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Things had gone very bad for Sarutobi Hiruzen when Tsunade had returned. She had used the old laws that many had forgotten against him, and coupled with his abuse of his position and power, and stripped of his title and power as Hokage, and had heavy restraints put on him. Hell, even his foolish grandson could kill him at this point. Even his teammates/advisors had been stripped of all their power, and were thrown in jail as well, as they had been accessories to his crimes. The only one among them that had managed to avoid being thrown in jail was Danzo, as he had a talk with Baraggan. Though the reason why was quite interesting.


A lone robed figure was making his way across Konoha in the dead of night, unseen and undetected, his skill at stealth and his ability to remain hidden a testament to his long and successful career as a true shinobi. Keeping his lone eye peeled, glancing this way and that, he made sure that nobody would be aware of his self-imposed mission: to meet with Baraggan and disclose certain information to him. For the good of Konoha, it had to be done.

Showing another testament to his skill in the ninja arts, the robed figure deftly manipulated the seals on the Namikaze estate's front gate, allowing him entry. Once he was inside, it suddenly became dark, and he heard the clanging of the closing gate behind him.

Out of the darkness, a familiar voice spoke, "Danzo Shimura, I presume?"

"Your memory serves you well, Barragan-dono," Danzo replied with a formal bow, suspecting that Baraggan could see him through the blackness. Part of the blackness in front of Danzo opened up to show the Hollow-possessed body of Naruto Uzumaki.

"You do not strike me as a fool, Shimura-san," Baraggan commented as he absently studied the old bandaged man standing before him, "I assume you have good reason for intruding on Naruto's property uninvited and unannounced?"

"If I may be allowed to give my reasons for approaching in such a manner, I will leave the value of my reasons to you, Barragan-dono."

Baraggan narrowed his eyes even further, studying Danzo even more closely. After determining that he had no harmful intentions, he responded, "Very well, then. Speak."

"Thank you," Danzo replied respectfully, "I am here to disclose to you the fullness of the truth behind the seals you released on Naruto Uzumaki-san's person that were not supposed to be there."

"Why does it matter? The seals should not have been put on the boy in the first place, and placing them on the boy at all was reckless at best."

"What you say is true, and I will not deny my role in young Naruto-san's sealing. Though I had my own reasons for the seals I placed on him. You see, I only placed two seals on the boy – seals that I fully intended to remove from him once I was able to successfully pull him from under Sarutobi's thumb."

Baraggan once again regarded Danzo thoughtfully before speaking up after a few moments, "Continue."

"Sarutobi had placed the appearance genjutsu seal on the boy shortly after his birth to keep any possible Uzumaki survivors from believing he was a true Uzumaki while also giving him a different name than his father's so that the villagers here wouldn't make the connection to his father, either. When the boy was three, he had an episode where the Kyuubi took him over and slaughtered a mob that was beating him to death. Sarutobi, at this point placed and anger suppression seal, a loyalty seal, and a seal that would prohibit him from communicating with the Kyuubi on him. Frankly, what he did was asinine and stupid. Anyone who knows anything at all about Jinchuriki would know that they need every emotion they can get their hands on, as it is emotion that channels the power of their tailed beast.

"At first, I agreed with Sarutobi's reasoning, but I quickly saw the truth behind his actions: he wanted nothing more than petty vengeance on the Kyuubi, and he felt that putting Naruto under his thumb and allowing the people of this village to abuse him in such a manner gave him some small measure of revenge against the Fox for the death of his wife, who died while helping Kushina Uzumaki give birth to Naruto-san. It was shortly after this that I snuck Naruto into my base while he was asleep and applied physical and mental hindrance seals to seemingly retard his body and mind, while in truth I was simply storing away the progress that the boy would have made with time and the work that he put forth."

Baraggan grunted, becoming impatient with Danzo's explanation, "Get to the point, Shimura."

"I placed those seals on Naruto so that Sarutobi would grow frustrated with the lack of outward progress in Naruto-san's development and give up on him. Once that happened, I would enter his life, bring him to ROOT headquarters, and remove all of the seals except for his appearance genjutsu seal. Removing the physical and mental growth seals would have immediately restored what was lost as it did when you yourself removed them. Naruto-san, certainly being quite intelligent as the son of a genius like Minato Namikaze, would question why, and I would have told him my reasons for doing what I had done."

