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Things in Konoha had been rather interesting after Sarutobi's execution, as people had been in an uproar, none more so than one Konohamaru, who was too young to fully grasp the situation and attempted one of his 'assassinations' on Naruto. Needless to say it failed horribly. Asuma and the rest of the Sarutobi clan were terrified that Naruto might kill the boy for it, but were relieved when he simply bopped him on the head and Asuma, Hiruzen's son, was rather conflicted on the matter. Like any child, he loved his father dearly, but at the same time he knew what his father was not only a serious abuse of his powers as Hokage, even going so far as to interfere with the Uzumaki and Senju clan affairs. Hell, all things considered, Naruto could have demanded a lot more than his father's head for retribution, as he could have very well reduced the Sarutobi clan to a minor one, as it was well within his rights as the victim. So while there were those members that wanted retribution, they knew that Naruto could still demand virtually anything he wanted from them for compensation for Hiruzen's actions against him and the Uzumaki clan, and they would have no choice but to agree.

Though with the rest of the village, after they got over their initial shock, they quickly realized that if the Sandaime Hokage couldn't stand up to Naruto, as the message finally got through their thick heads that Naruto wasn't their punching bag anymore. Of course this made the other clans wary of Naruto, as while they obviously wanted to try and secure some form of alliance with him, it was obvious that any such agreement would have to be mutually beneficial, as otherwise attempting to take advantage of him would only end in disaster. Not to mention they weren't even sure if someone as powerful as Naruto would want their daughters as potential brides.

For Inoichi, he didn't even entertain the thought of Naruto agreeing to marry Ino, as while the girl wasn't as bad as Sakura Haruno, she wasn't all that great either, and didn't really take her training as seriously as she did before Tsunade changed the academy so that those that were actually graduating would be getting the proper training they needed to actually survive in the harsh ninja world. Tsume Inuzuka, like the rest of her clan viewed Naruto as an something higher than an Alpha, an Apex Predator, a being at the very top of the food chain with the only other being that could even be a threat to him was the now free Kyuubi, or Sienna as her name was, who was now his wife! While Tsume and the entirety of the Inuzuka clan respected his strength, she wasn't even sure that Naruto would look at any other women in the village when he had a mate like Sienna.

The Hyuuga and the Kurama clans were the only other ones who had female heirs with which to possibly form an alliance with the new superpower in the village. Hiashi had two daughters, but knew only his elder daughter Hanabi even had a shot at getting Naruto's attention, as he highly doubted Naruto would have any interest in his younger child Hinata. With the Kurama however, they viewed Naruto as their ticket to revitalize their clan, and bring it up in status from being only a minor clan. Now, while some would be skeptical of the fact that their heiress Yakumo had powerful, yet unstable powers, not to mention a weak body. But for them, they didn't have any choice, and could only hope that Naruto would take Yakumo as his bride, and save their clan from extinction.

For Naruto himself however, things had been very interesting. After executing Sarutobi, he had expected some kind of reply from the Fire Daimyo, as the two old men had been in on the scheme to make him into their puppet so they could get their hands on the land of Uzushio and plunder it. Though as of yet there hadn't even been a peep from the capital, making Naruto curious, but not overly concerned what the fat bastard who dared call himself ruler was up to. After all, besides the monks of the fire temple, with one of them formerly holding a portion of Kyuubi's chakra that had been reclaimed with them none the wiser, thanks to Choetsu and Sienna being able to call the energy back to where it rightfully belonged. He wasn't entirely sure how it worked, but the jist of it was that they basically used Sienna as a beacon for the piece of energy inside of the monk so that it would leave his body and return to her. They had no way of knowing how painful it would have been for that person, but they didn't really care.

