'Kay! So I had this idea in my head.

Sort of inspired by the song "Blown Away" by Carrie Underwood, hence the name.

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I back into a corner as far as possible, but it doesn't prevent the sensation of a warm, sticky liquid go down my face. Crimson drips onto the hard marble floor as I grip my left eye I can no longer see through. The smell of alcohol mixed with the sickening scent of my own blood fills the room. Immediately, I push past the one who had attacked me, distancing myself from the figure that wields the now shattered bottle that had been used as a weapon. A hard tug sends me backwards and implants shards of glass into the palms of my hands as I hit the floor.

"Pick this mess up." My father spits on the ground before retreating to the other room to obtain a new bottle of liquor. I quickly stand to begin an attempt of fleeing, but a light headed sensation consumes me-likely from blood loss. I take a few steps sideways into a guard, who does nothing to help me out of fear of my father: King of Hyrule. Given his nature, he would surely have any one assisting me executed. There has never been a way out of it, and no one dared speak up on the matter. Not after Impa was dismissed from her duties a year ago, leading many-myself included-to believe she had been killed. In a matter of minutes, my world is spinning out of control and I can't make my vision clear anymore. My father doesn't come back into the room, thank Farore. But that fact means little to nothing as my consciousnesses slips from me.

I open my eye and then pull the blanket over my head, blocking sunlight from my view. When did I get into my room? Was someone with me right now? Curiosity getting the better of me, I sit up wincing in pain thanks to the cuts on my hands that are somehow wrapped. "Who's there?" I ask, observing my surroundings to reveal I was back in my chamber. No one could be seen from looking around, so I decide to lay down again. Soon I coax myself to sleep again, only to awaken at sundown.

I faintly hear a male voice from the other side of my door, likely a guard. "Do you think she's up yet?"

I hear another, "She will have to be up soon. It's the tenth." The second one says on the other side of the door as my eyes widen. The tenth, today, is supposed to be my engagement announcement to the whole kingdom. My fiancé had been picked by my father, spelling misfortune for me. I know who he picked. His best friend Dorobou's son, a complete stranger to me. As if their friendship wasn't in their favor already, the Gerudo Territory, where they're from is known for their excellent supply of weaponry. Something needed for the war against the Termina.

A knock on the door alarms me. "Get up, now." The first guard insists. I smirk, I don't even have to respect of those loyal to the castle. As if it matters to me. They don't help me when I need them, so why is it my concern how they talk to me? And yet they will address me by my title, only in the presence of my father, who treats them as dogs. Pathetic. Though I don't blame them. I'm their living example of why to fear the drunkard of a king.

I stand up and walk to my closet, looking through the countless gowns until I find a specific blue one. Jeweled silk until the waist line, lace sleeves slightly longer than my arms, and a ruffled skirt that reaches covers my feet. If I'm going to die later today might as well wear this once. I think, examining myself in the mirror. A bittersweet smile spreads on my face for half a second. The only thing I own from my mother and I decide to wear it with the knowledge my life could reach an unpredictable end. I'm getting engaged to a man of my father's choice. Nayru knows he would pick someone as wicked as him. Maybe worse. I can't assume he's better than what I assume seeing how his father acts on his visits to the castle.

"The king wants you in the throne room immediately." I hear the second one. I slip on gloves to cover up the bandages on my hands, despite the fact there's no way I can cover the bandages over my eye.

"Coming." I respond while twisting the gold door nob. I pass the guards standing at my door, and they follow. Apparently I needed an escort. "I can walk alone to the throne room. It's just past the dining hall."

I feel the cold metal of their armor rub against my arms, signalling they are now next to me. "Unfortunately we have orders to come with you so you remain punctual." The one to my right remarks. Leave it to my father to avoid any chances of me trying to procrastinate-one of the only things I can do as a form of defiance and not have a harsh punishment. At least not as harsh as last night. A not forms in my stomach as I enter the throne room, still accompanied by my unwanted "loyal" servants.

A snakelike grin is on my father's face as he gestures for the guards to leave my side. He yanks my wrist to lead me to the balcony, where a roaring crowd is beneath us. "People of Hyrule," He begins, silencing them. "As we enter war with Termina and begin a new era of prosperity and integrity..." I tune out the rest for a moment. As if he has the capability to give these people those privileges through bloodshed and murder. I think as I start to pay attention to my temporarily sober father. "...I bring good news. As a union with the Gerudo to ensure our victory, my daughter Zelda Harkinian is to wed Ganondorf Dragmire." He gestures to the other side of him where I am not currently standing, thus making a figure I assume is Ganondorf's presence known.

