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Chapter 18 - Engaged

"...And that's when I looked up and saw the billboard. It was so amazing, I mean, I never thought Britt would do something as sweet and romantic as that, you know. I just thought she'd put the ring in a piece of cake at a restaurant like any normal person that was proposing would but, no! My Brittany put hand drawn pictures all over the apartment and asked me to marry her with a billboard. How sweet is that?!" Said San, bragging about the proposal to her mom on the phone. I giggled and took out my phone to call my mom and dad. I looked at San one last time before making my way to our bedroom to call my parents.

The phone rang once, twice and a third time before my sisters chirpy voice was heard over the phone.

"Hello? The Pierce Residence. Merry Christmas! If you're calling about my mom's singing, then I'm sorry. I'll tell her to keep it down." She said. I chuckled and shook my head.

"No, Hay, it's me." I said through a giggle, looking through our open bedroom door to look at San who was still excitedly talking to her mom on the phone, "Merry Christmas to you too."

"Hey, Britt! What's up? Why are you calling so early in the morning?" She asked.

"Um, I have news. But first, why are you awake so early in the morning? It's Christmas, what are you doing up right now?" I asked. She laughed.

"I was up talking to Jess last night and had to drink coffee to stay awake.. Now I'm not even tired anymore." She said, "So... What's your news?"

"Jess huh? How's that goin'?" I asked with a smile on my face. I knew she was blushing.

"Um.. Great. I'm seeing her later today. Seriously, Britt, what's your news?" She asked. I chuckled and shook my head.

"I, um... I just- I just proposed to San. And she said yes." I told my sister with an ever growing smile on my face. A few seconds later I heard an extremely high pitched squeal from my sister.

"Oh my GOD! This is so great! Congratulations! Mom! Dad! Get up! Get up, now, you lazy old farts! Britt's on the phone she has something so amazing to tell you! Oh, my god, oh, my god!" She yelled. I chuckled and moved the phone away from my ear as she screamed. A few seconds after hearing my sister on the other end squealing as she handed my mom the phone, I heard my mom's voice.

"Hey, sweetheart. What's going on? Why's Hayley screaming so loud?" She asked. I smiled at how groggy her voice was.

"Um, well, I have great news." I told her.

"Oh, great angel. What is it?" She asked.

"Well, I just asked San to marry me. She said yes." I said and heard my mom squeal too.

"Oh, wow! That's so great, sweetie! Yay!" She screamed, "Tom! Get up! Brittany's just proposed to Santana! Isn't that great?!... Tom! For the love of god almighty, would you please get up and tell your daughter congratulations on getting engaged?!"

"What?!" I heard my dad yell, "Who?! Who's engaged?! Which daughter?! Hayley, what did you do?!" He asked. I chuckled.

"No, Tom! Brittany! Brittany's on the phone and she's just told me she's engaged to Santana!" Said my mom.

"Well, give me the phone, for gods sakes woman." He said and I then heard him talking to me, "Merry Christmas, sweetheart."

"Merry Christmas, dad." I said.

"So, you proposed to your lady, huh?" He asked. I smiled.

"Yep. A few minutes ago, she's on the phone with her mom right now." I said.

"Well, honey, that's great! When's the wedding?! Oh, my god, when are you two coming back down here?!" He asked.

"We can come down over New Years." I said, smiling. San came into the room and smiled at me before sitting on my lap and pressing a kiss to my cheek.

"Yeah! That's great, Britt! Tell me when Santana's off the phone, I wanna speak to my future daughter-in-law." He said. I giggled and my heart pounded at the sound of that. Daughter-in-law.

"She's right here, dad. Hold on." I said and gave San the phone.

"Hi, Mr Pierce!" She said, "Right, sorry... Hi, Tom." I smiled as she stood up and started chatting away to my dad, "Okay, so this is what happened. So I wake up and there's a lily on my night stand. Now, a lily's my favorite flower. Anyways, so I pick it up and see a bunch of hand drawn pictures on the floor in a trail and I'm thinking, that's so cute!..."

I smiled as she started telling my dad the story of how I proposed while she walked into the kitchen.

I'm engaged. Santana Lopez, the hottest girl in the world, is my fiancé. She's gonna be my wife. A few minutes after I'd proposed she gave me the ring she'd bought for me. She said she wanted to do something special but she couldn't wait. I chuckled lightly and looked down at the ring on my finger. It was beautiful. She even got it engraved. Yeah, on the inside of the ring, it says 'I love you, Brittany'... She got my name engraved on a really expensive ring! How cool is that?!

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"Let me see!" Exclaimed Rachel, grabbing San's hand as we all sat at Rosemary's having dinner. San smiled as Rachel gawked over her ring, "Oh, wow. One and a half carat. Easy." She said. I chuckled and looked at Quinn who was nodding at me with a smile on her face before giving me a thumbs up.

"It's beautiful, isn't it?" Said San. I smiled and kissed the back of her neck before taking a sip of my Dr Pepper.

"It really is!" Said Rachel who then slapped Finn's arm, "Why don't you ever buy me nice things like that? The things you get me look like they belong in a gum ball machine."

