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I'm roused from my slumber hearing unfamiliar voices. I lie still and listen. "Is he alright?"

"The boy's got an infection and a high fever. He should pull through though." A male voice says. I try to sit up and my back slams the bed, a soft landing compared to the blow to the head I take in the process. I loose consciousness afterwards.

A voice roars with laughter as lightning flashes throughout the sky. I fall, hitting my side on a sharp cold edge. A rock. I glance at the ground sideways. Muddy hooves gallop away from me. No escape. A heavy boot stomps on my stomach, causing blood to spill from my mouth.

"G-get!" I shout with using the little energy I have. A green hand reaches towards my face, and I can't move no matter how much I wish I could. My face is no longer concealed by the scarf. The boot is off of my abdomen, lessening my anguish. A fist grabs the collar of my shirt, in other words the scarf, and hoists me up so I'm gazing into golden eyes. The grip tightens and dots begin to dance through my vision. I cough repeatedly, splattering blood on Ganondorf's sickening green face. He doesn't seem angered, but instead takes the disturbing action of licking the blood from his lips while grinning.

"So tell me Princess... are you done with your little tantrum?" His tone is flat, indicating he probably thinks I won't show any resistance. I decide to take advantage of that. I kick him in the face, not thinking of his initial reaction to being struck. Surprisingly, Ganondorf glares at me but makes no effort to retaliate. Instead he chuckles, wiping the blood that's dripping from his mouth. "I see you aren't done... Very well. I'll let you play that way for now. Just don't get too comfortable. You can go across the world and I'll still hunt you down. You're my ticket to more power." I tremble uncontrollably, as if my body knows to fear even when I can't necessarily think straight. "Oh, don't fret. I won't take your life. You hold something... precious to me. Unfortunately you're the only one with that power so you will become my tool. All in good time." A light appears... from his hand? I can't make sense of this in time. It thrusts into my stomach and it begins to burn. "Since you want to pretend to be male, I figure I'll help you for a while. Maybe a little more time will awaken your true potential so it makes things easier..."

The voice fades away as I awaken to a cool, damp cloth being placed on my forehead. I open my eye and look at the individual who put it on me. A scrawny old man with bug-like large eyes. Though maybe that's just his glasses causing them to appear so large, but it didn't help his disturbing appearance. "You up eh? Don't be moving around sonny, or else you'll put yourself in more pain. I don't know what happened but you took a heck of a beating." So he's one the voices from earlier. I think, gazing up at him. A bell chimes in a different room, and immediately the old man walks away from me.

"I'm back Dr. Borville." I hear another voice say. Curiosity consumes me and I decide to attempt in overcoming the obstacle of sitting up, defying the old man's orders. I shift about ninety degrees and then sit up against the wall. A girl with long orange hair, large blue eyes, an orange cloth tied loosely around her neck, a dress that is white/tan until the waist, and held together to the top by belt are two layers: a purple skirt and a brown apron-like article of clothing. I guess she's grown up on the countryside. Her semi-tan skin and her accent suggest it's possible.

"Thank you Malon." Dr. Borville mumbles under his breath while taking an envelope from her hand, and opens it shortly afterwards. He tears it not even a minute after glancing at it. "You can relay the message to the old hag I ain't payin' her squat!" The door opens again and a woman with red hair in a ponytail and a somewhat revealing top comes in the room. His expression reads fear, demolishing the the cockiness he had a second ago.

"'Old hag'?" She walks closer towards Dr. Borville and he steps back. "I'm not the senile old man ready to kick the bucket." Malon walks closer to the woman and murmurs something, the only thing I catch is 'Telma'- her name? The two go back to bickering and Malon approaches me with a bag in hand. She pulls something out of it, my clothes.

"Sorry mister. I hope you don't mind. I washed your clothes for you." Malon holds them out to me and I take them gingerly. "Um... What's your name if you don't mind me askin'?" I look frantically around my surroundings for ideas. I feel stupid for the ignorant move of not coming up with an alias.

I end up glancing at my clothes. "Sheik." I blurt out without a second thought.

"Hm..." Fear creeps up at the back of my mind out of how my 'name' is so similar to the name of the race I was pretending to be of. Would she catch on and suspect the fact I was lying? "Sheik... Interesting name." Malon's face doesn't show a hint of suspicion, rather she seems bewildered by it. "Well you're obviously not from here." I relax, now knowing the reason behind her reaction.

