"Young Highness Draco!"

Shit, it was my maid, Helga. Rising from my crouch, I turned towards my maid.

"Yes, O' mighty Lady Helga?"

"Don't get smart with me boy. Your mother is very furious. She wants you in her rooms immediately."

I snorted, "What did I do now? Stand wrong? Let my eyes stray from those repulsive guests?"

"I told you don't get smart with me, boy. And you know just as well as I that your attitude towards the Parkinsons, who believe it or not are actually decent people, was impolite."

Gods, I can't stand how dense people can be. Those decent Parkinsons are money-power greedy bastards. "Bullshit, Helga. You know it."

She sighed at me and waved her hand in the direction of my mother's rooms. "My opinion doesn't matter; now get on before your mother gets even angrier."

"Will do." With a roll of my eyes, I started towards my mother's room; looking forwards to face her wrath. It was the only time she actually showed her real emotions so I like to piss her off as much as feasible.

You see, ever since my eye sight developed as a toddler, I've always been able to see the true nature of others emotions and how the really think or feel about something. It's not precisely telepathy; more similar to a sort of insight, really.

Finally reaching my mother's room, I took a deep breath and opened the elaborate double doors. Entering with confident flair, I looked towards my mother's prone form. Lounging on a chaise; looking out the window, my mother was stunning. Luscious White blond hair fell in cascades down her back, held back from her face with an elaborate hair comb. Sparkling blue eyes framed by long thick eyelashes filled her small face. A small nose with a set of small yet full lips completed her beauty. A deep blue dress wrapped her body like second skin, highlighting her eyes and just about everything else, if you know what I mean.

"Evening, mum." She hates when I call her that.

"Don't call me that!" See?

"Why ever not, dearest mum?"

"My name is Narcissa and you are not a child anymore. I expect you to speak properly and call me by my first name or by mother. Speaking of my expectations, you have sorely disappointed me, Draco. How dare you speak to our honored guests that way?! I will not even speak of your actions! What is wrong with you? Are sick or something?" She was furious. Yay.

"No. At least not sick in the way you mean. But I was sick of those damned bastards-"

"You will not ill-speak of the Parkinsons in my presence, dammit!"

I tsked at her. "Now, now mother dearest. Inappropriate language as a queen, love."

"Shut the fuck up, you ass." Ahh, the cussing stage so early.

"Mother, you know just as well as I that all those bastards want to do is get close enough to assassinate you for your money-"

"That's enough, Draco!"

"No, mother you don't under-"

"No, you're the one who doesn't understand. The Parkinsons has been friends and allies to our family more than twice as long as you've been alive. Don't tell me I understand!"

"Narcissa! Please listen!"

"Leave me, now!"



"Dammit!" Slamming the door behind me, I stormed down the hall to my room, a colorful stream of curses spewing from my mouth.

Again slamming a door, this time my own, I flop onto my bed.

"Why can't they see, dammit? Why is it only me?" I mumbled into my pillow.

My whole life I could always see everyone else's true intentions, making me suspicious of everything and everyone. I can't even look into other's eyes properly, not wanting to see their darker feelings. I can't even have proper friends because of their only want being the title they get being close friends with the prince.

"All I want is a proper friend who is open and honest and real with everything…" Was my last thought as I fell asleep.


I suddenly awoke with a jolt. Falling asleep on top of my blankets wasn't the smartest thing to do; freezing my ass off is so not what I wanted.
Sitting up, I thought back to the dream I had. There was a big fire and the silhouette of a young boy who looked as if he was crying. This hulk of a lady appeared and dragged him away, kicking and screaming. I couldn't hear what he was saying but I got the feeling that it was 'mommy' 'daddy'.

Shivering I stood and looked out the window. Midnight, or about. Time to put my plan into action.

I was sick of it all. The idiocy of everyone, completely oblivious to each other's true feelings. The others my age avoiding me, looking at me with fear yet star-struck, blatantly showing their emotions on their faces. I can't act like I didn't notice it or didn't care anymore. So I decided to leave. I didn't know what day, but my mother's anger lit the fuse; now I'm leaving before the bomb goes off.

All my things were packed; sliding into a jacket, I grabbed my bag and left my home for good.

Creeping by silently, I held my breath every time I passed a house, silently praying no one rose for a midnight snack and just happen to glance out the window to see their prince creeping out.