Baraggan hummed in thought and replied, "So if nothing else, even if he couldn't trust you to care about him, he could at least trust you to be honest with him, eh?"

Danzo nodded in confirmation, to which Baraggan replied, "Well, it's certainly more than most in this village have given him. You're nothing if not honest about who you are, Danzo-san, I'll give you that."

Once more, Danzo nodded, before Baraggan released a small amount of spiritual pressure and asked, "So why tell me? What did you originally want Naruto for? And what do you want him – or me – for, now?"

"I wanted to train Naruto to be the shinobi that he should have been – perfect: loyal to the village of his own accord, willing to do whatever it took to secure the village's future and further Konoha's interests."

"And now?"

"Now, I believe that in conjunction with you, he is the only man alive capable of being my legacy."

Baraggan narrowed his eyes in a frown at Danzo's declaration, "Your legacy, you say?"

"Indeed. As you are a king, and a figure of regal stature, it is inevitable that Naruto will be so once you have completely integrated with him. It was always my vision to see Konoha – MY Konoha – as the supreme power on this continent. Who better suited to rule such an empire than Naruto-san and yourself, Barragan-dono?"

"So, you wouldn't care if Naruto killed the fire Daimyo, and took over all of fire country as his kingdom?" said Baraggan.

Danzo merely scoffed. "I care little for pampered, arrogant and ineffective leaders such as the current Daimyo, as he was in on Sarutobi's plot, as he had wanted to take the lands of Uzushio and add them to Fire country, but could not do so unless an Uzumaki of the ruling family, like Naruto allowed for it to happen. But to answer your question, it would be quite happy if that man was removed, and Naruto took over as ruler."

Flashback end.

Baraggan's meeting with Danzo had surprised everyone when he had returned to the seal and told them. While not happy that the man applied extra seal to Naruto, they understood it was to undermine Sarutobi's efforts of controlling him, and Chōetsu had been able to sense the truth in the man's words that he only wanted to help Naruto, and meant him no ill will. That didn't mean that they wouldn't keep a close eye on him, as the man was as old as Sarutobi, and any ninja that lives that long was not one to be taken lightly.

But now, Tsunade is the Hokage, and anyone who had wrong to Naruto was being punished accordingly. In fact, even several teachers in the academy had been fired as it had been found out that they had been taking bribes. She even went ahead and restructured it so that the academy would finally be training those who were not cut out to be front line fighters, to be medics. She even removed several courses in the academy that really had nothing to do with being a Ninja.

Luckily, or unlucky depending on your viewpoint, one Sasuke Uchiha, who was just as arrogant and prideful as his father Fugaku, had not yet confronted Baraggan and gotten himself killed. The arrogant of the leaf village truly believed that they couldn't afford to lose the only Uchiha it had left, especially since they couldn't even get any usable DNA from the bodies they had been able to find that night, to be used to artificially inseminate women and make more Uchiha.

Jiraiya had an interesting punishment. Killing him off wasn't an option (at least for the moment) as he was still needed to keep his spy network running. But the man had a special seal placed on him, courtesy of Minato and Kushina having made it together, that would cause Jiraiya intense pain any time he was being perverse. Which happened quite often.

Though even with all of this, it did not deter Jiraiya, Sarutobi, Tenzo, who had arrived a few days after Sarutobi had been thrown in jail, to go through with their plan to try and regain control of the situation, via Jiraiya's summon toads relaying messages. They had managed to recruit many ninja that were all for the plan, and they even tried to recruit Kakashi as well, though the man was hesitant. After all, he had greatly admired Minato, and hearing that the man's soul, or even a fragment of it was inside of the seal and spending time with Naruto put the man ill at ease. He wanted to so badly to talk to him somehow, but he was afraid to approach Baraggan, in fear the being would simply age him to dust before he got a word in edge wise.

But even without Kakashi, they went ahead and went through with their plan of trying to seal away Baraggan.

