Brian Williams sat on his sofa watching some program or another on TV. He didn't hear the doorbell the first time it rang. The consecutive rings forced him from the comfort of his sofa. "Alright, alright," he grumbled. "I'm coming. No need to get impatient."

Upon opening the door, he gaped. Standing before him were his son, his daughter-in-law, and the Doctor. It wasn't their presence that stunned him so. He was surprised to see them, to be sure. What really got him, though, was Rory's frilly pink dress.

"Hello, Brian," the Doctor said, brushing past the dumbfounded man and into his house. Amy and Rory followed.

"Rory," Brian said slowly.

"Yes?" Rory asked, sitting awkwardly on the sofa.

"What are you wearing?" Brian sat down next to his cross-dressing son.

"A dress, Dad," Rory said. "I'm wearing a dress."

"Why?" Brian asked, almost afraid to hear the answer.

"I lost a bet to the Doctor," Rory muttered sullenly. Stifled giggling came from the kitchen.

"And you have to wear a dress?" Brian asked.

"He has to take you to lunch, too," Amy called from the kitchen. The statement was followed by more childish giggling.

Brian shook his head. None of this made sense. But then he realized that nothing much made sense anymore, and it was best to take the nonsense as it came. "Alright," he said. "Where to?"

"Somewhere quiet," Rory said.

"No!" the Doctor interjected. "That busy little diner on the corner. That's where you two are going!"

"We'll be waiting for you," Amy said. The duo came out of the kitchen to bade the unfortunate Rory and Brian good-bye.

Brian and Rory walked awkwardly down the sidewalk. Rory's dress elicited strange looks from everyone. Several people whistled while other snapped pictures. By the time they got to the diner, Rory's face was bright, bright red.

The hostess stared for a moment before professionally covering up her shock. "Hello," she said warmly. "Just the two of you?" Brian nodded.

"I lost a bet," Rory said. "Just to make things clear. I do not normally wear dresses." The hostess nodded. She wasn't going to say anything.

"The only table we have is kinda in the middle of the place," she said, setting the menus on a table that showcased Rory and his pink dress perfectly. The Doctor had something to do with that, he knew. "Your waiter will be with you shortly." As she walked away, she snickered. Rory looked even more ridiculous than she had expected.

Rory fidgeted uncomfortably. "Heya, cutie," a man from another table said as he sauntered up. "Names Miles. I was wonderin' if you were free after lunch…?"

Rory went beet red at the suggestion. "I'm not gay!" Rory shouted, leaping to his feet. "I'm married, and I lost a bet to my wife!" Brian chuckled.

Miles shrugged. "So? You free after lunch?"

"No!" Rory said, sitting back down with as much dignity as a straight man in a dress being hit on by another man could possibly have. "I'm not free. I have to go strangle my wife." Miles looked offended, but he returned to his table.

"I'm Ju…" The pretty blonde stared dumbly at Rory. "I'm Jules, and I'll be taking care of you," she finished, eyeing him oddly. She took their orders and told them their food would be out shortly.

"I am never, ever betting with those two again," Rory said to Brian. "Never!"

"I think that is a very good idea," Brian said. Even though he felt bad for Rory, he found the whole situation highly amusing.

Fortunately, their food came quickly. Brian worried that Rory would choke on his food in his hurry to eat. "Come on, Dad," Rory encouraged impatiently. "Hurry up!" Brian waved to Jules and asked for a box in which to take the food home. Jules, feeling sorry for Rory, quickly brought the box and accepted the money.

Rory dragged Brian out of the diner and onto the sidewalk. He was hailed with whistles, catcalls, and marriage proposals the entire ten-minute walk home.

Throwing the door open, Rory stormed inside. Amy and the Doctor sat on the sofa. Amy was reading a magazine she had found, and the Doctor was playing with a Rubix cube, growing ever frustrated with the little object.

"Doctor," Amy said, recognizing the look of pure rage on Rory's face.

"Hmmh?" the Doctor asked, utterly absorbed in the puzzle cube. He looked up when she poked him.

"We should run," she said. "We really should run." One look at Rory, and they went tearing out of the house in the general direction of the TARDIS.

Once safely behind the blue doors, Amy and the Doctor cracked up. "That… that was brilliant!" the Doctor said.

"Did you see the look on his face?" Amy shrieked, doubling over.

"We shouldn't have done that," the Doctor said, trying very hard to be serious.

"No," Amy agreed, also trying to be serious. But the moment they looked at each other, the laughter started again and continued until both had tears streaming down their faces. Rory's reactions had been too precious for either of them to ever regret this.