Father steps back and Ganondorf turns to me, and kneels to take my hand and kiss it. I refrain from showing how repulsive I think he is. Sickly green skin-surely not caused by sun exposure and freezing cold, golden eyes- an arrogant look in them, and his menacing grin. He stands and wraps an arm around my shoulder, forcing me to avoid shivering or tensing up at his firm touch that from other eyes would likely be seen as gentle. I force a smile to appear as if I were happy, gaining a less intense stare from my father. Though I get the feeling Ganondorf isn't convinced. Despite that, he leads me back into the throne room with Father, who informs us that we have to go down there and enjoy the feast. So within the next ten minutes I'm walking arm and arm with my fiancé down the carpeted steps and down into the people-filled ballroom.

He pulls a chair for me, finally getting his disgusting arm off me. I sit quickly, but not enough to make it seem like I'm trying to keep my distance. "Thank you." I say with a failed attempt of using a decent tone. Ganondorf sits next to me without uttering a single word. Beverages are poured and eventually someone speaks up and purposes a toast. A speech is made on how grateful the citizens are the Gerudo territory will have a hand in the war for Hyrule's side and that with Ganondorf here they're ensured I'm in good hands along with the rest of the kingdom, especially when we take throne. Oblivious to my noticeable wounds, Ganondorf's disturbing vibe. All of it. I bet they don't even know their king is an alcoholic. Their ignorance would be pitiful if I weren't in the situation of this moment.

The conversations become overwhelming, I eat little to nothing and no one notices or offers me food in the first place. Eventually it's sun down judging by looking out the windows. The talking dies down as I hear music slowly creep into the background. Ganondorf stands up and moves in front of me, holding out a hand. "Care to dance?" The first words he's said all night and yet it's to request my participation in an activity I dread. I take his hand anyways and stand. Maybe if I have a convincing performance Father will be pleased with me for once so I can have a good night's sleep for the first time in a good while... I think as he leads me to the area encircled with people watching those dancing. People retreat to join the circle as Ganondorf turns to face me and puts a hand on my hip, starting to take lead. The music tempo picks up and turns into a joyful tune. If only I could feel the happiness of the majority of the people here. But a voice in the back of my mind tells me it won't be possible with the road I'm going down in life.

Finally we aren't in motion anymore. We start to head up the steps once again, taking away my small taste of false freedom. When we enter the throne room I realize the iron grip he has on me, forcing me to follow. We go into the dining hall for a brief moment and see our fathers discussing something. After passing a few doors, including the one leading to my chamber, we go up the steps and on one of the roofs of the castle. He releases me for a minute, then I find myself pinned to the wall, Ganondorf inches from my face. "Get away from me! !" I yell.

"Now why would I do that, sweetheart?" He gets closer, starting to move his free hand I've kept my gaze fixed on since he restricted my movements. Predicting his next action, I spit on his face as a last resort, not wanting to kick him seeing I'm in a dress. I'm rewarded for my five seconds of bravery with a punch to the face. I don't move my face from its current position looking to the left of me rather than straight at him, but my eyes gaze into his. Now I've done it. Ganondorf has that sly grin on his face again. Before I can think of what he's up to I hear fabric rip and the stinging sensation of a cut go from my shoulder to my waist diagonally. Ganondorf places his knife back into its sheath that has been concealed the whole time, possibly anticipating my resistance. It hurts to breathe. Thankfully he seems satisfied with my injury and he walks away. I sink to my knees and hug myself for a bit even though it does nothing to ease the pain.

Soon I go down the steps, feeling blood ooze with every step. I have one hand keeping my clothes from falling apart and the other to lean on the wall. I become light headed, but remain determined to get to my chamber and attempt to barricade the door. I'm sure my father has heard of the incident from Ganondorf. If not he must have heard me yell. When I do enter my room, I find a first aid wrap on my dresser. I don't question its convenience and instead try to tend to my wound. I take off my ripped and bloodied keepsake from my mother and then start to wrap the wound, wincing in pain. From the other side of the door I hear footsteps coming down the hall, so I immediately get a grip on my book case and drag it from the corner of the room to in front of the door. I fall backwards against the bookcase, and I hear something hit the floor. With my hand shaking uncontrollably I use my hand to slide the book that fell across the floor to me. The sound it made as it hit the floor confuses me, it doesn't look like it's heavy enough to produce a sound like that. I shake the book up and down to hear something hit the hard cover. So the book was hollow? Its strange pattern of a red eye with a single tear drop coming from it looks vaguely familiar but I can't remember why.

I brush that fact aside and open the large book. A folded piece of paper, an outfit, and a bag are occupying the hollow book. The note was written in careful handwriting and I can read it without difficulty after unfolding it.

"Princess Zelda,

enclosed is what is necessary to escape. It was a request of Impa's for me to assist you in the event things truly got out of hand and your life was put in danger. I apologize for my late intervention but I know you're strong in mind and spirit and can handle hardships when the situation calls for it. The bag contains items you will need sooner or later, and I'm assuming you will likely put the potion to use rather quickly. I know you won't be familiar with the crystals you will find in there. The red one is a spell known as Din's Fire. The blue: Nayru's love. The green, Farore's Wind is most important to you right now. Once you've made preparations, call forth Farore's Wind. You shall be transported out of the castle. I pray afterwards you stay alive and well.