With not much time before Baraggan would be absorbed into the seal, everyone felt it was time to finally get Kyuubi's other half from Minato's body. Though it really couldn't be called her other half, as since she evolved past being just a Bijuu, which meant that it would have somehow affected the purely yin Kyuubi inside of Minato's body. After all, if the yang inside of Naruto evolved, so too would the yin inside of Minato's body, and they were cautious as to what her evolution would have been as it was unlikely she would have gone through the same kind the formerly yang half did.

Though the reason they did not do this earlier, as doing this any earlier would have caused a great imbalance with the sea. After all, there was Naruto, his parents, Chōetsu, Kyōka Suigetsu, Kyuubi and Baraggan all inside of the seal. Anymore at that point and it would have more than likely burst under the strain. But with Baraggan mostly absorbed into Naruto at this point, there was enough room so to speak, inside of the seal.

When Baraggan had arrived there, and had his hand placed on Minato's body that was when they sprung their trap. Immediately, several shuriken and kunai were launched at him, but to Baraggan they might as well have been flies as they harmlessly bounced off of his Hiero. However this was just a diversion, as Tenzo, who had been infused with Sage Chakra courtesy of Jiraiya, used a now nature chakra empowered Mokuton to ensnare Baraggan's limbs. Jiraiya used this to hit him with the Gogyō Fuin right where the seal still was, and Baraggan's eyes turned completely red as his rieatsu flared in response to this, trying to fight it.


Inside the seal.

When the Gogyō Fuin hit, everything immediately went to shit. Jiraiya still had some of his sage chakra in his system when he used it, which had an adverse effect on Baraggan, a being who was purely unnatural to this world entirely. This also had the unintended effect of actually breaking down the seal, and everyone inside of it. Meaning, if something wasn't done soon, they would all die.

"Damn you, you idiot Jiraiya!" Minato cursed his former mentor, as the world inside of the seal was falling apart. It was like the sky was glass, and it was cracking.

"What do we do? The seal is falling apart!" said Naruto, who was now getting worried. He was also angry, as it was close to the time when he would be able to take back control of his body, and with Chōetsu's help he would have been able to free his parents as well. He wasn't entirely sure what they would have become when leaving his body, be it a soul reaper or hollow, but that wouldn't have mattered as they would have still been his parents and they would have been free.

However, Minato and Kushina shared a look, and they both nodded. Channeling her chakra, chains erupted from Kushina's back, and she had sent them straight to the seal.

"Mom, what are you doing? If you use your chakra like that, you'll burn out and disappear from here!" yelled a confused and now even more worried Naruto. However, before he could move to stop her, his father moved in front of him.

"Naruto. I'm sorry, but you need to let us do this. Please understand. Thanks to the nature enhanced Gogyō Fuin, the seal is falling apart. Kushina's special chakra is able to bind and force even Kyuubi into submission, and so will be able to strengthen your seal to halt the collapse long enough for what needs to be done." said a serious Minato.

"What are you talking about?" asked Naruto.

"What he means is that our time table will have to be moved up if we are to survive this." Said Baraggan, appearing inside of the seal.

It took him a moment to understand what he meant, but Naruto's eyes soon widened in realization. "What!? You mean you and I are going to fuse now? But I thought that rushing it would cause side effects! But more than that, what about everyone else? What about Kyu, Chōetsu, Kyōka, or my parents for that matter?"

Minato let out a sigh, and ran his hand through his hair. "Naruto. To tell you the truth, we talked with Chōetsu about actually being freed from the seal and being out there with you, and eventually your sister. But the thing is, it would never have worked. While both I and your mother may be here in the seal, the truth is that we are only fractions of our original selves. As we are, we would never have been able to exist outside of the seal, as there is so little of us that we would have never been able to exist outside of the seal. I mean, if my soul wasn't sealed inside of the thing I summoned to seal away the yin of Kyuubi, or your mother's souls were fully sealed in here, then it would have worked. But as it is, this is it for me and your mother."

Naruto looked at his father in shock, not being able to believe what he had heard. He slowly turned to look at his mother, who had a frown on her face, and she merely nodded, confirming what Minato had said. Tears were now falling freely from Naruto's eyes, not even registering that Kyuubi had taken his hand in hers to try and support him as best she could.

"But, that's not fair…" Naruto finally managed to say.

