So this idea came into my mind and I just had to write about it. Also, this has some language and I wouldn't call it M or anything but there's some sexual content. So a warning, if you don't like that stuff.

In the morning of the cold lair, Shego noticed her boyfriend was acting stranger than usual. He's been like this for a while, but things have changed in the past few months. For starters, people were no longer looking at them weirdly. People would recognize Dr. Drakken as the man who saved the world. Let's just say, Drakken hated that. That's why they didn't go out much.

But something has been going on with Dr. Drakken and Shego can't put her finger on it. He's been roaming the lair like a mad man, plotting evil plots, but then backing out before Shego could go steal anything. He's also been going around trying to prove his 'man hood' by doing stupid things with henchmen. This has been going on for a while now and Shego was getting a bit annoyed with the whole thing. It was like his confidence died out.

This all started about three months ago, when they were performing one of their romps. This was the beginning of their sexual relationship. Things were getting hot and steamy, hands were moving all over the place. Shego got on top of her boss and they were rolling around in the sheets when, by accident, Shego turned on the tv with the remote, that was hidden under the blankets, just as Drakken came.

"It was just hours ago when Duff Killiagan tried to take over the world by attempting to set miniature bombs in the golf balls," the reporter announced. "Luckily Kim Po-"

Shego found the remote and turned the tv off.

"Good night, Shego," Dr. Drakken mumbled, pushing away from Shego.

"..Good night.." she said, confused. "What's wrong?"

"I don't want to talk about it," he answered, fluffing his pillow and turning away from her.

"..well, okay," Shego said, kind of pissed. She got up from his bed and found her clothes. "I'm just gonna sleep in my room tonight, Dr. D."

"Fine," he replied, angrily. "Good night."

"..Night," Shego responded, leaving his room, still confused.

And from then on, things just got even weirder. Every time Shego tried to mention Drakken's shenanigans he would change the subject or order the henchmen to do crazy stunts.

Finally, Shego had enough. It was time to figure out what was going on with Drakken. She went to find her boyfriend and see what was up with him.

"Dr. D," she called out, roaming the halls. "Where are you?"

No answer.

"Drakken," Shego tried again. "Where are you?"

Still no answer.

Then she heard him angrily mumbling to himself. Shego followed his voice and found Dr. Drakken moping on the computer.

"I've been calling you," Shego announced, surprising Dr. Drakken. "Why didn't you answer?"

"..I'm gonna take a hot shower," he said, ignoring Shego's question.

"..Okay.." She replied as she watched him drag his feet to his bedroom.

'What is going on with him,' she thought to herself, sitting down to use the computer.

Shego looked at the last thing that was searched. Of course it was Google.

'Let's see,' she mumbled, clicking to see what Dr. Drakken last looked up.

She typed in the letter H:

How Evil are you?

How do ducks float?

How to make your girlfriend orgasm?

How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?

'How to make your girlfriend orgasm?' She immediately read.

"So this is what this is all about," Shego sighed, exiting out of Google.

She placed a hand on her forehead, listening to the sound of Drakken's shower running. After a few minutes of sitting by the computer, she got up and went to Drakken's room.


Dr. Drakken stepped out of the shower, grabbed his pink towel, bought by his mother, then walked to the mirror. He let out a big sigh, looking at himself. He walked out of his bathroom and into his room to change into his pajamas.

"Shego," he said, startled to see Shego under his sheets naked. "What are you doing?"

"I noticed you've been acting..diferent..and I thought you'd might need some cheering up," she answered, scooting over to make room for Drakken.

"I have been down lately," Dr. Drakken agreed, getting into bed with her.

"Let me fix that," she replied, taking his towel off.

She quickly got on top of him. They were going at it and things were getting pretty steamy.

"I..just don't," Shego announced, in between kisses.

"What?" He stopped.

"Isn't that why you were acting weird," Shego asked, confused.

"..No.." He frowned. "Are you suppose to orgasm?"

"Then why have you been acting weird?"

"Is it not normal to not orgasm your girlfriend?"

"Will you shut your big blue mouth about the orgasm thing and tell me what's going on," she demanded.

"Well excuse me for not being normal," Dr. Drakken complained.

"Stop ranting and tell me why you've been acting weird," Shego sighed, sitting beside him.

"I've been down lately because I haven't done anything evil lately," he explained, "And I can't stand seeing those other villians continue to try and take over the world while I don't have an evil plot in my mind."

"Oh," Shego smiled. "That's why you were upset after we had sex, because of Duff trying to take over the world. Not because of me."

"Why are you smiling? I'm telling you my feelings and your laughing at me...just like the kids in the playground use too."

"Would you calm down, Dr. D," she announced. "I'm smiling because I thought it was me."

"Well it wasn' you can stop smiling now," he demanded.

"I'm just glad I didn't do anything to hurt your feelings," Shego kissed his cheek. "Unknowingly of course."

"Hmm," he frowned as she kissed his neck.

"If you're so sad about being evil," she started, rubbing his chest. "Why don't you just steal something and get your bad boy reputation in check again."

"It's not that easy, Shego," Dr. Drakken explained, removing her hand from his chest. "I need a plan first. But every plan I come up with isn't good enough. I haven't made an evil scheme in months."

"I say you just wait until that little brain of yours gets a genius idea. Then you plot your scheme."

"If it were that easy, we'd be ruling the world by now," he announced. "But an evil scheme must be precise.."

"Then detail it. Make it precise," Shego replied, bored, getting a magazine to read from off the head-board behind them. Ever since they started getting physical, Shego brought in some of her magazines to read for when Drakken wanted to rant about something or watch one of his soaps.

"I have been thinking of this plan," Dr. Drakken began. "It involves mind control."

"Not the shampoo thing," she complained.

"No, this time my plan involves the old-fashioned mind controlling," he reassured. "You know, the people you pay to see and they mind control people to do stupid things like dance like a chicken or some crazy thing like that."

"Yes," Shego replied, flipping the page on her magazine. "It's good...really good, Dr. D."

"First, I'll capture one of those mind controllers and force them to do whatever I command. Then I'll-"

"Wait a minute, Dr. D," Shego interrupted. "Don't you think they'll be able to mind control you and-"

"-Use that against me, of course," his eyes widened. "Okay, new plan. I learn mind control and then-"

"Listen Dr. D, if you don't mind," she interrupted once more, "But I thought we know..tonight and worry about your plan tomorrow, okay."

"I suppose I can wait until tomorrow for my evil plan," he smiled, snuggling up to Shego.

Shego wrapped her legs around him and began kissing his neck.

"Wait a minute," she stopped. "If you didn't want me to orgasm..then why did you look it up on the internet?"

"I didn't," he explained. "One of the henchmen used the computer before me. It must have been him."


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