The Littlest Apple


Naruto x Applejack


Story Start


"…And that was how I got my Cutie Mark." Applejack finished with a smile as she recounted the event to her beloved daughter who lay tucked underneath the covers with a smile on her face. The little girl then unleashed a weak yawn and pulled herself even further into the comfort of the sheets and blankets on her bed.

"That was a nice story mom." The little filly said after a sleeping yawn. Her eyes began to close as the little filly would soon fall into the realm of sleep. Applejack smiled at her little daughter as she leaned over and gave her a small kiss on the forehead.

"Goodnight Appletree," Applejack said with a smile as she walked out of the room, almost missing the very faint 'Goodnight mommy' from her now-sleeping Two-year-old daughter. With the same smile still painted on her face she walked into the other room. She was now in the room where her other beloved lay, looking rather peaceful.

"Looks like ya'll done tucker yourself out." She spoke as the Stallion lying down stirred. He turned his head and smiled at her.

"Yeah well, it's worth it in the end. Another safe day of travel and by tomorrow afternoon we'll be back in Ponyville. "

"You telling me. I can't wait to see everyone. They're going to be plum surprised when they meet Appletree, I just hope Granny Apple's heart can take the surprise."

"She's like four-hundred isn't she? If old age hasn't killed her, I'm sure nothing will." Naruto joked as Applejack lightly punched him in the shoulder.

"Now ya'll cut it out." She said as she climbed into bed. "And I also told you to let me pick up some of the slack and tradeoff for recon. You keep this up and you'll be plum wore out for the rest of the week."

"Alright AJ, I'll comply, but only because I'm worrying you're fixin to tie me up like a coon dog in order to get your way." He playfully remarked.

"Ya'll making fun of my way of talking." She said as their noses were almost touching.

"Course not Sugah. So how is our Little Apple?"

"Knocked out! We had a busy day today and I swear, the little lady definitely has your energy."

"And she's pretty just like her mommy." He said as he took her Stetson hat with his teeth. "Now Miss AJ, lets you and I make up for lost time." He said as he rubbed his face against hers.

Applejack smiled at the display of affection as it matched her sentiments exactly. Tonight was the first night since Appletree entered their lives that both parties were awake and had any energy. Their friends were definitely going to be in for a surprise tomorrow.