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Transition year was the first time Kendall started questioning his sexuality. He'd been attending the all-boys high school since he was 12 but it wasn't until he turned 15 that he noticed how boys appealed to him more than girls. Namely, one boy - Carlos Garcia. Sure, Carlos had been going to the same school as Kendall since 1st year but they'd never really spoken or been in the same class. Until now. This was Carlos's first time being in a class without his best friend, Jett. He'd made a few friends in the class because of his sense of humor and ability to brighten everyone's day with a smile but Carlos started talking to Kendall more and more even though James and Logan, Kendall's best friends, were in the class too.

It started with simply asking Kendall about their timetable and once - when Carlos found Logan's locker key but was in a bit of a hurry, asked, no - entrusted Kendall with giving it back. Kendall's heart fluttered every time Carlos spoke to him. It was embarrassing but also endearing. Soon after that, the boys found out they would be performing in a play. Some kind of western. Kendall auditioned but didn't get a part. He was left making the costumes instead.

Carlos got a part and when Kendall realized Carlos would be dancing as part of his role with another guy Kendall was extremely jealous. Carlos looked incredible as a cowboy. But Carlos wasn't satisfied. He was drawn to a large gemstone which had been left in the costumes area for as long as Kendall could remember. Kendall hadn't been doing much one day in costumes so he took a strap of leather which had been left over from the gun holsters he'd made and sewed it into the shape of a ring. He'd given it to Carlos without much thought. Carlos had grinned at him before taking the gemstone and using a glue gun to stick it to the ring. Kendall blushed slightly, realizing it looked kind of like an engagement ring now. Carlos sure had grown on him a lot.

Soon after the play, the Transition years took a trip to the city. They were going to be witnessing some trials in a courthouse but first, they were staying the night in a hotel. James and Logan were staying together but since the rooms were only for two people, Kendall had to stay with somebody else. Somebody who turned out to be one of Carlos's friends. The morning after the first night, Carlos came out into the hallway and noticed Kendall's wet hair. Carlos had been struggling to get his shower working so Kendall tried to help him but he couldn't get it to work either so he offered to let Carlos shower in his room. Carlos agreed. That's when Kendall realized Carlos was going to be naked in his room! He struggled to avoid getting a semi, which was even more difficult when Carlos emerged from the bathroom wearing only a towel. He only just about managed to keep control of himself. As soon as Carlos left, Kendall found himself fantasizing about him. He had to force his thoughts to stop because if he hadn't, having a second shower would've seemed very suspicious.

Later that day, Kendall found himself alone with Carlos on the ground floor of the courtrooms. They somehow ended up discussing why they weren't better friends. Carlos confessed that he'd consider Kendall his best friend in their class if Kendall wasn't friends with James. Kendall was shocked to find out that Carlos basically despised everything James stood for! Unfortunately, by this stage, Kendall was so head over heels for Carlos, there was very little the other could say to change that.

On Kendall's 16th birthday, he received his first hug from Carlos. Kendall had actually been receiving a hug from his friend, Dak, but Carlos had joined in and hugged Kendall from behind. Kendall's heart started pounding when he noticed Carlos was the one hugging him and he hoped nobody had noticed. Luckily, nobody had.

The next time anything remotely interesting happened with Carlos was when they had a free class together in the art room. Kendall was feeling really sick and lying on the ground clutching his stomach because it hurt to sit or stand. James and Logan were used to Kendall's antics and didn't say anything but soon the substitute teacher noticed something was wrong. She demanded that Kendall go home. Carlos offered to get him some water from the staff room and Kendall happily let him, hoping his generosity meant he had some feelings for Kendall. Carlos sat with Kendall while he was waiting to be collected from the school.

They started to chat, ending up discussing their futures. Kendall was intrigued to learn more about Carlos. He found out the other boy loved children, wanted to work somewhere he could help them, and couldn't wait to have his own. This disheartened Kendall and left him believing he could never tell Carlos how he felt. If he and Carlos ever did get together, he would never be able to provide Carlos with his own children. After that, Kendall decided it would be best if he just let Carlos get on with his life and settle down with a nice girl and raise a perfect, beautiful family. After all, Carlos definitely deserved to be happy and Kendall would never forgive himself if he took that away from him.

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