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"BLASTING OFF!" It was Jimmy's rocket-shape alarm telling him a new school day is going to begin.

Jimmy opened his eyes with a groan. It was 7 a.m.

(A/N: i don't know why he is struggling to wake up! Where I live, schools begin at 7:30, not 8:00 a.m. so I should wake up at 6:20 to be on time! :-( . lucky him… and he is still groaning! )

Jimmy sat in his bed and for a second, he thought about what he was dreaming just now.

He jumped out of bed and headed to his wardrobe to get dressed.

"Morning, Goddard," Jimmy said with a small yawn to the robot, which was already in wake-mode automatically. Goddard barked a good morning.

Last night, he had a strange dream. Jimmy could remember that he and Cindy were in a place where looked like some sort of Retroland, but it was quiet and much cleaner. Nobody was there, just the two of them.

They were walking, eating cotton candy and talking to each other. They weren't arguing like they used to, instead they were really having a conversation like real friends.

It was a great nice dream. Jimmy didn't want the dream to end.

I must tell Libby about my dream, Jimmy thought for a second, then shook his head in confusion. Libby?! What the…? He couldn't understand where that idea came from.

He got dressed and brushed his teeth with his anti-carving. For the second time, he thought of something not usual.

Oh, no! My nails aren't in good shape! I should pol… Jimmy blinked. Pukin' Pluto! What again? Why on earth am I concerned about my nails?!' Jimmy thought. There was something definitely wrong with him. But he didn't care that much. His thoughts were somewhere else.

He headed downstairs to eat breakfast, and Goddard followed him. When he went in the kitchen, his mom was cooking something on the oven. The TV was set on the National Graphic channel and it had a duck show playing at that moment.

"Well, hello, Jimbo! How are you doing, son?" Hugh Neutron said excitedly.

"Thanks dad, I think I'm kinda tired." Jimmy said and headed for the table.

"You'd better not be, honey! You should be ready for school!" Judy Neutron said, as she was carrying three dishes with herself.

Jimmy thought, The totally lame school with those routine old and outdated lessons again. What a normal boring day!

Little did he know he was completely wrong about the day!

His mom put the dishes on the table and sat with her family.

"Look at this duck-shaped pie! It's not just any pie! Thank you, sugar booger! How did you do that?!" His dad said as he smelled the pie.

"And it's your favorite, Jimmy!" It was two eggs, bacon and a glass of orange juice. Though it was delicious and Jimmy's favorite, he wasn't very hungry. He was still thinking about his dream. He could feel something strange inside that was definitely not from himself, a relaxing feeling that felt kind of cute.

After all, a good point about school is I can see Cindy there! Jimmy thought. He was a little quiet during breakfast. Hugh was talking about ducks again and Jimmy was totally unfocused about what he was saying. He could feel a bunch of feelings inside. There was something wrong… Something he couldn't figure.

After he finished his breakfast, he headed to the door with his backpack.

Hugh was still talking. "… So they never can catch those ducks. Good-bye, Jimbo!" Hugh said with a smile.

"Bye-bye Jimmy! Good luck in your exams!" Judy said and waved good-bye.

"Bye, mom! Bye, dad!" Jimmy said as Goddard looked at him. "… and Goddard!" Jimmy added.

After Jimmy went out to wait for the bus, he saw one of his best friends.

"Hi Jimmy! What a nice beautiful day, Isn't it?" Carl said.

"Hi! Sure it is, Carl, It is great, indeed. Jimmy replied. "How are you doing, by the way?" Jimmy asked.

"Fine, Jimmy. You know Jimmy, last night, on the llama-lovers fan page on my Facebook, I …" Carl started. But once again, Jimmy wasn't paying attention to him.

From the other side of the street, a pretty blonde girl came out from her house and closed the door. Cindy saw Jimmy and smiled to him. Jimmy smiled back. Carl wasn't noticing, as he was continuing talking about llamas. Jimmy somehow understood that Cindy wanted to say hello, but she couldn't, because Carl would notice.

They had both decided to pretend they hated and argued with each other in public, so nobody would find out about their little secret.

"… and I don't know how to add my photos there. Could you please help me Jimmy?" Carl said.

Suddenly Jimmy was brought back to reality. He noticed that Carl was talking to him.

"Uh, sure, Carl. I will show you how to do that later." He tried not to look at Cindy in front of Carl.

A few seconds later, the familiar yellow school bus arrived, and they all went in. One of those rare moments Jimmy could catch the bus!

