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It's hard to believe that I am sitting here, in my home, on the couch, with Peeta and Prim. Everything is going to be all right, the monsters are dead! Why do I feel that something bad is going to happen? It's deep in the pit of my stomach, growing slowly, that feeling you get when you are dreading what happens next even though you don't know what that is.
We didn't unpack anything, fearing it would have to be packed right back into the car and we'd have to run, again.
Father was helping the injured and people who's homes were destroyed by the monsters when they died. Prim was napping curled up into Peeta's side. Peeta had a book "Zombie Games" he was concentrating very hard, scrunching his face up at every turn of the crisp pages.
"You realize there are 4 of those right? The author hasn't even finished publishing them." I say to Peeta who was never much of a reader, I read all of them and was sad when I realize if have to wait for the next one. Madge gave me the set one year for Christmas.
"Meh," he says waving his hand at me never moving his eyes from the book.
I chuckle standing and walking to the kitchen. I began making dinner. Baked chicken and potatoes with some corn and snow grapes. These were dad's favorite fruit it is similar to regular grapes but they only grow in the winter. They are the sweetest things I've tasted yet and make wonderful wine.
I make sure that everything is in place and I walk to the living room to find my dad laughing at Peeta while holding Prim. Peeta was almost done with the first book he had the other three stacked on the floor in front of him.
"Dinner is ready guys, go wash up," I command. My father walks to the bathroom with Prim. Peeta looks at me pleading to let him finish reading his book.
"Peeta! Go wash up now! You can read afterwards," I try to be serious but I end the sentence laughing hysterically.
I return to the kitchen washing my hands in the sink and then sitting at the table. Peeta and father walk in swinging Prim between them. I laughed and motioned for them to sit. My father prays and then we eat.
Shouts of alarm come from our front yard and sudden pounding on the door.
I drop my fork onto my plate, standing, I'm used to being the head of the house. My father also stands, meeting my gaze and nodding. I jump lithely over the couch to grab my bow and arrows. My father meets me at the door. He raises his hand holding up one finger, two, then three. He rips the door open as I aim for whoever was pounding on the door.
"Let us in please!" A woman I do not recognize says. I look behind her to see two children, one girl close to the age of 12 and a very young boy most likely Prim's age.
I pull my father back, allowing them entry.
"What's going on?" I ask.
"The people... They aren't... They act like... Not human..." The woman huffs out. I realize she is pregnant, by the roundness of her lower belly. I guide her to the couch.
"How far along are you?" I ask
"I was due last week," she grimaces.
"How do we know you aren't going to turn into whatever those monsters are?"
"They didn't touch me, as far as I can tell the virus is spread by contact: scratching, biting, etc. As long as they do not touch an open wound you should be fine."
"How would you know?"
"I am a doctor at the hospital in District 3, my family was on vacation. My husband, they got him, I had to kill him." She replies looking down.
"How do you kill them?"
"As far as I can tell as long as you damage their brain or severe the cerebral link to the spinal cord, basically cut their head off, they should die. Well die more than they are already dead."
"Peeta!" I shout.
He comes in carrying Prim on his shoulders, she is giggling and ripping at his hair, poor boy.
"Can I see that book?" I ask reaching for his pocket where the book was tucked safely.
"Yeah, sure," he says pulling the book out and handing it to me. I open it skimming through reading the important parts.
"Zombies," I whisper.
"What?" Peeta asks.
"The people outside, they're zombies," I reply.
Someone knocks at the door. My dad opens it to find head of security, Haymitch Abernathy.
"Come with me, you are needed," he says to my father.
"If I'm not back within 2 days, take the escape route, I'll meet you there. I love you girls. Take care of them Peeta." He hugs us all, grabs his gun, and walks out the door.
"Hungry?" I stand, asking the mother.
"Yes, feed my children first please?" She asks.
"We have enough for everyone," I reply. "Help yourselves," I point to the kitchen.
I return the book to Peeta's hand.
"I think I'm going to check the situation out," I say standing and walking to my room. I grab clothes I could run in, a pair of fitted black capris that my mother used to work out in, and a blue fitted tshirt.
I make my way downstairs where I put on my trainers and grab my bow and arrows. I nod to Peeta who looks at me too worried for words.
"I'll be right back," I say opening the door.
At first it seems as if my neighbors are walking around, planning to visit someone perhaps. After a closer glance I see how deathly discolored they look, how they walk with no real direction. I here a sudden growl, my neighbor Noah is on top of his girlfriend Angela. He looks like he is sucking on her neck, then the side of her head, now her forehead.
"Get off of her!" I yell. Rape was common here in District 12, especially in pretty girls like Angela.
He lifts his head, looking at me, now I see that he is discolored too. He wasn't raping her, he was stacking her. She was most definitely dead by the looks of the indentation in the back of her head. He must have pushed her down.
Noah stood, slowly approaching me.
"Noah, stop, I really don't want to kill you," I say softly as to not anger him.
He continues towards me, grunting and growling. A sudden noise makes him turn his head. Angela is standing behind him. How is that possible? Her head was to damaged for her to be alive. Maybe she's not alive?
I see now that she is also discolored. So the change doesn't take very long. I nock my bow and pull back firing at Noah's head. It hits my mark, between his eyes and he falls to the ground. I do the same thing to Angela and then I retrieve my arrows.
Turning to re-enter my house I see that I am blocked, by about 12 of them beating on the house. I run behind them to the back of my house. I knock on the back door twice, two sharp knocks. They would know I'm not a zombie.
Peeta moves the curtain back to see who was knocking. When he sees it is me a look I relief crosses his face as he pulls the door open.
"I thought you were gone! They were all beating on the house, I didn't see you!" He says hugging me to him.
"I'm fine, Peeta," I say hugging him back.
"Everybody is in the basement," he says grabbing my free hand and pulling me downstairs.
I see the woman and her kids are sitting on the couch we have places in the middle of the basement. I pull Peeta to the table where we normally play cards.
"We need a plan to draw the zombies away from our house," I say seriously.
"I agree," he replies.
We devise a plan that will lead us to the woods where we will stay a night and then back home after we are sure it's worked.
"Effie!" I call out what I found to be the woman's name.
"Yes, dearie?" She relies. I grimace at her bright tone. How could she be happy right now?
"We are going to draw the zombies away. Do you think you can keep the baby inside you until we return tomorrow?" I ask almost demandingly.
"I've had two children, I would know if this one was coming any time within the next 24 hours and it's not,"
"Good, c'mon Peeta, let's get ready," I say pulling him upstairs to our weapons where he chooses his favorite shotgun and a belt of knives I got him for his birthday two years ago.
"Ready?" I ask him with a smirk as I take off out the back door making as much noise as possible.
"What are you doing?" He shouts laughing.
"Catch me if you can, Peeta!" I shout taking in my surroundings as the zombies close to our house follow Peeta and into the woods.

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