Title: A Different Kind of Dead

Summary: After an epidemic zombifies the world, survivor Bella Swan must make her way from hard-hit Florida to the supposedly untouched Northwest. Along the way she finds that zombies aren't the only monsters out there.

Disclaimer: All the Twilight stuff is owned by Stephanie Meyers.

Chapter One: Pandemic Blues

"This is the way the world ends; not with a bang or a whimper, but with zombies breaking down the back door." – Anna Hocking Hollowland

Looking back, there had been signs. For months there had been a steadily rising number of missing ships in the Atlantic. The media blamed everything, weather patterns, navigational errors, even pirates. But nothing really struck as true, the ships just vanished, no warning, no distress calls, just gone.

Six months before the outbreak one cargo ship near the west coast of Africa sent out a message before its instruments went dark:

Crew sick. Injuries grave.

The ship ran aground on a small island in the Cape Verde chain a two weeks later. It was the last time anyone on the island contacted the outside.

It took a while for the news to really pick up on the story. There were larger, closer disappearances to report on, and the public was getting tired of the story anyway. But then something happened on the coast of Senegal. Something which spread rapidly to Mauritania and Mali. Cities went dark, and reporters around the world rushed in.

What came out was confused bits of information, something about a sickness, a new epidemic. People started to flee the continent. But it was no use. Sixteen days after the rest of the world cut off emigration from Africa, fearing outbreak, another ship ran aground, this time in Haiti. Two days later all communication from the East coast of South America tapered off. It happened so quickly no one even knew where it had started.

But this time the world was watching. Before the communication lines ended, videos got out. Shaky, grainy images from camera phones and the clearer images from local news stations. Images that shocked the world.

The word zombie was suddenly splashed across front pages everywhere. So was the word apocalypse.

Author's Note: Alright, new story! I'm trying something new here with the super short chapters. Hopefully this will help with getting things out as soon as they are written since I won't be waiting until I can get to some elusive word count. A couple things about this story are planned out already, but one big question right now: should the Cullens be human or vampires? Let me know in a review if you have a preference.