- Sahasrahla."

I fold the note, processing what I just read. Grabbing the bag, I pull out the bottle containing a blue liquid. Likely the potion "Sahasrahla" described. The cork on the bottle makes a little noise when I pull it out, causing a little fear despite the door being blocked. I calm myself before I risk the chance of dropping the delicate glass and drink half of the potion. I feel more focused, and thankfully I'm relieved of my pain for now... and there's something else I can't place. Standing up, I lean on the bookcase and I look around to see if there's anything I want to take with me. Several moments of walking around the room I find nothing I want to take. So I go ahead and put on the outfit and examine myself in the mirror. The patted protection on it gives me a masculine figure, and conveniently there is a scarf I can pull up to cover my face. After looking at the design on the outfit that is similar to the book, I realize why it's so familiar. It all traces back to Impa. She had an eye on her outfit with a single tear drop on it, just as the design on my current apparel. Though I've long forgotten the meaning of the symbol I am certain of one thing. It represents the Sheikah tribe, shadow of the Royal Family.

Brilliant. If I slip up and reveal knowledge of things only those involved with the castle would know, I have an explanation. I think before noticing a strange scent coming from somewhere in the room. No matter where I walk around the scent is strong. Then I look down at the scarf I decided to let cover my face. "It couldn't be..." I mutter. My eye widens when I don't hear my voice say that even though I'm positive I was the one who spoke. As observation I pull the scarf under my chin so it's no longer covering my face. "Hm..." I hear my voice return, no longer sounding like a male's. I get it! The scarf... something having to do with that smell makes it so I sound like a guy! Plus with the overall outfit I can get away with running away and taking the identity of a male Sheikah! There would be no suspicion I'm Hyrule's "missing" princess!

With a plan in place that I finally have caught onto, I open a drawer in my bedside dresser and pull out a brush and a rubber band. Carelessly I throw them on the bed for a second, needing both of my hands to remove the bandage on my left eye. I can't open it, but I don't care either. Now I abandon my attention to my eye and redirect it to my hair. I sit on my bed, putting the rubber band on my wrist in the process and then glance in the mirror to debate on how I want my hair to look. Soon I decide to put it in a braid, keeping my bangs in my face. It takes a matter of seconds to fiddle with my hands to the point I'm done braiding so I use the rubber band to finish it up.

My eye is in the mirror, looking to see if there was anything else I needed to do to alter my appearance. I realize that the crown was still on my head. I take it off quickly, partially with disgust. Moving my head around the room, I look for items I should discard before taking my leave. The bandage used on my eye is on the floor, so I pick it up and throw it away. Not that it mattered, the fact I was leaving would be known within a few minutes of leaving once the door gets broken down-likely by guards. Then again if I recall right the guards have been using track dogs to capture runaway prisoners. Guess I'm stuck taking the crown with me... as long as no one looks in my bag though I should be alright. I reason, taking the crown and wrapping it in a pillow case to conceal it. While putting that in my bag, I pull out the green crystal.

"Now... how am I supposed to get this thing to work...?" I mumble to myself. The words from the letter echo in my mind. Weren't the crystals referred to as spells? I shiver. My mother used to tell me stories of the days of old when magic was a common ability used by those proven worthy of the goddesses' favor. When she first died I found comfort in the books she read the tales from, though shortly after Father got rid of everything that reminded him of her. I would say he used alcohol to drink his pain away, but the month after her death he condemned me-the spitting image of his late wife- and soon started taking that to the extreme of hitting me. Even in public, but not as often as home where the only witnesses are the guards, who swear on their lives what happens at the castle stays at the castle.

Snapping myself out of the past and back to the present, I clutch the green crystal with both hands. "I call forth Farore's Wind!" My hands start to burn to the point I let go of the crystal, that is now a light green light. It seems to explode few seconds later, forcing me to shut my eye. When it opens I'm no longer in my chamber. Instead in the royal stables, a place I've been denied access to for years. A white horse neighs in front of me, as if it had been awaiting my arrival. It already has a saddle on it, making it questionable if someone intentionally did that. I may have forgotten how to ride a horse properly but it doesn't stop me from mounting, getting the horse in motion, and clinging on for dear life. The third of course is a challenge on its own, but the rain doesn't make the odds in my favor on escaping. I slip to the side, holding onto the reins. The horse seems discomforted by this and goes on it's hind legs, jerking me backwards, and makes me let go of the reins. Shakily I rise to my feet and succeed on mounting the horse again. I kick its sides just hard enough to get it to move, but not enough to injure it. When my vision hazes I realize my wound has reopened. I can't stop my shivering but I still hold on to the horse's neck. Between the sounds of thunder, my heavy breathing, and the wind I can make out another sound: an extra pair of hooves galloping behind me. My heart races and I debate on turning around. Despite all of the contradicting voices in my head I look back.

I regret that move when I see a black horse racing behind to try and catch up. Its rider: Ganondorf.