But none of that even came close to the strange things that had happened recently, that came in the form of his two new houseguests. First, there was the matter of the Yin Kyuubi, which was getting a bit annoying since they were now two separate beings, and neither of them wanted to use their old name of Kurama which was a males name, or any variation of it saying that was part of their old life, and wanted new names to go with their new lives. The former Yin Kyuubi took the name Akui, which meant malevolence, and considering she looked a great deal like some kind of dark priestess, as well as the fact that she had somehow fused with the respective Yami's of Kushina and Mito, as the two of them had never had to face them as they never even tried to master her chakra and with no where else to go, they fused into her, it made sense. But then to top it all off, there was his own mother Kushina, and a now arrancar Mikoto Uchiha.

But how was Kushina there you may ask? Well, as Minato's soul had been sealed inside of the Shinigami he summoned, and no trace of Kushina's soul could be felt besides what residual energy could be felt from the mask in the Uzumaki mask temple, it was obvious that her soul had been trapped inside of it as well. And so, using the mask to summon the Shinigami, which was actually formed from the soul reaper and hollow energies leaking from Baraggan's crown when they first arrived in this world, and forming the 'shinigami'. But they all had gotten quite the surprise when instead of the ghoulish shinigami, instead they had summoned Kushina. As it turns out, after it had taken Minato's soul, it then wanted to devour Kushina's soul as well, but Kushina had actually been going through the hollowfication process and had been resisting it, but was still enough of a hollow to actually eat the Shinigami, an all of the souls inside of it. But then came the problem that she essentially became it, and since Minato was dead, the summoning was done, and so Kushina had to leave to whatever pocket dimension it lived in until it was summoned again, and was cut off from the rest of the world. She only knew what was going on and what had happened so far, because of her soul fragment that had returned to her.

Though then came the question, of what happened to Minato's soul? Well, since Kushina ate the Shinigami, and it had devoured Minato's soul, it stood to reason that Minato's soul was now somewhere inside of Kushina, assuming that in her new state of existence of being some kind of balance between Arrancar and Vizard that Minato's soul had not been dissolved and become a part of Kushina, like how it happened when Hollows ate other Hollows. So it was highly unlikely Minato could even be freed, if his soul even existed at all anymore. And considering the only way to remove souls from the shinigami was to use the mask to synchronize with it and make it slice its stomach open, as well as the users, to release the souls, they weren't sure that would even work, since Minato's soul was likely assimilated into Kushina's being. While sad that Minato would no longer be with them in the real world, they took comfort in the fact that he would always be with them. Or rather, Kushina.

As for Mikoto, well...


It had only been a few days after Sarutobi had been executed, and they had been discussing what their next course of actions should be, when Choetsu suddenly alerted Naruto to the presence of a hollow fast approaching Konoha, as she was still connected to the world to some degree from when she and the others were stuck inside of the crown, and therefore had an amazing sensing ability. If that wasn't enough, she said that it was even high Vasto Lorde class as well. She couldn't tell what it wanted, but she could roughly gauge that at what she could sense, it wouldn't be too long before it arrived at Konoha. And so, since it was most likely the Hollow was coming to Konoha because it was attracted to the massive amounts of energy Naruto, as well as the others had, they decided to go far enough outside of the village, so that the fight that would more than likely take place wouldn't cause too much damage.

When the hollow finally arrived, Naruto was quite interested in it. After all, other than grandpa Baraggan, he had never met another hollow, let alone one that had not evolved into an Arrancar, so this was quite a novel experience for him as he looked over the new arrival. She, as it was apparent from her gender, as it was quite obvious that even with that bone plating all hollows had, her form was rather curvaceous. She stood roughly at 5'7, and was some type of bird based hollow, going by her wings and mask, though what kind he wasn't sure. What really stood out about her was that her eyes were red, and the comma like marking that went around her neck like some kind of necklace.

He was about to speak, before he felt her raise her spiritual pressure, and he could feel her anger. But it wasn't a mindless kind of anger, no, thanks to the emotion sensing ability he got from -yang kyuubi's new name- it felt more like when someone was mad at you for something you did. But how could that be? To his knowledge he had never met her before. Maybe when she was alive then?

"You…" the female hollow said, drawing Naruto from his thoughts. "What have you done with him? I can't sense a single trace of his signature anywhere in the village, so what did you do to him!?" she asked, her large wings open, and her clawed hands at her sides ready to attack at a moments notice.