Jimmy couldn't help it. He was glancing and thinking about Cindy. He simply couldn't let those thoughts go.

"Oh, hi, Sheen." Jimmy said as he noticed Sheen was holding two seats for them at the end of the bus. Jimmy and Carl went and sat down as Sheen said hello to them.

Jimmy saw that Cindy sat with Libby. Libby started to talk with her.

"Girl! Don't say that I'm seeing this! You didn't polish your nails today?! Your nails are always perfect!"

"Nope, I don't know why. I just didn't feel like it today," Cindy said and shrugged. Libby thought, It's odd. Cindy always cares a lot for her nails!

They continued to talk, as Sheen started to talk to Jimmy and Carl about his usual Ultra-Dorky stuff.

When the bus stopped, Sheen jumped to take Libby's hand to go out together.

"May I, my lady?" Sheen said with a sense of passion. Luckily for him, he didn't nickname Libby. She giggled quietly and let him to take her hand. They all headed the school.

Cindy looked upset at all of this. She was a little envious about Libby and Sheen's relationship. She wished her relationship with Jimmy could be like this… No teasing from the other people, No hiding it from her mom, Just being accepted like all of another couples. Unfortunately, she knew this couldn't happen, at least at the moment.

Cindy turned around for a moment. She thought she was being looked at. Jimmy quickly stared at another direction. She didn't get suspicious. It was quite embarrassing if she noticed Jimmy glancing at her all the time.

The kids arrived in their classroom.

Mrs. Fowl came in and ordered the students to be quiet, (and of course asked Nick to sit down). They had history for the first class of the day.

(A/N: i don't know what the word is, but by lesson, i mean the parts of teaching between recess. Someone please point me out! Thnx.)

Jimmy passed a note to Cindy, without getting anyone's attention. She looked at the class, and the others weren't noticing. Most of them were asleep (!) because of Mrs. Fowl's voice tone.

Hey Cindy, how r u doing today, my l.?

Did u get 2 ur home on time yesterday?

Cindy smiled, then wrote something with her pencil on the back of the paper and passed it to Jimmy. Mrs. Fowl was still teaching without noticing them.

Fine, Jimmy. Yep, i got home xactly on time!

I was just thinking about u last night… :-p

And sorry i broke ur inventions! ;-(

Jimmy read the note and he smiled too. He wrote something else and passed it to Cindy. Luckily, nobody was noticing them at all.

Me 2 little angel.

I was thinking 2 u all the day!

And as I said b4, No problem! just forget about them!

I told you, you r the 1 who I care about!

They continued to flirt with each other, without being careful not to seen.

Just as me, hunk muffin!

guess what? i had the best dream of my life last night.

it was about ourselves, and it was awesome! :-D

i dreamed we were eating cotton candy and talking like real friends… No problems we had, just as real couples!

i wished it was real… ;-| *sigh!*

Jimmy read Cindy's note twice before replying to that. It was weird! Cindy's dream was as exact as he was dreaming last night!

Was that sign of something? Well, of course it was. But not in the way Jimmy thought.

wow! it was just like my dream! i dreamed that too! :-o

you think it could happen some day? :-/

Cindy read the note and tried to reply.

I really wish th..

But she couldn't finish writing that.

"Miss Vorte-e-ex! I thii-ii-iink I told all of you not to pass no-o-otes in the classroom while I'm teachinggg!" said Mrs. Fowl with her usual annoying voice. Some kids giggled quietly. Cindy blushed a little. Jimmy could feel her shame.

"Sorry miss fowl! I was just-" Cindy Started to explain, but she was cut off.

"No need to expla-a-ain, dear!" Mrs. Fowl said.

Both Jimmy and Cindy thought at same time. She's such a drill on nerves!

Although she couldn't pass the note to Jimmy, he already knew what Cindy was trying to write.

Jimmy returned to reality by Mrs. Fowl's voice. "Allriiight studeents, today we have a mass po-o-op quiz, as a review to your studiiies during the weeek!" she said.

"Aww, man!" Some of the students groaned.

Mrs. Fowl gave the papers to the students.

Cindy took the exam, and looked at the questions. She bit her bottom lip and began to write the answers.

Jimmy was still upset about the notes thing, but he tried to focus on the questions. He began to write the answers, as well.

Cindy was stuck in question 2. She was biting the bottom of her pencil and looking at her paper.

