This is just a little something I threw together in, like, ten minutes or less on a little piece of paper I found while out with my friends. I image it taking place on a subway, in the POV of some random woman standing beside Merlin when he answers his phone. Just a little snippet into their daily lives, really. :)

"Hello? Arthur?"

"Oh, would you look at that! He's finally bothered answering."

"I answer all the time."

"Yes, for Thomas Gray and others who don't seem to like me very much. I do wonder what sort of sense it makes to answer your mobile when business associates call but not for your actual employer, Merlin."

"That is not how it is at all, sir. I always answer for you."

"If 'always' means 'never' all of a sudden, perhaps."

"Well, maybe it's only because I already know what you're going to say."

"Oh, is that what it is? Go on, then, o mighty sorcerer—what am I going to say?"

"'You're already forty-five minutes late, Merlin,' and, 'I desperately need those papers that I forgot to take with me to the conference, Merlin,' and, 'Can you somehow reach into the very fabric of space and time and make the train get here faster, Merlin?'"

"Can you do that?"


"All right, then! No need to turn into a grumpy old troll. Just get here as fast as you can; I'll be in the hotel lobby."

"I'll be running through the streets with abounding haste, sire."

"Good. Don't trip and hurt yourself."

"I'll try very hard not to, sire."

"Stop calling me that. You're only saying it because you're annoyed."

"Why would you think that? It's not as if you're being annoying."

"Merlin. Shut up."


"Well, then...see you...when you get here."

"Yes, sire."


I love picturing Merlin as having more of the old "Dragoon the Great's" personality in my TVITD-verse. The Old Man Merlin by himself is one of my most favorite characters ever!
Also: (336) 529-7327. That's my cell phone number. I told you because I'm about to say something probably random and very desperate: I'm going to camp this week, and by that I mean I'm being all but forced to attend a glorified youth activity where I'm basically trapped in two rooms for five days straight with at least forty people wearing culottes, and a three-minute shower limit. I would absolutely love nothing more than to hear from any one of you during the next few days, so please do send me a text if you're bored (like I will be). Just a simple "this is (insert penname), I read your Merlin stuff, hi" would be great. A weird request to make, I know, but I would actually love to get to know my regular readers better, anyway, and it will really help me not feel entirely trapped this week; trust me, by the third day, I'm gonna need it. lol Crossing my fingers in hopes that one of you will take me up on it. Hehe
In any case, have a good week and I'll try to post something else soon! :)