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Chapter 7

Our World on Fire

Getting used to the village life again took Grimmjow a few days. Because he had spent so much time in solitude, talking to no one, interacting with none more than the animals, Grimmjow was unaccustomed to the hustle and bustle of the village. The villagers welcomed him warmly, most of them having seen Grimmjow save Ichigo, and fight Nnoitra. He had built his own hut, in which he and Ichigo lived, and he thought he couldn't be happier. The elders would speak to him of his mother and father, for they recognized the blue hair that his mother had. One in particular was exceptionally nice to him, and he liked to spend time with her. Hallibel was younger than the other elders, only seventy-six years old, but she was the fiercest warrior in her day. Or so she said, but the others agreed, so Grimmjow had to believe that it was true. Hallibel said that she remembered him when she was young. The ambitious fifteen-year-old that was so eager to please his parents. Many of the elders asked what happened to him, to make him disappear for so long, but Grimmjow didn't tell. Then Hallibel told him a story that surprised him.

"I was six when you disappeared," Hallibel said, smiling warmly at a startled Grimmjow, who was tending to the fire in front of him. "And I saw you frozen at the edge of the forest." Here Hallibel frowned, "But as I called for you, you did not listen, you merely took steps back, and then ran away," she said, turning her face toward Grimmjow. She spent long minutes just looking at Grimmjow, unblinking. Grimmjow held her gaze.

It took little for him to relent and look away; "I picked from a magical garden, it made me into the monster you saw," he said.

Hallibel wasn't one to ask questions, and Grimmjow knew that, so she left it alone. There was no explanation needed, there were many otherworldly things in the world and Hallibel knew not the question them.

"I'm glad you made it home, Ichigo needed a man like you," she said, placing a slender hand on Grimmjow's broad shoulder.

Grimmjow blushed, and hoped Hallibel mistook it as heat from the fire and not the heat of embarrassment on his cheeks. "Speaking of home, Ichigo should be back any time soon, I should probably go."

Hallibel smiled, "Indeed, he should be home by now, go and meet him," she said.

Grimmjow left Hallibel smiling and made his way toward his own hut. But there were other thoughts on Grimmjow's mind, and they had been on his mind for a great deal of the day. It had gotten so busy with rebuilding the village and meeting new people, that Grimmjow hadn't a chance to even sit down and really talk to Ichigo, most of their interaction involving matters that pertained to other things aside from their relationship. Grimmjow had grown so accustomed to talking nothings with Ichigo that all this lack of free time had gotten to him.

But things were winding down, and it was pretty obvious that he and Ichigo would get a chance to spend real time together soon. Perhaps that very night…

Grimmjow had already started a crackling fire when Ichigo got home, and the redhead was excited as he handed over the two rabbits he had caught.

"Nice catch," Grimmjow said, before starting to skin the rabbits. Ichigo smiled, he was so glad that Grimmjow had finally been freed of the curse. He looked handsome before, but now, without all the plates and with the revealed broad muscles dancing beneath tan skin, he was stunning. Ichigo sat beside Grimmjow watching as he removed the last vestiges of skin from the second rabbit and then skewered it before placing it beside the fire. It was long moments of comfortable silence before they could start eating. When they did, Ichigo and Grimmjow ate with vigor.

Grimmjow turned to Ichigo, who had finished eating and allowed himself to watch him, noticing the light blush on the boy's cheeks. He inwardly smirked, thinking it was about time he got his bit of pleasure from Ichigo's body. He'd spent too long thinking that he would never find release, and now that he had the proper parts, he would damn well use them. But first…

Ichigo jumped half a foot in the air when he felt Grimmjow's face bury itself in his neck, blunt teeth nipping gently at the skin. An arm wound itself around his waist as Grimmjow turned to face him, the other coming to gently cup his face and turn it so that his mouth collided with a warm pair of lips. It had been a long time since Grimmjow had kissed him as hotly and ardently as he was right then. How long ago was it, when they sat together in Grimmjow's little cave and kissed with passion behind their intentions? Months, at the least.

Grimmjow pulled back, liking that the blush had intensified and the boy's breathing had become labored. He stood up slowly and then grasped Ichigo's arm, leading the blushing boy into their tent. He laid the boy down on their bed of furs and climbed atop him, kissing what skin he could reach. He gently took a hold of the hem of Ichigo's pants and pulled them down his slim hips.

Ichigo blushed, red as a ripe strawberry and abashedly covered his privates, because despite the fact that Grimmjow had even touched them, the man had never stared so intently at them and he was finding it hard to be brave under that hard stare. Yet, he put up no resistance as Grimmjow gripped his hands softly and moved them aside.

When Grimmjow finally faced Ichigo the boy was naked and blushing madly. Grimmjow felt a stirring in his groin as he looked at Ichigo's penis, having never looked at it prior to that moment. After he moved Ichigo's hands, he gently touched it, wrapping his fingers around the shaft and thumbing the head softly. Ichigo let out a small moan at the friction and slowly, deliriously lifted his hands and touched Grimmjow's chest, his palms nestling comfortably over firm pectorals.