"Hey! Why you gotta hate?" He said playfully, making Rachel laugh.

"So, do you guys know when you're gonna get married?" Asked Quinn. I shook my head.

"You guys we just got engaged this morning, you really think we've already set a date for the wedding?" I asked as San rubbed my thigh gently.

"Well... No. But it was worth a shot." Said Quinn with a wink. I smiled and kissed San.

"I love you." I said as we pulled away.

"I love you too." She said with a smile.

"Aw! You guys are so cute." Said Sam.

"We know." Said San.

"You bet we do!" I said and Puck smiled.

"So, San. Who's your best man?" He asked, "Hint. Puck." San laughed and shook her head.

"I don't know yet." Said San before taking a sip of her ice tea, "You'll just have to be extra nice to me if you wanna be my best man."

"You got it." Said Puck, "Would you like a foot rub?"

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"Santana!" Yelled Hayley as she raced up to us at the airport. It was New Years day tomorrow and I promised my parents that San and I would come down to Lima for New Years. We were also gonna see San's mom tomorrow afternoon and spend our last night in Lima at her house.

"Hey! What about me?" I asked as Hayley smothered my fiancé. Fiancé. That never gets old.

"I don't care." She said and looked at San's hand, "Whoa! Nice rock! How much did you pay for this, Britt?"

"I'm not gonna tell you right in front of San." I said, putting San's bag over my shoulder and mine too before wrapping my arm around San's shoulders and pulling her into a side embrace. She smiled and kissed my neck.

"Ugh, whatever. Come on, mom and dad are waiting in the car." Said Hayley as she skipped in front of us, leading us to the car. San giggled and squeezed my ass. I gasped.

"Santana Lopez, how dare you?" I said in a fake shocked tone. She chuckled and slapped my left ass cheek before pecking my lips.

"I felt like it." She said, "And I can 'cause you're my fiancé." I smiled and felt my face beaming at the word.

"Fiancé. Soon to be, wife. Holy crap!" I said as the realization hit me, "I'm gonna marry the most beautiful girl in all the land." San laughed as we got to the car where my parents were standing by the trunk, waiting to attack us. I smiled, "Here we go." And after I said that, my dad picked up San and spun her around as she giggled.

"Hello, my future daughter-in-law!" He said and put her down before kissing her forehead and shoving her over to my mom so he could kiss me. My mom smiled after she gave me a hug and squeezed Santana half to death. I hugged my dad and he pecked my cheek, "Hi, sweetheart." He said to me.

"Dad! Mom! Look at the ring!" Said Hayley from the back seat. My dad and mom took Santana's hand and smiled at the ring on her finger.

"Oh, my goodness, it's beautiful." Said my mom before she yanked my hand out of my pocket to see mine, "Oh! And so is this one! I feel like I'm gonna sing!"

"Okay! Everybody in the car! Let's go!" Said my dad. I chuckled because I knew he just did that so my mom wouldn't break into song in the middle of the airport parking lot.

Oh, my parents. A bunch of nutters.

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"...So that's why I can't come out at school. It's too hard, you know." Said Hayley as her, San and I sat in her room with a cup of hot cocoa.

"Hayley, just fuck everyone and be happy." I said and she frowned.

"No, actually, fuck everyone and you'll probably get aids." She said. I was shocked. I couldn't believe the words that just came out of her mouth. San was laughing and gave Hayley a high five.

"Did you just say 'fuck'?" I asked, my cup halfway up to my mouth.

"Yeah, why?" She asked and San looked at me, giggling.

"Uh... You're 15." I said, looking at her with wide eyes.

"Yeah, so?" She asked.

"So... I don't know." I said and took a sip of my hot cocoa. San laughed and kissed my cheek. Hayley rolled her eyes.

"I can't believe you guys are getting married." She said with a smile, "You're gonna be my really hot sister-in-law." I chuckled and San did too.

"And you're gonna be MY really hot sister-in-law." Said San.

"You think I'm hot?" Hayley asked.

"Oh, yeah. You've got killer legs. Just like Brittany." Said San and I blushed a little.

"Really? Well, if you like my legs so much maybe a little later I'll throw them over your shoulders while you-"

"Hayley! Are you hitting on my fiancé?!" I yelled.

"...No." She said. I raised my eyebrows and she scoffed, "What? She's hot! So sue me."

"She is pretty hot huh?" I said smiling.

"I'm still sitting right here." Said San. I looked at her and smiled.

"Yes you are and you are so damn beautiful." I said, kissing her cheek.

"Kids! Dinner!" Yelled my dad from downstairs. Hayley groaned and rolled her eyes.

"Dad! Relax! We're coming!" She yelled at the top of her lungs as she walked out of the room. I giggled and turned to San who was standing up and holding out her hand for me to take. I took her hand and she helped me up before pulling me into her arms and kissing me softly. I smiled into the kiss and put the hand that wasn't holding my hot cocoa on the back of her neck, deepening our kiss. I hummed and moved a little closer.