Jimmy began to write the answer of that question. It was so obvious for him. Suddenly, Cindy began to write just as Jimmy. It seemed the answer just came to her mind from nowhere. Jimmy could feel Cindy was nervous.

That wasn't all. When Jimmy was answering to question 5, he suddenly realized that his answer was wrong. Some voice in his head was saying the right answer. He read the question again, and made sure. He was wrong for the answer of question 5. But he didn't realize where that voice came from.

They didn't know that by themselves, but they were reading each other's mind without even realizing it. They both were accompanying each other in the answers, but they thought they are answering the questions by themselves.

After thirty minutes, Mrs. Fowl took the papers back. She dismissed the class when a few minutes later the bell rang.

The students were jumping out of the deep classroom's atmosphere when suddenly Mrs. Fowl shouted.

"Jimmy, Cindy, I would liiike to have a chaat with you!" She looked kind of angry.

Once again, both Jimmy and Cindy were thinking to a same thing. It must be about the notes!

But they were wrong as it was about something else that they would never think about.

"I am so-o disappointed at you two. I don't know why you cheated on your tests!"

"Cheated?! What?!" Cindy said with a look of disbelief. "I would never cheat on my exams, Mrs. Fowl! And you know it well!" she added angrily

"Neither me, Mrs. Fowl. I'm a genius. Why would I cheat on my tests?! I mean I already know the correct answers of everything, Mrs. Fowl!" Jimmy said.

"Showy-off!" Cindy said to Jimmy. "I won't cheat from this Nerdtron even if he was the last kid on earth, Mrs. Fowl!"

"Then, there should be an explanation for this! Both of you go-o-t 100! Jimmy, you always hurry and don't read the questions completely, and answer them wrong! And you, Cindy, In spite of your hard work, you have some problems, especially in History! You couldn't answer the whole questions correctly! It is clear that both of you must be cheated!"

They looked at their papers. Mrs. Fowl was right about their papers. The answers were all correct, and unfortunately, quite the same!

"Fortunately, Because of your go-o-od past records, I am going to leave you to a warning this tiime. But next time, I will NOT go easyy on you!"

They left the classroom and headed the yard. Nobody else was in the hall; all of them were in recess. Jimmy was walking ahead.

What is she thinking?! My superior intellect does not require inferior immature actions like cheating! Jimmy thought.

"Enough talking about your 'superior intellect', Nerdtron!" Cindy said. She put the words into an air quote. Though she knew nobody was there, she started to tease him.

"I believe I didn't say anything about my intellect, Vortex!" Jimmy turned and told Cindy.

"So who was a show-off disg-" Cindy was cut off by him.

"But I did think that!" Jimmy said in shock. He stopped walking, so she did too. Jimmy looked at Cindy's eyes.

Can you hear this? Jimmy thought quietly.

Cindy heard what exactly Jimmy said, though she didn't see his mouth moving.

"Of course, Neutron. I'm not deaf! What kind of creepy experiment is that?" said Cindy. She looked kind of scared of Jimmy could talk without opening his mouth.

"It is not an experiment, Cindy! You are actually reading my mind!" Jimmy said. At the moment, he seemed more scared than Cindy.

"Cool!" Cindy said. Now I can reveal all of your deep secrets' Cindy thought jokingly with an evil smirk.

Jimmy could feel her happiness. "Whoa, not so fast, Cindy! Not cool!" Jimmy said. "I can read your mind, too!" He said and mocked Cindy with his evil-like laugh.

But how exactly did this happen?! Jimmy thought. He remembered the odd events of the day. Then he recalled yesterday when Cindy was in his lab and broke most of his gadgets.

Cindy was hearing his thoughts.

I said I'm sorry about that, Jimmy!

What? Oh No, Cindy, that's not my point. Those gadgets were crashed with my Adaptablor. It must have scanned the mind-reader phone chip!

But why did it start now and how we can read each other's thoughts?!

They began to walk again. Jimmy was thinking fast.

Good point, Cindy! I think it could be because of my micro-amplifier! And it is reinforcing the digital signatures of my magnetic-field generator! It could make us read each other's minds even from a far distance!

Suddenly, Jimmy stopped. He seemed unfocused as he was looking at nothing in the air.

"Hello! Mr. know-it-all! What happened to you?" Cindy said and waved her hand in front of his eyes. She heard an Oh, no! in her head. But before she could ask what was the matter, Jimmy answered.

"Power and density controller units!" Jimmy said. He looked horrible.

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