The cool crisp air hit Will's cheeks as he rode out into the wind with hoof beats following.

Tug jerked to a stop as Will jumped off, rolling in his ranger cloak and taking his longbow out.

Morgrath's men stopped and looked around for him.

Will pulled an arrow from his quiver pulled the bowstring back, preparing to shoot.

He knew that he had to save Alyss from Morgrath.

This thought made him even more enraged and he released the arrow and watched it sail through the air right into the first man's cellebrum.

The second man jerked in surprise and looked around to see where the arrow came from.

All of a sudden the second man heard a voice saying, "Let the girl go and I will spare you".

The man so overcome with fright dropped Alyss and ran off but not before he felt an arrow hit is arm.

Will watched as Alyss tumbled to the floor and tried to get up.

He came out from the shadows and helped her up.

Alyss was suffering from hypothermia so Will got her to Baron Arald immediately.

The next day Will was preparing for a mission when he heard and arrow go flying above his head.

He ducked, scanned his surroundings and finally satisfied read the not on the parchment from the arrow.

Dear Will,

Thank you for saving me from Morgrath's men. How would you like to have lunch with me at Jenny's diner tomorrow? See you tomorrow!


Alyss Mainwaring