"I know it is sweaty, and your father truly do want to be out of the seal so that we can finally be a family with your sister, as well as give everyone in Konoha a beating, but as powerful as Chōetsu's powers are, they do have limits." Said a now teary eyed Kushina. Really, the only way that she or Minato could come back to life is if Minato's soul was removed from the thing that ate it. And for herself, the rest of her soul was still in this world somehow, as apparently Chōetsu could have revived her by using her soul fragment as a beacon for the rest of her soul to then follow, and she could have then been brought back to life, but instead found that for some reason the rest of her soul refused to do so for some reason, so instead she would wind up joining the rest of her soul, wherever it is.

"I know your all having your little moment, but we are short on time here as the seal is deteriorating as we speak. If you three take too much longer with your goodbyes, then all of us will perish." Said an annoyed Baraggan. Honestly, couldn't those fools have tried a stunt like this after the seal had done its job? Naruto had come a long way in his training with time inside of the seal increased several times so he could properly learn his techniques, as well as those of his parents, but the boy had not completed it. He was close, but not quite there. Now all three of them were going to have to essentially shove whatever bits of knowledge they had yet to teach him directly into his mind.

Honestly, it like those fools couldn't wait to die.

After giving Baraggan an annoyed glances, Kushina and Minato both went and hugged Naruto, who was now a bit taller than his father. After a few moments, they hesitantly let go of each other, and Minato and Kushina stood in front of him.

"Naruto, I know I'm not the best father out there as I've made some pretty foolish choices, but I can honestly say that I've never been more proud of anything in my life, than I have been of you." Said a smiling Minato.

"And I know that while we may not be there for you or your sister, I know that you will be fine. But please Naruto, when you finally meet her, give her a chance. I know that she was taken away from Konoha to live safely, and you had been left here, but please, don't take your anger out on her. While the Uzumaki clan members are taught that family should be put above all else, there are some who frown upon children of those who marry outside of the clan, and I wouldn't be surprised that the reason they haven't come and taken you away from here is that members with that mindset blocked all attempts by the others. Its either that, or because that they feel with both you and Reina, it would lead to a power struggle over who would lead the clan as you two are twins." Pleaded Kushina, and Naruto could see that this was really eating her up inside.

Naruto knew that the subject of his sister was a touchy subject, and no one had ever brought it up. But still, Naruto couldn't deny his mothers claims that certain members of the clan would block attempts of his rescue either out of fear of the possible power struggle it would cause, or because he would only be a 'filthy half blood' in their eyes.

Letting out a sigh, Naruto said. "Ok mom, I promise I'll give her a chance. It might be a while before I can get to where she is though, as there are still problems in Konoha that had to be dealt with."

Kushina smiled at this. "Thank you son, that's all I ask." She said, and let out a gasp as her hand began to disintegrate. "It's starting…"

"Then we don't have much time! Naruto, I know that it's ahead of schedule, but we have to finish the absorption. Like they said, you can always free Minato's soul from that thing he's stuck inside of later, as well as find your mother's soul, so it's not like you won't ever see them again.

"Hey gramps. Before we completely fuse, how about you show those fools exactly what it means to try and mess with the King of Hollows?" said Naruto with a smirk.

While Baraggan really didn't like Naruto's sense of 'respect' by calling him, the king of Hueco Mundo 'gramps', and he knew that Naruto knew he didn't like it, he rather liked the idea of showing those fools just who they were messing with. "All right brat, you got yourself a deal. I may be going out, but at least I'll go out showing those fools what it means to challenge the God King of Hueco Mundo!" said Baraggan, and with that he and Naruto joined hands, and Naruto could feel Baraggan's power pouring directly into him.

Though with Baraggan and Naruto finishing their fusion, no one noticed a man watching all of this. He had short spiky hair, with two locks wrapped in bandages framing either side of his face. He had a blank forehead protector. He wore a light colored kimono which was adorned with magatama around the collar, which was held closed by a dark colored sash. "Out of all my reincarnations thus far, I never would have believed something like this would happen. Well, I wonder what you're going to do with all that power, my other self." He said, before he disappeared into the light.


Back in the real world, just as they were about to celebrate their victory, they felt a heavy pressure. It felt as though Gravity itself had intensified.

"You fools!" roared Baraggan, as his power increased, breaking his wooden bonds and summoning his axe. Those who could move under the heavy pressure went through hand signs and launched their jutsu at him, but were easily swatted away with one swing of his axe.