"Whom are you talking about? I've done nothing to anyone who didn't deserve his or her fate. Unless you speak of me killing Sarutobi, and his cohorts." replied Naruto with narrowed eyes, his hand on his sword.

"Sarutobi? That treacherous wretch!? Why should i care what you did to him! In fact, I'm glad he's dead. No, what i want to know is what you did with my precious Orenji-iro no hoshi, and tell me why I can't sense his presence anywhere inside of this damnable village!" she said, this time louder, and the increase in her reiatsu signifying that she was losing her patience.

'Orenji-iro no hoshi? Orange star? The hell is she talking about? And why does that sound so familiar?' thought Naruto. "I'm sorry, but I have no idea what you're talking about." replied Naruto.

"You're lying! Ever since you appeared, I could barely sense his presence, and the closer i got to the village the weaker it got, until it completely vanished a few days ago! So don't you tell me you don't know anything, as there is no way that your massive spike in energy had nothing to do with his presence disappearing like that…." she trailed off, and looked as though she was deep in thought. Then her eyes widened, and she began to shake. "No…. you didn't…" she said, and her whole body began to tremble. "You did, didn't you!? That's why I can't feel his energy anymore. You killed him and ate his soul; didn't you, you bastard!? WHY! He was so young and innocent, why did you have to kill him? Why not any of the villagers!? Hell, the entire village? Why did you have to kill my sweet and pure Orenji-iro no hoshi? He did nothing wrong! He did nothing to deserve being killed and eaten!"

At this, she began to talk to herself out loud, saying she should never have left her 'orange star' alone, and should have simply killed off the villagers and taken him away. But that only made things more confusing for Naruto. Who was she talking about? And why did it feel like he knew her from somewhere?

'I think I know why, love.' Came Sienna's voice through their mental link. Giving her the ok to continue, he was suddenly taken back into a memory long ago, from when he was a child. When the memory came into focus, he was being held in the arms of a beautiful raven haired woman, smiling down at him as he looked up into her dark colored eyes, he had asked her if she would always be with him, and she said, "Don't worry my little Orenji-iro no hoshi, I'll always look after you, no matter what."

The memory faded, and Naruto was suddenly back in the clearing with the hollow. A single tear fell trailed down his cheek, as he realized who the hollow before him was. "Mikoto…" he whispered. He now understood what she meant. Since she apparently didn't know about Baraggan fusing to him, she believed that he, as a hollow, had devoured Naruto, as she would have only been able to recognize the energy signature of when he was human, not in his new form. But how did she become a hollow in the first place? The only thing that made sense was that it happened during the massacre, and she turned into a hollow then. But then did that mean she had been watching over him this entire time?

However, he wasn't allowed to dwell upon this realization, as a mental shout of "Watch out!" from Sienna alerted him to Mikoto attacking him with her claw, and so on instinct he brought up his blade to block.

"You damned monster! I'll kill you, tear open your stomach and release his soul from you!" she yelled, her red eyes blazing with anger, and tears falling freely, such was her anger and sadness.

"No, you don't understand, I-" Naruto tried to say, but Mikoto wasn't going to listen, as she grabbed onto his sword, and pulling it away from Naruto, and then brought up her other claw in an attempt to gouge out his eyes. But thanks to the power of aging he got from Baraggan, his Senescencia allowed him to dilate time around him, slowing down her attack greatly, allowing Naruto to duck under the attack, causing her to overextend her arm, and open for attack. And as much as Naruto didn't want to hurt her, he knew that in her present state she would not listen to reason, and so he made a balla in his free hand, and shot it at her stomach. The force of the attack sent her careening into one of the trees in the clearing.

Naruto knew that such a weak attack would only serve to stun her, and had to think of a way to get through the rage and sadness that was now clouding her mind, believing he was dead. But what? Words would do no good. Not to mention there was a giant ball of black flames headed for him- "Holy shit!" he yelled, as he used a Sonido to dodge the attack, the black flames hitting the trees behind him, and exploding violently.

