The Traveller: the beginning

By Masterviper4



Once the skies of Gallifrey were a peaceful sky. That was before the Time War. A war with the whole of creation at stake with the Time Lords fighting against the Daleks. I was one of the time lords involved in the war but as it went on it quickly became too much for me. Then at a critical point in the war. The Doctor locked the planet into a time lock. I was fortunate enough to escape in my TARDIS before the planet vanished from the time vortex with the Time Lords, the Daleks, and everything else. I thought I could jump to a point in time far away from the war. I was mistaken, for a Dalek had somehow slipped on board my TARDIS while I was distracted. It fired its beam disruptor at me but it missed and hit the control console. What happened next I can't possibly explain, a wormhole was opened and the Dalek was sent to one point in time while me and my TARDIS were sent to another. Not in the time vortex of this universe but of another completely different. The impact of the landing started my regeneration process. The last thing I saw was a sign that read

Dodge Junction.