A/N… This was inspired by a friend who lost the frosting of her cupcake. It's an attempt at humor. I'd appreciate it greatly if you would tell me how I did. I do not own anyone. Read and review. ~Sherlocked Gallifreyan.

Amy stared longingly at the cupcake on the console. From across the room, Rory and the Doctor watched her. She was beginning to regret accepting this ridiculous dare. And as much as she wanted to prove the Doctor wrong, she didn't know how much longer she could hold out.

"How long has she lasted?" Rory asked in an undertone.

Glancing at his wristwatch, the Doctor whispered, "Three hours, forty-seven minutes."

Rory raised his eyebrows. It looked like he might win this bet after all. If Amy could resist the cupcake for another hour and thirteen minutes, the Doctor would be visiting Earth in a dress. Rory was looking forward to that. The Doctor, however, was getting nervous. Amy was doing much better than he had expected.

Amy fidgeted. Resisting the cupcake was getting harder. She wanted to win. She wanted the Doctor to visit Earth in a dress. It would be hilarious. But unfortunately, it seemed the Doctor was going to win this bet. Unfortunately for Rory, not for Amy. Rory would have to take his dad to lunch, while wearing a dress. The only thing Amy would lose was some small measure of stubborn pride.

"Now how long?" Rory asked.

"Four hours, fifty minutes," the Doctor said, voice tight. While he had done (and worn) many ridiculous things, wearing a dress was not high on his list of priorities. For that matter, it wasn't even on his list. Well, he thought, there's a first time for everything. He straightened his bowtie nervously and glanced again at his watch. Two minutes left. He resigned himself to his fate.

As the hands approached five o'clock, Rory smirked. He had won. Or so he thought. Amy lunged forward and snatched the cupcake from the console. "Sorry, Rory," she said around a mouthful of cupcake.

Rory slumped in his chair as the Doctor danced ecstatically about the TARDIS. "Really?" Rory asked the Doctor's empty chair.

Amy grinned at the Doctor's antics before turning her attention to Rory. Yes, she was sorry. But she wasn't really that sorry. "Come on, husband!" she chirped, laughing at the pained expression on his face.

The Doctor skipped over to Rory, pulled him from the chair, and dragged the reluctant Roman into the TARDIS's massive wardrobe.

Amy held up a frilly pink dress, much to the Doctor's amusement and Rory's horror. "Off with your clothes," Amy ordered. The Doctor skipped back to the console and keyed in Brian Williams's address.

"I hate you," a sullen voice growled behind him. The Doctor spun around and burst out laughing. Rory looked absolutely ridiculous in that dress.

"No you don't," the Doctor chided. "And you look lovely!" He tried to stop laughing but failed miserably.