'The hell was that!?' thought Naruto. He knew that hollows, especially Vasto Lorde had some pretty strange and unusual abilities, but black fire of all things? He could feel the power behind the attack, and he knew it was deadly. Especially since he could see that fire was still burning, even on barren dirt. How was that even possible?

'Shit, it looks like things just got a lot more difficult. Those are the flames of Amaterasu, unquenchable flames that will burn for seven days and nights without stopping. It's an ability that can only be used by the Mangekyo Sharingan, the next level of the Sharingan. It looks like Mikoto somehow unlocked it before her death, and its abilities transferred over to her hollow form. This means she might very well have access to the other ability they grant, the Tsukiyomi, where the target is trapped in a nigh unbreakable illusion, though I'm not sure how it might have changed in her new form. Though i can only hope she doesn't have the Susanoo, where she would be able to conjure up a giant ethereal warrior she can use to fight with. I suggest you find a way to get through to her before this gets even worse.' said Siena, answering Naruto's question.

Though this only served to irritate Naruto. What kind of bullshit was that? The Tsukiyomi ability he could understand, as it was basically a overpowered Genjutsu. The Amaterasu was a bit of a stretch, being able to make flames that couldn't be put out and lasted for seven days. But he drew the line at a pair of fucking eyeballs being able to conjure a giant warrior that you can use to fight with. The fuck was that possible? Sure he sounded a bit hypocritical considering his own abilities, as he could age people to death in a matter of seconds, but that was because he had absorbed a soul eating monster from another dimension. But for a pair of special eyeballs to be able to do that kind of shit was just complete nonsense, even if they had a link to the Rinnegan.

But to make things worse, his Senescencia didn't work on fire, because it couldn't be 'aged'. Sure he could age whatever the fire was using to keep burning, but the pure element of fire itself was beyond him. The same went with water, wind, and lightning based attacks. They were not physical in any way, and therefore could not be aged into nothing. Well, at least not with his current control of aging. That was a major flaw in Baraggan's ability that he had found out while training with his parents. Though when they talked to Baraggan himself about it, he said that any hollow possessing any form of elemental ability was extremely rare, as they usually had abilities based off of animals or bugs and the like, and even then they rarely grew strong enough to pose a viable threat since they would usually be devoured like most hollows were in Hueco Mundo, Harribel being one of the few who had managed to survive and have such a strong ability over water.

Though Baraggan did say that while elemental users were rare, he had still faced a few, and while actually aging a particular element isn't easy it was possible.

It was just that the way they aged was different then how his power usually worked, and so he told Naruto that he would have to train extensively to understand how to age those other elements, as each way was different. The only two elements Naruto would be able to age would be water because it evaporated and fire since eventually extinguished itself. Lightning and wind were much more difficult, to the extent of being virtually impossible.

With that in mind, fighting Mikoto just became all the more difficult. Especially since he wasn't sure how good she was at manipulating her fire. Though while he didn't like the idea of her summoning a giant ethereal warrior, at least he could age that into nothing, as it would be similar to a kido spell, which was well within his power to affect.

Naruto then readied himself when he saw Mikoto make more of her flames in her hands, but instead of throwing them like he thought, they grew and began to engulf her claws entirely! And she was completely unharmed! That is seven more bullshit in his opinion. Naruto, while he had even more protection from his aging powers so he didn't die like Baraggan did, was still susceptible to being killed by them if he screwed up. But yet Mikoto could have her black flames that could burn anything, and yet wear it like some kind of fire armor? That just wasn't fair goddammit!

She then lunged at him, furiously trying to hit him, but with his Senescencia he was able to dodge all of her attacks effortlessly. But he couldn't dodge her attacks forever, but what else could he do? He didn't possess his mother's chakra chains to subdue her… his mother! That was it! Her chains would be more than powerful enough to restrain her! Sending out mental instructions to Siena on what to do, and getting the mental equivalent of a nod in return, all he had to do now was wait until they were ready to act. Which wasn't very long, as ghastly apparitions made by Akui suddenly burst from the surrounding tree line, and attacked Mikoto. While distracted, his mother's chains then came out from all around the clearing, and even a few from underground to get her legs so she didn't fly off, and she was quickly ensnared, and Akui's apparitions then dispelled, not being needed anymore.

