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The War was fierce, Sakura Kinomoto knew what she was doing... she had too.


Sakura looked up as she saw another metal monster land in front of her. "Shit..." Sakura panted as the sweat rolled down her cheeks.

A massive explosion was heard mere moments away from where Sakura was standing. The displacement of the ground made it hard for the machine to move. Sakura grinned.

"Got'cha!" She jumped into the air and, using her staff, plunged into the machine-type monster.


"How goes the battle Commander?"

Commander Jacob Railof turned around in his chair and gulped slightly as he looked slightly up at his leader. Leader Micheal Denver, otherwise known as Time Traveller to those who feared him.

"Its going okay sir, Kinomoto Sakura is putting up a hell of a fight against us. We should have the rest of them cleared up by morning"

Micheal's red eye-scanner that covered where his right eye would be glittered. "I'll go and deal with her... signal the machines, we are headed to Planet Three One Three"

"You mean, Planet Earth sir?"

Micheal looked to Jacob and narrowed his eyes at him. "Yes Commander, Planet Earth, if you mention that planet's name one more time... I will personally see to it that you get killed in front of your own family. Do you understand?"

Commander Railof nods his red haired head. "Yes s-s-i-r..."

[Back on the Battlefield on the surface of Mithern XII]

Sakura ducked as another huge wave of magical energy came her way, "That's getting closer..."


Sakura looked over to her right, Mint Blancmanche was running towards her, trying to get to her.

"Mint!" Sakura raced over to Mint and just barely managed to get a sheild up against the blasts coming thier way.

"Sakura" Mint panted as she put her hands on her knees. "Sakura, we've got a huge problem!"

"What-" Sakura put her staff in front of the pair to prevent any more blasts hitting them. "-is that?"

Mint pointed up in the sky and Sakura followed her friends finger...There it was... a huge battlecruiser.

"Is that wh-what I think it is?" Sakura stammered, trying to get her head around it.

Mint nodded and looked over to where her ship had landed. "We've got to get out of here before that ship, The Hyperion, blows us all to kingdom-come!"

Sakura nodded her head in agreement. "Anywhere is better then here, we've got to get back to Earth! We've got to warn the others!"

Mint nods again just as a giantic explosion occurs behind her, she turns her head just to see her beloved ship:- The Trickmaster get blown to pieces.

Sakura groaned and then look to a nearby building which collapsed at the same time The Trickmaster blew up.


Mint turns her head to Sakura. "Yeah!" She shouted, trying to be heard above the noise of the explosions all around them.

"Get away from here, someone has to report to the Battle Co-ordinators of Planet Earth's Space Corporation"

Mint blinks and looks over Sakura shoulder and spots the leader of the oppostion... someone she had hoped to never see... the powerful Time Traveller.

"You can't face him alone!"

Sakura lowers her head. "Mint, just trust me... get moving! I'll keep him distracted!"

"I'm already gone!" Mint races away from her best friend Sakura Kinomoto and makes it (Just barely) to a nearby starship.

"Get me out of here!"

"Yes ma'am!"

The last thing that Mint Blancmanche saw before leaving the planet was Sakura walking towards Time Traveller with her staff to her.

"Good luck Sakura... you'll need it"

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