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Conscious looked at Mason with her dark eyes. "Are you sure?"

Mason's eyes pleaded, "Yes I am sure I have to save the one I love."

"Brad you have to kill Brad, then you have to present yourself to Alex and show her magic that it safe to come out."

"But how do I 'present' myself?"

"Only the one that truly loves her can do that, I don't trust anyone else." Conscious said with an interested look. "Now you must leave, my powers run short." She snapped her fingers and Mason black out again.

When his eyes began to open again he was on the hard ground with Justin hovering over him. "Mason wake up." he kept saying over and over, as he occasionally patted Mason's face.

When Mason regained full conscious he wasted no time. "Justin I know how to save her. Her conscious told me how too. Now we have to go into that warehouse now. It is the only way."

Justin somehow knew not to question Mason. Going along with what he said they devised a plan. . .

Alex Russo still lay sleeping, but now she was tied up in a chair. Brad paced around her like a hungry dog. Brad was reaching his limit, his plan was to hold Alex hostage forcing someone to come and rescue her. Then he would threaten to kill her unless her rescuer preformed some kind of magic, then only would Brad would get his revenge.

Brad knew that it was a stupid plan but he couldn't accept it, he still had to carry it out. Lost in thought Brad didn't notice the front door of the warehouse open. When he finally did his other guard was knocked out.

"Where is Alex?" A deep male voice called out. It belonged to Justin Russo.

Brad turned to them with a smile, "Hello gentlemen, I see that you have found my little hideout."

"Give me Alex." Mason cried with a growl as he charged to Brad pushing him into a nearby wall.

"Oh Mason, Mason, Mason, you are such a fucking retard. Do you really think that I would give her to you?" Brad said with an evil smile.

"No, of course not. The question was just a curiosity; you will be gone for once and for all." Mason said his eyes gone cold.

Mason began to transform in to a werewolf, with his now sharp teeth he sank his teeth into Brad's throat and tore it up. Brad screamed in pain, Mason pulled away making him sinks to the ground. Brad tried to breath but was too pained, raising his hands to his bloody throat. It was amazing how he was still alive.

Then just as Mason was going to finish Brad off he whispered something that rattled Mason's body stopping him in his tracks. "Alex may be carrying a baby soon and don't be surprised if it isn't yours."

Mason had his clawed hand raised above his hand but then he stopped but then came back to reality. Swiping a hand across his throat he ripped out Brad's soucoughagus. (A/N: Sorry I don't know how to spell it.)

Mason who breathed in and out deeply just stared at the dead man that lay before him. Mason started to run to the end of the warehouse his steps echoed eerily. Then Mason found Alex tied up. He pulled her restrained off of her and cradled her in his arms.

Running his hands through her hair he begged her to wake up. "Alex dear, you can wake up now. You are safe. When you wake up we will handle things together." He said as he latched his lips onto her's.

After a few moments Alex woke up in confusion but then she returned the kiss. Alex felt warmth return to her finger tips, she felt tired but rested. Mason pulled away and looked at his beloved for the first time in what felt like ever.

A few days passed and Alex was a little shaky but she recovered within a week. But something was still bothering Mason. It was what Brad had said, did he mean that he raped Alex? Mason decided that he had to ask Alex.

"Uh Alex, love I have to ask you something." Mason said nervously.

"Yeah, what is it?" Alex asked turning her head to him.

"Umm, did Brad rape you?" He asked the little bubble that Mason had created as he danced around the topic. But he ruined that with that one question.

Alex looked as if she was going to cry, memories horrible memories flashed through her mind, she died a little on the inside. Alex looked down, "Mason, I am sorry but I can't say. I just am not ready to talk about it just yet."

Mason felt horrible; he never meant to hurt her. Reaching over to hug Alex, she flinched. She was still sensitive to touch. "Oh Alex my dear I am so sorry. But when you are you can tell me. Remember that I will always love you." He said as he her close.

As the days passed Alex decided that she needed to tell Mason everything that went on. "Mason, I am ready to tell you." Alex whimpered.

Mason looked up from the baby and gave her a serious glance. "Are you sure?"

"Yeah, so please save any comments for the end. I just have to spit this out." Alex said as she began her tale. Mason's expression went from scared to concern and back again. When Alex finished she was crying. Though Brad may not have raped her it was possible.

Mason held her close with the baby in hand. "Alex its ok we will get through this."

"Mason are you sure? Mason I am scared, I don't want to have his child. He may or may not have you know and I don't want that to happen."

"Alex my love, if you want we can do a pregnancy test."

"I think it will be for the best. And Mason if I am pregnant I don't want to have the baby. I couldn't live with myself."

Mason nodded and went to the store to by the test. His thoughts were occupied as he browsed for the test. When he made his way to the register he absent mindedly took out his wallet. Making his way back to the apartment in a hurry he found Alex putting the baby down to sleep.

"Ok, I got it but are you ready?"

Alex nodded her head took the test from Mason and headed into the bathroom. After a few mins of staring at the test she saw one single line- a negative sign. She wasn't pregnant.

Alex opened the door and ran into Mason's arms. "I'm not pregnant." She cheered.

"Oh dear I am so glad, now maybe we can live a somewhat normal life." Mason smiled.