"You thought you could bind me? Let alone seal me away, and make the boy your slave? How arrogant! You who sought to take that which was never yours, shall now witness in horror the power you tried to contain! Now Rot! Arrogante!" said Baraggan, and a dark purple and black miasma erupted from the axe, and soon completely engulfed his form. When it began to clear, all present felt a new level of fear that they never knew existed. Instead of a young read headed man, they saw a skull wearing an extravagantly decorated, bejeweled crown with a chain running downward on the left side. It was draped in a purple cloak, with a pitch-black tattered fur collar around the neck area and the fringes of the cloak. His now skeletal hands still had the armbands from before; now have several golden chains dangling from them. There is an elegant pendent like an eye hanging at the center of his chest.

All in all, he looked like what one would expect the king of the dead to look like.

"Now then, it's about time you ants learned your place in the world." With that, he raised his right arm, and a new axe appeared. It has a much slimmer and darker appearance than his old one. It has two pointed blades and a large spike protruding outwards from its center, of place of the now-absent still-eye pendant. There are four golden chains present around the base of the spike, which extend into his cloak and attach to the bracelet around his wrist. Despite its massive size, he is able to wield it with only his right hand.

Seeing that their plan had completely fallen apart, and the fear for the being in front of them getting the better of them, they drew their swords, and rushed into attack. They didn't even make it a few steps before he raised his axe and swung, and that same dark miasma from before appears, and upon contact with the stream of darkness, they began to rot away into nothing where they came into contact with it.

"Enough! Mokuton: Smothering Binding technique!" yelled Tenzo, as his arm transformed into a tree which then grew to entrap Baraggan, but before it could even touch him it disintegrated.

"Was that it? Trying to tie me up with some sticks? How feeble your minds are. While the wood release may be powerful, you are merely a pale imitation of the original user, and even then trying to trap me would never work. At its core, your precious Mokuton is still just chakra infused plants, and plants, like everything else, can age and die. That you would actually think that would work speaks volumes of your arrogance. Or perhaps you are so frightened of my power that your fears override your common sense? Either way, it doesn't matter. I can't allow one such as you to stay alive, as even though you are only a mere any, you could become a nuisance for Naruto later on. Respira!" with that, the smoke like miasma appeared once again, and before Tenzo could pull his arm away, was engulfed by it, and could only watch in horror as his flesh decayed right before his eyes, leaving nothing but bone, before that quickly decayed as well.

Jiraiya could only watch in silent horror as Tenzo soon died, leaving him the only one left alive. He turned his head, and took a step back as he realized that Baraggan was now standing right in front of him.

"Now then, what should we do about the perverted sage?" said Kyuubi, now free of the seal, along with Kyoka Suigetsu and Chōetsu, who were standing behind her. But to her surprise, she sensed no hatred, anger or fear in Jiraiya. Only regret and sadness. Was it because he knew he had failed in his mission that no doubt came from Sarutobi? No, at least not entirely as the sadness radiating from him was more like when you realized that your failure was going to cost you something incredibly important to you. But that kind of sadness only came from…

Widening her eyes In realization, she sent a mental message to Naruto as they still maintained their link despite her being free, telling him and Baraggan her thoughts.

Baraggan, who for now still had control, merely grumbled in annoyance. "And here I was hoping I could just kill you and be done with it. But it appears that Kyuubi here has other plans…."

Before Jiraiya could react, Kyuubi wrapped several of her tails around him preventing escape. "Now, it's about time we all had a little talk…"

Looking into her slit, blood red eyes, Jiraiya almost preferred to have been killed by Baraggan.


Back in Uzushio however, things haven't been going very well for Reina either. She had been trying to get the council, made up of the leaders of the various clans that had joined Uzu that had either escaped the bloodline purges in Kiri like the Yuki, some of the less bloodthirsty members of the Kaguya clan, Pakura of the scorch release who had started her own clan as her scorch ability was in fact a bloodline, the Hozuki brothers Mangetsu and Suigetsu, the members of the Uchiha clan that Mikoto had saved yet not herself, and the illegitimate children of the third Kazekage. It hadn't been easy to obtain the man's DNA, but after Pakura had been rescued from when Suna sold her out and joined Uzu, she had given them secrets, and with them allowed them to drug the man and steal his DNA, which they then used to impregnate several women, to help rebuild Uzu after nearly being destroyed during the last war. Though not all of them had gotten the Iron sand, but instead some of them gained either the ability to use Steel release, or Magnetism jutsu.

