed before rushing out of the room.

She ran straight to her room, slammed the door (startling Katyusha in the process) and pressed her back the door as she took deep breaths to calm herself. Her face still felt hot and her heart felt like it was going to explode. This wasn't like her, all these bizarre feelings; she just couldn't wrap her head around why she felt this way about some little dinner/dance date with Lovi.

Amelia took one more big breath and finally calmed herself before tossing the book on the bed and falling on the soft covers, staring at the ceiling. Maybe her feelings would become more clear after tomorrow night; something told her that it was going to be a big night, a night that would change everything.

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