"Hey, love birds! Dinner! Get your butts down here!" Yelled my dad from downstairs. I sighed and pulled away slowly.

"Do you think that maybe if we keep really quiet, he'll just forget we're up here?" She asked. I smiled and chuckled.

"He may be crazy but he's not stupid." I said before pecking her lips again. She smiled and nodded.

"Yeah.. Come on, let's go." She said before we walked out of Hayley's bedroom and made our way downstairs.

`°•.¸¸.•°` `°•.¸¸.•°` `°•.¸¸.•°``°``°•.¸¸.•°

"Five, four, three, two, one! Happy New Year!" Everybody in my house yelled as we counted down. I smiled and kissed San, wrapping my arms around her waist and pulling her closer to me.

"Happy New Year, sweetheart." I whispered against her lips. She smiled and pecked my lips once more before pulling away.

"Happy New Year." She said, "I'm super tired. Can I go to bed?"

"Yeah, I'll be right up." I said. San smiled and said goodnight and happy new year to my mom, dad and a sleeping Hayley before she went upstairs. I cleaned up a little and put everything in the kitchen before saying goodnight and going upstairs to my bedroom.

As soon as I walked in, San was hopping up and down trying to get on her pajama pants that were stuck at her feet. She had her hair in a messy bun on top of her head and she was wearing a tank top that had, 'Wanna Get It On?' printed on it. I smiled and closed the door before helping her out. She smiled shyly as I pulled her pants up her legs before pecking her cute little lips and taking my shirt off.

"You know, you could just sleep naked." I said as I put my sleep shirt on and then took off my pants to put on my pajama shorts.

"Babe! It's your parents house, I'm not gonna sleep naked." She said as she climbed into bed. I giggled and jumped into bed after her, cuddling up to her after she'd turned her bedside light off, "I forgot how much I love it in Lima."

"Mmm, me too. I wanna come live here again someday." I told her as I rested my arm around her waist and pulled her into me so that her back was flush against my front. I put my cheek on hers and gave her a little squeeze.

"You wanna live in your parents house again someday?" She asked jokingly. I scoffed.

"No, babe, you know what I meant." I said, chuckling.

"Yeah," she whispered, snuggling into me, "Me too. Maybe in the future when we have kids. I want our kids to be able to see your parents and my mom whenever, you know." I nodded slightly and closed my eyes.

"How many kids do you want?" I asked in a whisper. She chuckled quietly and squeezed my hand.

"Two." She said, "That way we'll have one of each." I smiled and kissed her ear.

"I like the sound of that." I told her, "But, what if we have two girls? Or two boys?"

"Then we just have more." She said and I smiled even bigger.

"Sounds like a plan."

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"Hola, my babies! How are you?!" Asked San's mom as we arrived at her house. She was peppering mine and San's faces with kisses. I giggled and gave her a hug. She's such a sweet lady.

"We're good, mom. Happy New Year." Said San. And then her mom looked at both our hands.

"Oh, my goodness! They're beautiful!" She exclaimed and then started pulling us inside, "Okay, now, you girls are going to sleep in Santana's old bedroom, si?"

"Okay. That's great." I said as San walked up the stairs to her room. I smiled as her mom pulled me aside and sat me down on the couch.

"Okay, Brittany. Now, since you're going to be my daughter-in-law, I have to ask you the question that every mother asks when their child is getting married." She said with her thick spanish accent, "What are your intentions with my baby?" she asked playfully. I smiled and chuckled a little before kissing her cheek.

"Well, I intend to marry her." I answered and Maribel chuckled, "And... I intend to... Love her unconditionally until the very day I die... Even after that."

"Well, that's a good answer Brittany." She said and then fixed the rose in her hair before getting up, "Now, come with me. Let's go find your fiancé. She's probably trying to open her bedroom door. It always got stuck when she was in high school and she used to get so irritated when she wasn't able to get in." Her mom explained as we walked upstairs to San's room. And San's mom was right because there she was, kicking the door, trying her utmost best to get it open.

"Mamá, esta maldita puerta está atascada otra vez." Said San with a groan.

"Okay, Santana, move away, let me help." Said her mom, who grabbed the doorknob, pulled the door back and pushed it open. San sighed and picked up our bags. I rushed to take them from her before following her into her bedroom.

"Thanks mama." Said San as she flopped down onto her bed as I put our bags down. Her mom smiled and patted her thigh before walking out.

"I'm going to start dinner. You girls must be hungry." She said.

"Oh, my god! We're starving!" Said San, "Mama, can you make some of your tacos?"

"Of course, mija!" Her mom exclaimed as she walked down the stairs and then started singing a spanish song. I laughed and lay down on top of my fiancé, letting my face hover over hers before closing the gap between us.

"I can't believe we're engaged." She mumbled against my lips. I smiled and nodded before pulling away.

"I know. It all seems too good to be true." I said softly as I moved a strand of hair out of her face. She chuckled softly and let a stray tear fall from her eye.

"You're gonna be my wife." She whispered happily as I wiped the tear away.

"And you're gonna be mine."

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