As she struggled to get free, Mikoto leveled Naruto with a harsh glare, which he flinched at. However, he simply reached into his pocket, and then brought out his clenched fist near her face. As soon as he opened his palm, Mikoto gave a small gasp. It was dangling from a chain, and it was a rather worn, small oval pendant, with a raven engraved onto it, and when he turned it over so she could see the other side which was a star with orange gems placed at each point.

"Do you remember this? You gave this to me, to symbolize our friendship. You told me you had this specially crafted, so that even when you weren't with me, i would always have this with me, so I wouldn't always be alone. Do you remember, Mikoto?" asked Naruto.

Mikoto could only look at the pendant, unable to say anything. Then, with her mind clear from her self induced rage and sadness, she looked into Naruto's eyes, and while they had changed color, they were still the same eyes she had always known. Realizing that she had falsely attacked Naruto, her legs lost their strength, and she fell to the ground into a kneeling position with her upper body bending forward, so she was looking straight at the ground, and tears were now falling from her eyes, as she silently said 'I'm sorry' over and over again. Naruto gave his mother a nod, and she dispelled her chakra chains.

Naruto then knelt down, and placed his hand on Mikoto's shoulder, and she jumped slightly. "Mikoto, please, look at me." he said, and at first it seemed as though she wouldn't move from her position, she slowly raised her head up from the ground to look at Naruto. "Naruto, please forgive-" she tried to say, before Naruto enveloped her in a tight hug, shocking her to the core.

"No, don't be sorry. Never be sorry. You were only worried about me, and didn't know what had happened. I was so sad when i heard about the massacre, and when I had heard there had been a survivor, I had a small bit of hope that it was you, only to find out that it was that little bastard Sasuke. But now I know that you were never really gone, i just couldn't see you. And now, I'm not going to let you disappear on me ever again." Naruto said, as he held her tight. Mikoto couldn't say anything, so shocked that Naruto wasn't even mad at her. Instead she returned the hug, and buried her face into his shoulder.

Kushina could only smile, not only that her son had been reunited with someone important to him in the unlikeliest of ways, but it also turned out to be a good friend of hers as well! She had also been saddened when she first found out that her dear friend had died, but was glad to see her alive. Well, 'not really alive, but you get the picture.

Siena however could only huff in irritation, not out of anger or anything, as she was happy that her husband was reunited with someone important to him, but she was fairly certain that since Naruto was older now, Naruto and Mikoto's relationship could quite possibly evolve into a romantic one due to the age difference no longer being an issue. She honestly thought she would have had more time to have Naruto to herself before other love interests began showing up, as Akui didn't count as she was basically her twin sister and had no problem with her joining in, though it would take time as her sister didn't have the same feelings for Naruto as she did, as Akui only got pieces of memories from Siena, though she believed it would only be a matter of time before she wound up loving him as she did. After all, they were basically the same being.

Flashback end.

Though after getting Mikoto to the Uzumaki clan compound, and getting Choetsu to turn her into an Arrancar, then came the problem of how they were going to explain her existence. While Tsunade had regained all of the power that the Hokage position had lost to the civilians, there was still the problem of people recognizing her, especially that little annoyance called Sasuke.

Though for some strange reason when they talked to Mikoto about Sasuke, she replied "Sasuke? Who's that?" Which caught them all off guard. She could remember Naruto, but not Sasuke? Thinking she might have lost some of her memories when she became a hollow, they told her that he was her son, though when Kushina made a comment about how he reminded her a lot of how Fugaku was, Mikoto's face immediately turned dark and she said "If that boy is anything like Fugaku, son or not I want nothing to do with him." And seeing how serious she was, they left it at that. Though Siena had the sneaking suspicion that there was more to it than that, but let it slide for now.

