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Katniss 5 years old:

"Wake up, honey," Katniss's father had said while shaking her shoulder. Today was her first day of kindergarten she couldn't miss this. Katniss shot out of her bed, she ran to the kitchen to eat breakfast.

"Mama, what did you make for breakfast today?" Katniss asked her mother who was with child. Her mother was having trouble trying to carry a child to term, since Katniss she has had two miscarriages, and one child that was stillborn. Her mother chuckled but losing three children had aged her considerably, her eyes were no longer the bright blue they used to be, in their place was a dull chalky blue, and her body seemed frail, almost as if you could blow her over. Katniss's mother sat a plate of scramled eggs with a slice of toasted bread in front of her. Katniss looked at her eggs then at her mother.

"Are these the eggs I collected?" She asked her mother. Her father raised a few chickens in the outskirts of District 12. Nobody else would leave the fence except for her and her father, nobody dared to, because it was illegal.

"Yes they are," her mother answered. Katniss grinned triumphantly.

After eating her meal with a look of pride on her face, Katniss walked back to her room, her mother following closely behind.

"Katniss, do you want to wear a dress today?" Her mother asked.

"Ummm, well, okay," Katniss shrugged her tiny shoulders. Katniss's mother pulled a red plaid dress out of her closet, while Katniss clapped and danced in a circle. After fifteen minutes, Katniss was finally dressed and almost ready for her first day of school. She sat on a stool while her mother put her hair in two braids down her back.

"Leena, are you two ready?" Katniss's father asked peaking his head through the doorway.

"Yes we are," Katniss's mother replied. They both grabbed Katniss's hands and walked her toward the school. When the road split so did they. Katniss's father worked in the forest during the day. There wasn't a pay, but he somehow got all the resources they needed. Katniss and her mother continued on their way to the only school in the small district. As they approached Katniss became more and more excited. As they arrived Katniss saw all of the kids there. They knew she was from the seam so they didn't really pay any attention to her. This made Katniss sad, because if they always thought of her like that she would never make friends. A little blond boy with amazingly blue eyes stared at her though. Katniss decided to approach him and see if he would be her friend.

"Hi, I'm Katniss," she said sticking out her hand. She had only lost one tooth so far and it didn't really affect her speech.

"Hi Katniss, I'm Peeta," he replied shaking her had. Already lost his two front teeth, Katniss thought he looked and sounded goofy. She knew though, that he would be a good friend.

"Will you be my best friend?" She asked him.

"Of course, Katniss!" Peeta's chubby cheeks lit up and he grabbed Katniss's hand and pulled her towards the school.

When they first reached the classroom Katniss and Peeta stared in amazement at the amount of toys in the bin. A kind looking woman, moved in front of them blocking their view.

"Our first class today will be music," she said with a smile. The students say in a stool circle with the tea her in the middle.

"Does anyone know the valley song?" She asked.

Katnisss hand shot straight up in the air. "Katniss," Mrs. Mags called.

Katniss stood and sang, when she was through everyone clapped and cheered for her, she blushed and sat down. Katniss decided she liked the attention.

At recess Katniss and Peeta played in the grassy area with lots of flowers. It was Katniss's idea but Peeta agreed. So they had their own little game of tag going when two older boys walked up.

"You should come play with us Peeta, mother would be disappointed that your playing with seam trash," the younger looking one said. This brought tears to Katniss's young eyes, but she knew it would be the first of many insults. The older looking one just shook his head at the boy who just spoke.

"Well she's my fwend and I don't care what mom finks," Peeta said standing up as tall as he could in front of Katniss, speaking like his five year old self. Katniss had tears in her eyes, she turned and ran towards the edge of the playground that was shaded by trees. Katniss sat under a tree and cried. She knew that with the likeness in the looks of the boys they must all be brothers. If his mother didn't like Seam people then Katniss guessed that they couldn't be friends. She avoided him like the plague for the rest of the day. She sulked in the corner, there she met Madge the mayors daughter and the kindergarten trouble-maker. They got along well and before she knew it Katniss had a friend. Peeta of course stared at her looking hurt the whole time, but Katniss was not compliant. She would not get him in trouble with his mother. Katniss and Madge played with the building blocks. They built a castle which actually looked like a block.

"We can both be princesses!" Madge squealed, she was surprisingly girly for such a trouble-maker.

"Who's the prince?" Katniss asked.

"Well, maybe if we asked him," Madge said pointing to Peeta, "he might be our prince, he's been staring over ere all day, maybe he wants to be our friend," Madge was not missing any teeth yet, she had also taken speech lessons, so she could talk like every first grader Katniss had ever met. "Of course, he'd have to pick one of us," she said grinning evilly and waving at him. Peeta turned red and started playing with the closest toy to him, which happened to be a doll. He turned even redder and walked to the nearest car to play with. Katniss couldn't help but chuckle.

At the end of the day Katniss was excited to see her parents. She saw that both Peeta and Madge only had their fathers come to get them. She wondered why? Peeta walked over to Katniss with his father.

"Leena, Bryce," the large man said shaking Katniss's father's hand and hugging her mother. "Peeta was wanting to know if he could come play," the man said.

"Of course," her mother replied, "Katniss this is Andrew Mellark,"

"Hi Katniss," he greeted her, sticking his large hand out to Katniss.

"Hello Mr. Mellark," Katniss said shking his hand.

Katniss pulled Peeta away as the adults continued with a conversation.

"Peeta what about your muver," Katniss said her tiny voice trembling on the last word.

"I just wanna be your fwend," Peeta replied to the bewildered Katniss. Suddenly she smiled, running towards her home and past her parents who were chuckling, she shouted, "Catch me if you can!"

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