"Where are we exactly?" I ask as soon as the topic of our location comes up and as an attempt to keep the question of where I'm from

"Ordon province." She answers as the background of Dr. Borville and the woman possibly named Telma arguing ceases. He walks in the room and is next to Malon while the woman stays in the door way, as if examining the situation.

"I told you not to move boy." He grouchily remarks. I absentmindedly start to tremble a bit. Dr. Borville sighs in annoyance. "Remove your shirt. I need to change your bandages. Wouldn't want your infection to come back now would you?" I'm hesitant about it until I remind myself silently I'm a male at the moment. I take off the tattered shirt I've been wearing up to this point and then realize Malon and the woman are staring at me. I find it awkward but I chose to pretend I don't notice. It's an easy task once my bandages are removed and the pain throughout my body becomes more intense as he's making contact with my bruised and cut skin. "The stitches seem to be holding up just fine..." I hear him murmur under his breath. "Telma hand me the wrap would you?" I feel the mattress rise from behind me as he gets up and discards the bloodied bandage that had been on me for Nayru knows how long. The woman-now confirmed to be known as Telma- hands it to him and my wounds are wrapped in no time.

"How do you feel, Sheik?" Malon looks at me with concern.

"A lot better." I respond with the best grin I can come up with. Her expression seems to lighten up a bit from my answer.

"You're quite a looker." Telma says, walking up near the bed as if to get a better look of me. She disturbs me a bit but I get the feeling she means no harm to me, maybe she's just jokingly flirting. Not like I can reveal who I am. Nor would I have the heart to tell her I'm female at this point since I would likely be considered delusional. Maybe they would blame it on my concussion, but at that point would I be considered mentally unstable?

"If you feel better how bout you pay up then git out!" I get a glare from him.

"Well where's my bag? I can't pay you without my rupees." I mimic his tone and expression to turn the tables. Telma steps in between us, disrupting our stare down.

"I think it's still in my bar. I'll take you there if you're up to it." Well that explains a lot. Tattoos on face, several piercings,the side comment and her overall outfit probably would be something to expect from a bar owner. Though I feel bad for assuming this, seeing she seems nice... as long as she isn't conversing with Dr. Borville. I nod and then get up to my feet, feeling a little dizzy while doing so. Malon allows me to lean on her for support as Telma leads us across the dirt road and we go down some steps. There's concrete walls and a floor here, and the sign near a wooden door reads 'Telma's Bar'. She opens the door and the room reeks of alcohol, which doesn't help my slim chances of forgetting the past. I try not to tremble seeing Malon would notice right away. "One minute honey." Telma goes past the counter into another room, then returns with my bag. "This is it, right?"

"Yes. Thank you." I take my bag and clip it around my waist the way it was before. I unzip compartments one by one but can't find any rupees. Well this isn't going to end up well...

"Don't have any rupees?" Telma asks while she begins wiping the table in a room right next to the one we entered from.

"No..." I admit reluctantly.

"Tell you what. If you can do some work around here for the next few hours I'll pay the tab for you." She winks.

"But he can barely move on his own as it is..." Malon speaks up, still supporting me so I can stand without difficulty. Telma puts the rag on the counter near a sleeping white cat that pays no mind to us talking.

"Well is he still in town?" She inquires, leaving me confused on the matter. I can't even begin to guess who she is referring to but Malon apparently does. It takes a moment but then I see recognition begin to show up on her face and she nods.

"Should still be at the inn." Malon responds. She turns her head towards me, "do you think you'd be alright for a minute or so?"

"Yeah." I begin to lean on the wall as she takes my arm off of her shoulder and leaves the bar. I bite my lip for a moment wondering if I should ask who 'he' is. "Um... who were you referring to just now...?" I finally force myself to ask as it began to eat away at me.

"The young man who brought you in. He isn't much for talking, somewhat like you I suppose." I don't know if I should take offence to this comment, but I soon brush it off as something that isn't worth being concerned about. The cat soon wakes up and meows then jumps off the counter and snuggles against my legs. "Looks like Louise likes you." The gentle touch of the cat is alien to me. I've never had many interactions with domesticated animals but I like it in this case. Louise's fur rubbing up against me is almost relaxing. I kneel down despite the slight pain of doing so and pet her. She begins to purr shortly after, sitting next to me and rubbing her head on my hand. I grin. My first taste of a peaceful moment that my father or anyone else, namely Ganondorf, can't ruin for me. I savor it for the next few minutes when the door creaks open again.

My gaze is now fixed on Malon and a blue eyed boy, clad in a green tunic with a long pointed hat that sits neatly on his blonde locks.

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