the earthquake

Sunnydale, 1937

When the master and his vampire minions invaded this church, the parishoners were terrified. Were these really demons, or merely insane and disfigured humans? Despite being physically hurt by certain objects here, they vampires didn't let up. Luke seemed to be the Master's main vampire. The Master would've liked to share this event with Darla, but he couldn't find her in time to share this ritual. At any rate they would achieve their ultimate goal, the end of all life. The order of Aurelius murdered most of the people in this church. A few they sired, more damned souls to witnes the end of the world. They even turned Absolom, the preacher who'd been talking about Christ hours before. The new vampires ate the few remaining humans. Many of these slaughtered innocents had prayed to God for help. The Master considered this a great irony. A sign that evil had forever triumphed over good. Here, on the hellmouth they would complete their sacred mission of destroying the plague of humanity. The Master began the ritual to open the hellmouth. But as he was performing the earth began to shake. But this was not what the Master had anticipated. What was going on? The ritual failed because of the earthquake. It was several weeks before the Master physically recovered. Even then he remained trapped underground, unable to break free. None of his minions dared to mention this, but the timing seemed odd. Even for California it seemed oddly coincidental that an earthquake would miraculously save the world at the last minute. When God failed to save his followers they assumed that evil had won. But maybe something was looking out for humanity that day.