Finally passing the last house of town and entering the forest, I took a relieved breath; looking back at the town. My home for 15 years, the castle, was in plain view for everyone to see.

In the morn, mother will be devastated, father pissed. He'll probably send his best men out to find me. Should've left a note, I silently thought, to late anyway, not planning on taking that chance.

"Bye, mum." I hitched my bag up higher on my shoulder and started my trek on a new, royal pain-in-the-ass-less life.


"This was such a bad idea."

Only a week away from home and I'm already regretting my decision. Tired from walking around lost, I finally found a small town with a bar. Decidedly parched, I headed towards the bar. Unfortunately, it was late at night and all the labour men were there getting drunk after a hard day of work.

Trying to be as inconspicuous as possible, I headed towards the bar and quietly ordered a glass of water. Contrary to belief, all elves don't have the best of luck.

One drunk, and apparently blind, idiot and a rejection later lead to five very pissed off drunk idiots, four friends to the first idiot, and one cornered pissed elf in an alleyway.

"Oi, pre'y la'y, me frien' here wan'ed a bi' o' fun. You ain' got no righ' layin' 'im off." Twiddledumber number one said. Behind him Twiddledumb and Twiddledumber two and three nodded their heads.

"And I said, you incompetent, idiotic, useless masses of muscle, I. AM. A. MAN! Now will please maneuver you asses out of my way so I can find lodgings."

Looking at each other, the dumb fools couldn't comprehend past my obviously higher vocabulary to understand that I insulted them. Finally, yet surprisingly, one of them realized I called them idiots.

"Hey! We ain't no idiots, dammit. Watch your mouth little lady 'fore I hafta go and hit you." Raising his hand in a way that I guess was supposed to be menacing, the drunk buffoon tried to hit me. Swiftly dodging back, I watched as he stumbled, tried to get his balance, and ended up falling on his ugly mug.

"Oi, she tripped Buford-" Buford, really? "Get the little bitch!"

Back home, I was far superior to every elf, beating father's strongest soldiers without breaking a sweat. But elves had slim builds and calm demeanors. Five pissed off, drunk men who's arms each looked about as wide as a tree trunk, lifting at least twice as much as I weigh with ease, was a completely different story.

Preparing to draw my weapons, I heard a thud and the ground beneath me violently shook. Looking up, I noticed that somehow, each and every man was taken down silently without my noticing, which was a great feat considering my sensitive assed ears. Looking closer, I noticed little red darts sticking for their bulky necks.

Suddenly, with no warning at all, a tall man blocked my view; having jumped down from the closest building. Now, I'm no shorty at 6 feet even, but I literally had to crane my head back to look at this guy. He had to be at least 6'5 if not more.

Looking up, I saw beautiful green eyes looking back at me. In those eyes, I saw nothing but pure concern. Clear as the lake I played in as child back home, this man's eyes had no underlying ill intentions towards me.

"Are you okay, mister?" A deep, rumbling baritone broke me from my reverie.

"Huh?" Real smooth, genius.

"Are you really a missus, then?" Confusion replaced the concerned look.

"What? No! I'm a male. I-you just shocked me a bit. Yes, yes I'm fine. Thank you." Relief and happiness this time. How could one person be so open?

"That's great! I-I did mean to scare you or anything," suddenly shy, the man stepped back, " I try not to scare people, but at my height it's really hard to not be intimidating, ya know?" An anxious half-smile lit up his face.

"I know how you feel. Um…again…thank you…um…?"

"Oh! My name! Right! Aww geez that's so rude. Um. I'm Harry," holding out his hand, Harry looked down at me hopefully, "a-and you?"

Smirking slightly, I laid my hand into his, "Draco." A large hand suddenly gripped mine strongly.

Letting go, the confusion returned to his eyes, "W-what kind of name is that?" the statement was said in a questioning manner.

"My parents had an interesting sense of humor."

"Oh. Oh! You need somewhere to stay right?" he looked at me with a hopeful look again.

"Yes…how are you aware of that?"

A blush slowly began to creep up his face. "I-well…I was in that bar early and saw those guys following you. I couldn't help but follow and-well I couldn't actually do anything until they tried to hurt you 'cause that would go against the Codes-" Codes? "And-well…um…s-sorry for listening." Suddenly he looked remorseful.