He touched every inch of smooth tan skin, mapping every dip and crevasse, finding and memorizing the spots that made Grimmjow tense and moan. Grimmjow buried his face into Ichigo's neck, licking and sucking what skin he could, making Ichigo squirm. He kissed down a slim chest and never felt happier that he could feel the touches Ichigo gave him, and that he could feel the pain as Ichigo dug his nails into his skin; he still marveled that he could feel at all. He had skin, not hard nerveless plates that invoked no reaction when touched.

Ichigo ran his hands up Grimmjow's broad shoulders, up his neck before the stopped to cup Grimmjow's face and pull it up so they could kiss. Gods how he loved Grimmjow's mouth. He loved to kiss it, and he loved when those lips kissed him all over. He whimpered lightly when Grimmjow pulled back to remove his clothes, before firmly settling himself over Ichigo. He gripped Ichigo's thighs, gently urging him to spread them wider. The boy blushed but complied, tentatively revealing himself to Grimmjow.

Grimmjow gently prodded Ichigo's lips and pushed his fingers into the warm cavern when the pearly pink lips opened. Once they were wet Grimmjow removed his fingers from Ichigo's mouth and trailed them down Ichigo's stomach, before lifting them and placing them at Ichigo's entrance. He slowly pushed his middle finger in, watching Ichigo's chest shudder and hearing his breath stutter. He wiggled it slowly, trying to spread some of the moisture, before pushing in another. He gently scissored the two fingers carefully watching Ichigo's face for any signs that he was causing him pain. He thrust his fingers in deeper, stretching as much as he could. When he deemed Ichigo prepared, he pulled his fingers out and, spitting on his hand and spreading it over his weeping erection, he aligned himself with Ichigo's stretched opening.

He pushed in slowly, mindful of the look of discomfort on Ichigo's face. Ichigo's eyes were clenched shut and his lips were pulled back in a sharp grimace of pain, because what Grimmjow was doing hurt.

"Shh, it's going to get better, I promise."

Ichigo took those whispered words to heart and gave Grimmjow a strained smile. Grimmjow wiped the sweat from Ichigo's forehead and kissed his lips, before pulling out slowly. Ichigo grit his teeth, determined not to make a sound, but even as he felt the pain of intrusion, the graze of Grimmjow's manhood against his prostate made for a better sensation to focus on.

Grimmjow was going slowly, taking his time to ease himself in and out of Ichigo, and by the gods was it good. The heat surrounding his member was amazing, like nothing he'd ever felt before. Ichigo was beginning to let out small moans, ones that went in time with the slow deliberate thrusts that Grimmjow was putting into glorious practice. With each thrust more precum spurted from Grimmjow, making the passage not only hot and tight, but wet with slippery moisture that made the in and out proceed with more ease and effortlessness. Of course, with each breathy little moan the coil in Grimmjow's groin grew tighter, he sped up, his thrust becoming short and powerful, making Ichigo wrap his arms around Grimmjow's neck for some semblance of security as his body was overloaded with pleasure.

Ichigo had never felt something so amazing, because even as his shaft was untouched, Grimmjow felt so good inside of him, making him writhe and moan

Ichigo's cries grew louder, more passionate, and even Grimmjow himself was having trouble reigning in the deep, guttural groans that were escaping his throat with each push and pull of his hips. He fell down so he was supporting himself with his elbows, face inches from Ichigo's. He leaned forward and joined his lips with Ichigo's in a messy meld, the kiss made sloppy by the movement of Grimmjow's hips. Grimmjow couldn't describe the feelings he was having, the press, the grip, the pull. But not only the physical sensations, but just the mere thought that he was with Ichigo, hale and healthy and very much alive made his head swim with more than just the pleasure he was feeling. It was nearly euphoric.

Grimmjow wrapped his hand around Ichigo's weeping member, stroking it in time with the thrust of his own hips. This made Ichigo cry out, his arms tightening around Grimmjow's neck, his eyes clenching shut as he came violently, clenching uncontrollably around Grimmjow's cock. The clamping of those muscles on his cock made the coil in Grimmjow's gut snap and he saw white as he spilled himself inside Ichigo's depths.

He nearly collapsed on top of Ichigo, but he held himself with trembling arms and he tried to shift so he landed beside the teen but when Ichigo's grip on his neck didn't loosen, he merely eased himself down to rest his head on Ichigo's chest, the rest of his body lying on the bed. He could hear Ichigo's heart slowing down after his orgasm and it was lulling the older man into sleep. He shifted so he could see Ichigo's face, the boy was falling asleep as the moments ticked by, if the tired smile Grimmjow was given was anything to go by. Grimmjow smiled in return. But before he could let sleep take him, before the darkness took him for the night, Grimmjow murmured one thing.

You are my savior, Ichigo.

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