But that aside, there was still one more immediate problem that Naruto had to deal with. His sister, Reina; he wasn't even sure where he would even start, since he didn't know where she was, until late one night a strange ANBU had come to his house, saying that he had a message for him from his sister. Naruto was immediately suspicious, and asked how he could possibly trust him. The ANBU chuckled, and removed his mask, revealing him to be none other than Teuchi, the ramen chef. Naruto was absolutely stunned as Teuchi explained that he was a spy from Uzushio, sent to keep Naruto safe. Naruto's mind sufficiently blown, Teuchi left saying he would be going back to the ramen stand, and waiting for his answer.

After going back inside, and all of them reading the letter, they all looked at Naruto expectedly. Out of all of them, Kushina was really the only one who really wanted to go to Uzushio, with Mikoto only somewhat as she wanted to help her friend reunite with her family, and Siena only caring because of the fact that the Uzumaki clan members who survived, along with all the other clans there would be quite the powerful allies. And so, after only a few moments, Naruto had made up his mind, his choice clear.

"Looks like we're going to Uzushio." said Naruto.


And thats that. And yes, next chap Naruto will be going to Uzushio, and will finally meet his sister.

Now, a few things.

With the former Yang Kyuubi having the name of Siena, which is english for 'reddish orange'. I went with this name, because i got the idea from Noodlehammer's story 'reaching for a dream', in where he gave Kyuubi the name of Xenna, which is Greek. Now don't get me wrong, i have no problems with japanese names, but i just wanted to do something different when giving Kyuubi a name. Thats it.

Akui- her ability to summon monsters, as well as her being a dark priestess was inspired by Tsubaki from Inuyasha. a pic of what she looks like will be on my profile. Well, her hair will be more of a black/red color, but otherwise the pic will be pretty close to what she looks like.

With Hanabi and Hinata. I basically switched their ages around, so Hanabi is the older sister instead of Hinata.

Why Hollow Mikoto couldn't tell Naruto was Naruto when she met him. Remember, Naruto went from being a human, to a human/arrancar, and Siena was removed from his body, so his former energy signature had been completely changed, the only way she could rationalize what happened was that the hollow's presence she felt (Baraggan) had killed and devoured Naruto's soul.

Also, why no one jumped into the fight to help Naruto. Considering how powerful he is, they knew that Naruto didn't need their help, and would only step into help if he requested it.

Orenji-iro no hoshi-Orange star.

As to why Mikoto called Naruto that, well the orange part is obvious, but the star part is because Naruto was really one of the few bright spots in her life, since Minato and Kushina were her friends, and her daily life in the Uchiha compound mostly sucked thanks to Fugaku and his crazy shit.

With how Naruto's powers cannot affect everything. When you think about it, all the main elements but Earth are basically immune to being aged into nothing, as they have no real physical form, except for water, but that's a bit of a grey area. I mean, you can't age wind or lightning, and fire can keep burning so long as it has a source aka air, and Naruto cant age that. So while water is kind of iffy at the moment, Naruto cant age wind, fire and lightning attacks into nothing. To be honest, while cool, the power of aging is considerably overpowered, so i felt there had to be some kind of loopholes in what it could affect and what it couldn't. While i talked with VFSNAKE about this, and while we couldn't exactly come to a consensus as we don't know if Baraggan's power actually ages something down to its molecules, which would mean that nothing could not be affected by his power, or if it simply allows him to speed up the natural process of aging and decay to such an insane degree that things will crumble to dust in a matter of seconds, meaning that lightning and wind would be largely unaffected, as while Naruto could possibly learn how to use his aging to make water evaporate and fire burn through the fuel keeping it going to the point it extinguishes itself, Naruto's aging powers are not invincible.

Now to be honest, how many of you even suspected the old ramen chef to be the one who was working as the Uzu spy? Well, one or two of you actually guessed it right, so kudos to you who guessed right.

-also, if any of you find something wrong or some type of flaw with my theory on what elements Naruto's powers can and cant effect, please let me know.