I was watching the episode of wizards when Justin has the house interview and when Brad leaves vowing to find out what was to weird about the Russo's. and well i got the idea from that scence! and this is my take on a few other things also i hope that you enjoy the idea! i don't own Wizards of waverly place. please comment! also i can't update much this weekend because i am leaving tonight for the megacon though i will try to update frrom my iPod.

Brad Comes Back

The day when Brad Sherwood vowed that he would find out what was suspicious out the Russo family he wasn't fibbing. He was telling the truth, and for the next 4 years Brad investigates what was going on with the family. Tracking all of their activities, researching the parent's family, Theresa Larkin Russo heritage is Mexican. Nothing suspicious, but on the father's side that is where it got interesting. Jerome Russo, family from Italy, there was missing patches in the family records, almost as if it was deliberate. That is when Brad came to the conclusion- The Russo family is wizards!

Brad watches from behind crowds of people as Alex holds her baby girl at her hip. The baby is wide eyed and brown eyed. What a little freak, Brad whispers to himself. He watches with disgust as Mason the father of the baby and husband to Alex Russo- now Greyback. Comes up and gives Alex a kiss on the cheek and takes the baby from her hands.

"Come here, love." Mason says as he lifts up his six months old baby. The baby giggled as her bright brown eyes lay on her father.

"Come on Mason, let's head home." Alex says as she head in the direction if their apartment.

As the two freaks walk home Brad seethed with anger, he had the perfect plan to expose the Roussos for what they were.

A few days later

Alex was home with Mason and the baby when she got a weird call. Her cell phone began to call with an unknown number.

"Hello?" Alex asked,

"Hi, my name is Brad and I am local appraiser for art and I found one your works in a gallery and they gave me your info and I am looking to put your art in some of the finest art museums in New York, would you like to meet me in the next 30 mins at the Blue Bird café?"

A smile spread across Alex's face as she nodded her head and managed a smile, "Yes of course I will be right over."

"Who was that?" Mason asked turning his attention away from the TV.

"An art appraiser and he saw one of my works and he wants to put my work in a real museum!" Alex squealed.

"Oh darling that is amazing, when are you meeting him?"

"In about 30 mins would you like to come?" Alex asked nervously as she wrung her hands, she was worried about meeting the guy. She never had such an opportunity.

"Oh of course dear," Mason said with a smile, "but who will watch the baby?"

"We can drop her off with my parents. You know how they love her."

30 mins later

Brad watched as Mason and Alex walked hand in hand into the café. He gave a gritted his teeth, his plan was ruined. No worries I can improvise, Brad thought to himself. As Alex and Mason entered the café Brad flagged them down and pulled out two chairs.

"Hello, nice to finally meet you Alex and?" Brad said with fake cheerfulness as he shook hands with Alex.

"Oh yes this is my husband, Mason" Alex said as she placed a hand on Mason's bicep.

"Hello, such an honor to meet you." Brad said as he took Mason's hand. Brad shivered with disgust as Mason grasped his hand. Oh joy the werewolf, Brad thought to himself.

"Oh yes well Mason will you please get us some drinks? I would like to start talking with Alex about her art as soon as possible." Brad said quickly in hopes to get rid of the freak.

Mason's eyes darted between his wife and Brad. "Ok, I will be back in a jiffy." Mason stood up and went to the other side of the café and stood in the long line.

"So which art piece did you look at?" Alex asked turning back to Brad. Brad gave an evil smile, instead of replying he pulled out a gun underneath the table. Alex noticed that Brad's voice was serious.

"What is wrong?" Alex asked,

"Don't play dumb you bitch!" Brad snarled.

Alex's face fell and immediately she knew that something wasn't right. "Who are you?"

"That doesn't matter, but what does it that I know that you are a wizard and I have a gun and I am not afraid to shoot you. I have my men in various tables also armed so you can't run away or rely on your werewolf husband. So come peacefully or I will shoot you."

Alex froze; she knew that he wasn't fooling around. "Ok, I will go with you."

Brad led Alex to the exit of the café pushing her with the tip of the gun. There he lead her to the black car, the windows were tinted black so no one could see in. Brad pulled open the door and shoved Alex in.

Just as Alex was pushed in the car Mason spotted them leave as he ran out to see where they had gone. Mason couldn't believe it- Alex was kidnapped!

In the car

Alex was shoved into the back of the car. She pulled out her wand and tried to cast a spell but found that it wouldn't work. The car inside was lined with plastic!

"Don't try to escape; I know the wizard's weakness. You don't think I haven't done my homework have you?" Brad asked with a laugh as he drove to a location unknown.

"Who are you and why are you doing this?" Alex demanded.

Brad gave a laugh, "You are a fucking idiot! You really don't know who I am do you?" Brad asked with a sarcastic laugh.

Alex's eyebrows contracted as she looked at his reflection in the rearview mirror. Then she knew who it was! Brad Sherwood an old crush that she had when she was fifteen. He swore when he left the Russo that he would find out what was going on and he was serious.