Shego glanced at the people, or should I say criminals, around her. They were giving her, and Dr. Drakken, that 'I can't believe you saved the world' look. It's not like she saved the world. It was Drakken and that buffoon of a boy, Ron, who saved the world. Then why were they giving her the looks too? She didn't do anything but be his sidekick in the whole thing. He was the one who did the plant things. He was the one who trapped the aliens in his flowers. Besides, those 'villains' who are judging them would be dead meat if it weren't for them...Dr. Drakken.

To make things worse, Drakken's flower had taken a mind of its own and wrapped itself around him and Shego at the ceremony. Now everyone's talking about 'the new couple' and how they're 'so sweet together'. But it wasn't like that. Was it?...No! It was just a misunderstanding. A mistake. A sweet mistake..that never should have happened! Thanks to Drakken's flower, Shego will now have to dodge questions about their 'relationship'. But what relationship? There is no relationship! No. The only relationship they have together is employee and employer.

She saw Dr. Drakken avoiding scientists at the bar and making his way to her, "I thought you would want a drink. I know I do," he said handing Shego a glass of wine and gulping his down.

"Thanks," she replied, taking the glass. "I'm surprised on how many people actually showed up."

"Why wouldn't they, Shego? It's about time the people in this world recognized my genus," Dr. Drakken gloated.

"Well, we're not the typical kind of people to be offering, and accepting, awards for.."

"..Please do not say those awful words," the blue, evil, genus interrupted.

"You have to admit this is an odd day for us," Shego blushed, not talking about him getting the award, but what happened while receiving it.

" haven't really gotten control of it yet," he defended, shyly. "Right now, it has a mind of its own."

"But its attached to you," she explained. "What you want it to does."

"Oh, so if I tell it to go destroy the planet it would?" A vine, quickly, grew out of his blue neck and began attacking people. "Oh! No! Flower, stop that, now! Come back! Bad flower!" The vine retreated, coming back to Drakken. "Okay, I see your point. But..where does this..what does this mean for.."

"Saving the world, cuz, was totally uncool," Motor Ed, Dr. Drakken's cousin, went off on the evil scientist. "Green, if my cuz here doesn't satisfy your lady needs then-"

"-We are not a couple," Dr. Drakken snapped, making everyone stare.

"Lets get this straight, Motor Ed. I have no interests in you," she screamed. "The only way we could possibly be together is if you were the last man on earth and I were mentally unstable!"

"Playing hard to get, eh, Green? Motor Ed digs a hot, steamy chick!"

"Go way, Ed! Before I make you," Shego threatened, aiming her green plasma, fist at him.

A few people behind Motor Ed dragged him away from Shego, knowing if he stood there any longer, he'd be blown to bits.

"I think you let him off too easily," Drakken mumbled, angrily. "And I did not save the world," he added, quickly.

"Come on, let's go someplace where we can't be bothered," she said, dragging him outside.

Besides the broken alien machines lying on the ground outside the ceremonial building, the night seemed pretty nice and..pretty.

It took a while for the both of them to say anything. They would mostly glance at each other than quickly look away and stare at the night sky. Finally, Shego spoke up, "About that flower thing."

"," he replied, nervously. "The flower thing."

"Obviously got excited and the flower mistook that feeling for affection, making your flower wrap around us."

" is exactly what happened," Dr. Drakken agreed with Shego's explanation. "But what about the people who think we're a couple? Millions of people probably watched that ceremony. My mother watched it for goodness sakes!"

"Wait..did you just say, 'for goodness sakes'?" Shego asked, shooting a curious look at Drakken.

"Yes. Why? Is that not hip for you, Shego? I'll have you know, all the teens are saying that now," he answered, crossing his arms in defence.

"Really? And how do you know this," she teased with a smile. "Did Kim Possible tell you this?"

"No," Dr. Drakken frowned. "You're not the only one who reads magazines you know!"

"Calm down, Dr. D," Shego commanded, laughing a bit. "I'm only joking. But seriously, what are we going to do?"

"Well," Dr. Drakken blushed. "What..what if we don't tell..them?"

"..You mean...let them think that we're a.."

"Of course it won't be true," he explained, quickly. "They'll just think it..and we'll tell the people we want to about our true feelings for each other.."

"And what feelings are those," Shego asked, looking down.

"Obviously our feelings for each other are..freinds..or maybe an evil family," Dr. Drakken smiled, "You know with the henchmen and all," he added, his cheeks getting redder with every passing minute. "Right?"

"Yes..of..of course," she replied, turning away from him.

"We have been through a lot of adventures together," the blue man announced.

"All failures," Shego pointed out.

"Yes, well if it wasn't for Kim Possible, I'd be ruling the world right now," he explained with a frown.

"Even if you did rule the world," Shego started, "What would you do with it?"

"I would..I don't know yet! I haven't planned that far," Dr. Drakken stated. "But once I do..oh, the world better watch out, because its gonna be bad!"

"Mhm," Shego glanced at Dr. Drakken with a smile. "What are you gonna do, torture people with your shampoo, mind control rap?"

"That was a genius idea, Shego! Besides if I'm capable of..saving the world," he gulped, "Then I'm probably capable of taking over the world too! And since the world sees my capability of taking over, they won't get in my way!"

"So you're telling me, you're still gonna try to take over the world, even after all this mess?"

"..Yes, Shego! I'm Dr. Drakken," he gloated with pride. "That's what I do!"

"You just saved the-"

"Do not say those words, Shego!"

