Title: A Different Kind of Dead

Summary: After an epidemic zombifies the world, survivor Bella Swan must make her way from hard-hit Florida to the supposedly untouched Northwest. Along the way she finds that zombies aren't the only monsters out there.

Disclaimer: Everything Twilight is owned by Stephanie Meyer.

Chapter 3 Peaches

"Zombies can't believe the energy we waste on nonfood pursuits." ― Patton Oswalt, Zombie Spaceship Wasteland: A Book by Patton Oswalt

Though the store had seemed relatively preserved from the outside, Bella found the inside to be equivalent to a war zone. Once she was passed the blown open doors she was able to see that most of the huge, long shelves had been overturned. The smell of rotting food was thick in the air, and bugs and rats were in plain sight.

To her right was what seemed to have been the grocery section. The worst of the smell seemed to originate here, and Bella fumbled in her jean pocket and pulled out her trusty nose plug as she stepped carefully through an overturned display of…something. Something that had been in glass jars and now smelled like rotten fish.

Slipping the swimmer's plug over the bridge of her nose she caught sight of a mostly intact light orange label among the mess. Peaches. Huh. They certainly didn't resemble peaches any more.

It was a shame, really, that most stores put their freshest things up front. She understood the concept, really, but in a practically post-apocalyptic world this habit of grocery arrangement meant that she had half a store to crawl through before finding anything that might still be good.

She silently thanked whoever had come up with sunlights though. With no electricity they were the only reason she could see her hand in front of her face in a store this large. It wasn't the same bright, clear light she had once been used to, but it was enough to avoid the bigger messes and read labels by.

It took a good ten minutes before Bella made it passed the produce, dairy, and frozen sections. The bread aisle was a moldy waste, and it was mostly empty anyway. There must have been a lot of looting right after the power went out, she figured.

The first of the canned food aisles had standing shelves, though they were completely empty at first glance. This was normal though.

Bella unhooked the small keychain flashlight she'd attached to a belt loop and kneeled down.

In the haste to grab any and all non-perishables, people tended to miss anything shoved back on the lowest shelves. A big store like this had deep shelves, and the potential that edible food stuffs were lingering was high.

Slowly, Bella crawled along the floor shining her small light into the lower shelves.

A can of refried black beans was the first find. She grinned when she found it, beans were a good find, lots of nutrients and they didn't have to be cooked. She rarely chanced a cooking fire.

The next find was a small box with six cans of tomato sauce. Not an exciting discovery, but a good one none-the-less. Bella shoved the box into her open duffle quickly and moved on.

By the end of the first aisle she added two cans of mixed vegetables and a glass jar of sliced beets that looked edible. She'd need to check for an expiration date on that one later, but for now it had looked good.

The next aisle was mostly boxed foods, and the rats had obviously claimed this as their new home. She checked anyway, just in case, and found a single box of pasta that had not been chewed into yet.

In this way Bella finished searching the grocery aisles. By the end of it, she had gathered only half what her duffle bag could hold, and had not added anything to the backpack.

Looking toward the 'Employee Only' doors she debated checking the back rooms. Surely there was food back there.

The double doors had windows in them, through which Bella could tell that the back areas did not have the sky lights she was currently enjoying.

Deciding to wait for now, Bella changed course and went to find the shoe department. It was time to see if she could find a pair of boots.