Shizuo collapsed next to his raven haired uke panting. A soft smile came to his lips upon the realization that today was their four month anniversary. The blonde was about to tug Izaya to him when the informant spoke.

"We should stop this, Shizu-chan." The words were spoken quietly, but they were like echoes sending knives through his heart.

"I thought...you loved me." Shizuo sat up before speaking, and turned to face the broker. Izaya looked away, pain clearly visible on his face.

"I do, but you don't love me." He replied even quieter than his previous statement. Shizuo sat in disbelief before he acted.

"Stupid!" He exclaimed.

"Huh?" Izaya turned in time to be scooped up into a bear hug.

"Why would I sleep with someone I didn't love so much?" Shizuo squeezed the informant tighter to give emphasis to his words.

"Shizu-chan..." Tears welled in Izaya's eyes before he wrapped his arms around the blonde's neck and kissed him passionately.