While the Uchiha clan wanted to get Naruto out of the leaf village, even they had to agree that bringing Naruto, or rather the creature possessing his body to Uzu right now was a bad idea. After all, they had heard the reports of what the hollow king Baraggan was doing to the people of Konoha who had wronged Naruto, and they feared that he would unleash his fury upon the Uzumaki clan for having left him there, and with the possibility of his anger being directed at them as well. While they had been able to leave an agent and his daughter to look after the boy and help him to the best of his ability, that was as far as they would be able to support him.

But that didn't stop Reina from at least wanting to get in contact with her brother, despite what the purist members of the clan said. She argued that with the power her brother would soon have to rot and decay anything and everything, what hope did they have to stop him? While barrier fuinjutsu was powerful, it would only stall him a short time before that too was aged into nothing. This made everyone who had been against even rescuing Naruto from Konoha, let alone getting in contact with him think twice, as she was right. No technique could last forever, which meant that they had no hope of stopping him, as even though they didn't even want him near Uzushio, with his power they could do nothing about it, so they relented and allowed her to write her note, so that their agent in Konoha could then give it to him.


A few days later, Konoha.

The village was abuzz with activity, as they gathered towards the Hokage tower, as Tsunade was going to have a special announcement concerning the Sandai Hokage Sarutobi Hiruzen, as well as Naruto Uzumaki. Tsunade soon appeared with Naruto right next to her, though he was dressed slightly different than before. He still wore the same clothing as when Baraggan was in control, except of his clothing being white they were now a burnt orange, with a red spiral pattern on it, with a giant red swirl on the back. His bracelets now had engravings of the Kyuubi on them as well.

"People of Konoha! You are here today because one Sarutobi Hiruzen had managed to get several ninja attacked my godson. Obviously this failed. But, with all of the other crimes Hiruzen has committed, chief among them being a gross abuse of power, child neglect, accessory to child abuse, the attempted manipulation of a clan heir to steal clan secrets and clan property, among several other crimes. His sentence is execution." Said Tsunade, and the crowd gasped when the 'Professor' and 'God of Shinobi', was being lead, chained and gagged, dressed in rags and looking like an old homeless person. He was brought up onto a raised platform, where Sarutobi was forced to kneel by his escort, and Naruto standing beside him, Baraggan's axe Arrogante resting on his shoulder.

Naruto lifted the Arrogante, in its sealed form. "You know monkey…" said Naruto as he looked down at the bound and gagged former Hokage, who looked up at him with pure hatred. "This here axe was grandpa Baraggan's person weapon that he used when conquering all of Hueco Mundo. This axe has slain hundreds upon hundreds of foes, and seen many a battle. You should feel honored that you're going to be killed by such a weapon…." He said, and before Sarutobi knew it, he had been run through with a sword. It had a basic appearance, and it appeared to have red designs on it, but they were hard to make out with Sarutobi's blood coating the blade.

Naruto leaned in close to whisper in Sarutobi's ear. "Scum like you isn't worthy of being killed by Arrogante." He then stepped back, pulling out his sword from Sarutobi's chest, as well as the man's soul into the sword as well, so Sarutobi couldn't potentially come back as a hollow, as with Chōetsu here in this world it was a possibility. Though Sarutobi was dead before he even hit the floor, his blood pooling around him. And so, Sarutobi Hiruzen, one of the oldest living Kage's period, had been slain by the very same person he sought to manipulate, died.


Oh yeah! I just had Sarutobi executed, and his soul destroyed so he couldn't become a hollow!

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With Reina not even being able to send a letter to Naruto. While she may have been part of the ruling family of Uzushio, she is still young and therefore would not be able to take full control of the clan until she is of rightful age.

-and besides, even in a clan like the Uzumaki, I really wouldn't be surprised if there were a bunch of them who were purists, considering they isolated themselves on an island, and would probably be a little xenophobic.