Sighing Shego continued, "Doing that made your evil go down. A lot. Even the other people who want to take over the world see less of you. Face it, Dr. D, you wont be that evil genius anymore. You'll only be a whiny wannabe...well more than usual."

"Words hurt, you know, Shego!"

"I'm just speaking the truth," she explained. "Dr. D, maybe you should think about retiring from evil."

"Retire," Drakken repeated, loudly. "That word doesn't exist in my world, Shego..besides what would happen to you if I do retire?"

" don't know," Shego answered, her face getting warm. "I'll probably travel around the world or something..You know, robbing banks and breaking laws, the normal stuff."

"Oh..yes.." Dr. Drakken frowned.

"Unless you want me to..stay," she added.

"And do what? Like you said, Shego, I'm not the evil genius anymore. Now, I'm just man with a scar on his face."

"What were you before?" Shego asked, confused. "If I remember correctly, you were that before the invasion too."

"But now, I don't have a reason," he replied. "To tell you the truth, Shego. I was never the best mad scientist. As a child, I was always picked last for everything. When I made the decision to become evil and take over the world, I felt, for the first time in my life, like I had a reason in life. Evil is a part of me. Does that make sense, Shego?"

"I suggested you retire. I didn't ask for your life story," she remarked, but quickly retreated her grin when she noticed Dr. Drakken's discomfort. She quickly got close to him, "Doing good doesn't necessarily make you good. And doing bad doesn't make you bad. I know when I was fighting good with my brothers, I felt like I wasn't myself. I felt like something wasn't right and a part of me was missing. When I left Go City and became evil, I felt that missing feeling come back again."

"So you think I should continue to be bad, even if I won't be good at it anymore?" He asked.

"Yeah," Shego answered, plainly. "If it's who you are."

" it who I am, Shego? Am I evil," Dr. Drakken asked, honestly.

", you are," she said, embarrassed. "For the years that I've known you, you have had your evil moments."

"Really?" Dr. Drakken began to brighten up. "You're not just saying that?"

"Believe me, I wish I were," Shego announced, "But, you really have had some evil moments. Like when you almost took over the world with those doll things."

"They're called Synthodrones, Shego," the blue man corrected, "And they were not toys, they were science!"

"Whatever," she replied. "The fact is, you came up with evil ideas and..and they were genius."

"They were?"

"Yeah," Shego replied. They smiled at each other, sincerely. Faces inches away from each other

"Shego," Dr. Drakken spoke, after a few minutes of moonlight silence.


"I..I have something to..tell you.."

" it?"

"When the flower, my flower, wrapped around us..I kinda, sorta," he smiled, embarrassed.

" have something to tell you too," Shego announced.

" do?"

"Yes," she replied

"What..what is it?"

"You annoy me every second of the day. You say stupid things that make me crazy. You do the weirdest things.."

"Oh," Dr. Drakken frowned, looking away.

Shego grabbed his face and made him look at her, "But I..I've grown to like those things about you," she confessed, "And when you were up in space, I secretly..missed you."

"You did?"

"The truth is, Dr. D, you're an annoying blue man who can't live without someone to be there to take care of you," Shego stated. "And I've grown..fond of you.."

"What do you-"

He got cut off by Shego's lips. Dr. Drakken didn't know what to do. He was shocked. Shego was indeed kissing him. Him? After the kiss ended, they both stood there, awkwardly.

"I don't get it," Dr. Drakken finally spoke, pushing Shego away. "You and me? This isn't suppose to happen!"

"Well thanks," Shego remarked, sarcasicly.

"No! I'm the bad guy! I don't win! I'm not suppose to be good! And I don't get the girl," he explained.

"Look...this isn't easy for me either..It's not easy breaking your evil confess a feeling you've felt for a while, but chose to deny it...because we're complete opposites and you don't want to ruin something good...and I don't want to leave something good.."



"I'm sorry that I pushed you away," Dr. Drakken apologized. "I just..I'm confused right now. I'm not use to.. Oh forget it!"

"Use to what," Shego asked, curiously.

"I'm not use to things going right in my life," the blue man explained. "I'm the type of guy who know that."

"But I'm the type of girl who gets what she wants," she announced, "And do you want to know what I want."

Shego moved closer to her boss.

"Uh," was all he could say when she gazed into his eyes.

"I want someone whose a certain type of color.."


"I like blue."


"I also want someone whose.."

"..Handsome, tall, good leader.."

"..And with a scar on his face. I go crazy for men who have scars. That means they're capable of violence.."

"..I got this scar from shaving.."

"..I also like men who complain and rant about nothing.."

"..You do?"

"Dr. Drakken, you might be weird and possibly crazy, but over the years I've realized that..without you I won't have anyone to give snappy remarks to," Shego expressed.

"Really, Shego?"

"Really," she said, sincerely, wrapping her arms around him. "Good guys aren't the only ones who win, Dr. D..Drew"

"Sheg.." He stopped and thought for a moment. What was Shego's real name? He decided to forget it. "Shego?"

"Hm," Shego mumbled.

"I never thought it would feel so nice having you in my arms," he told her.

"I never thought being in your arms would feel so..warm," she replied.

"I always knew you had a sincere side to you," Dr. Drakken smiled.

"Tell anyone and your dead," Shego replied, aiming a glowing, green hand at him.

"We're going to have to go back inside, aren't we?"

"Eventually," Shego answered, looking up at him. "But not right now. Let's just stay here and enjoy.."


I hope this was an alright story. I tried to make them as much as their character, but towards the end Shego kind of got out of character. I do think she can be like that, but doesn't really like to show her soft side. I hope you liked it and Review please!