"It's okay, I guess. You weren't doing it on purpose, just trying to help right?" his face immediately brightened and he nodded. I was enjoying myself watching all the emotions pass across his face in the time span of five minutes.

"Well…you were saying something about me staying somewhere…?"

"Oh! You can stay with me if you like?"

"Excuse me?"

"I'm a traveler just like you, but a bit of unfinished business I have here extended my stay, so I rented an apartment till I'm done. 'Course I can only pay through a bit of hard labour so…I-I'm beginning to ramble aren't I?"

A giggle rose up as a full-blown blush covered his face, but I choked it down. Men don't giggle. "No…it's fine. Your place is fine. We aren't exactly strangers anymore, now are we?"

"Guess not. Come on then, it's this way." Suddenly turning, Harry began to walk in the opposite direction of the bar.

Silently walking behind him, I noticed that I could hear neither his footsteps nor his breathing. As an elf, I take great pride in my hearing abilities and his were literally none existent. Looking down, I realized that he didn't leave any foot prints either. I think I'm going insane from lack proper food.


"Hmmm?" Happily bouncing in front of me, the man definitely should have left foot prints, which he didn't.

"Are you actually real?" Gods, asking that aloud sounded more childish than it did in my head.

Throwing his head back and laughing, Harry looked at me in disbelief, "Where did that come from, Dray?"

Wincing at the nickname, I looked at him defiantly, "You make no noise when you walk and you leave no footprints."

Suddenly Harry looked horrified, "Aw shit, I forgot again. Dammit. Aw, Dray I can't tell you. A-at least not out here. Come on. Shit, master's gonna kill me." Speeding up, Harry grabbed my hand and rushed towards his apartment.

Inside was pitch black and cold. Unexpectedly, light flared up and I turned towards the source. Harry lit up the fireplace and had a steady fire going. Then he turned towards me.

Holding back a gasp, I stared at him. Outside in the moonlight, I had a vague outline of what he looked like; however, seeing him in real light was a completely different thing.

Long, messy, I-just-got-shagged black colored hair brushed against broad shoulders. Bright green eyes framed by thick, dark eyelahes. A strong nose set above the reddest lips I've ever seen in my life. A strong jaw darkened by a short layer of stubble. Smooth olive skin, completely unblemished, stretched across high cheekbones. A bright red bandana kept the hair from his eyes. A white button up covered what was obviously a very broad, very muscular chest. How did I miss the bright ass shirt? A black skinny tie and same color pants. And a sword, a katana from the looks, strapped to his back completed the look. This man oozed testosterone from every pore of his body and probably didn't even know it. And don't forget the height and deep ass voice.

"Is something wrong?" for the second time that night, his deep baritone pulled me from my fascinations.

"No, the light just surprised me." I murmured.

Suddenly, another bright half-smile split across his face. "Seems like I'm surprising you a lot, uh?"

"Yes. Speaking of surprises, will you tell me what that was out there?" suddenly his grin disappeared.

"Right. Yes. Okay. You should sit." Looking around I noticed a brown couch and an equally brown chair. I chose to sit in the chair. He plopped down on the couch.

"Okay, where to start? Well, see, the truth is…I'm a ninja. Well not a full ninja. But I know everything there is to know in order to be one and then some; however, this is not the age of ninjas anymore, so it would be useless of be to become one. As a result I now live my days trying to find my calling and saving anyone I can when in danger," a suddenly sad look took over his face, "but I end up killing and scaring more than I do helping. That's why I'm still here: I accidently killed a man who was beating his kid. I went in and kindly asked him to stop but he just got all mad at me and tried to fight me and when I had to do something to stop him…well my instincts just kicked in."

He looked up at me mournfully, "You see, I was only taught to fight to kill others who are hella strong, not an average citizen. So my blows, just one, could seriously fuck up some one. A-and I hit him and fell and there was blood and-" Suddenly, tears were falling down his face and I felt so sorry for him. He obviously wants to help people but ends up hurting them and it's tearing him inside. This guy is nothing but good.

I rose to go sit next to him on the couch. Raising his head to look at me he said, "I-I didn't mean it, it was an accident really." Suddenly wanting to make him feel better, I cupped his wet cheek in my hand.

"Shhhh, it's okay. I know it wasn't your fault. You just wanted to help." Looking at me, fresh tears filled his eyes and his head fell onto my shoulder. Not familiar with the sudden contact, I tensed up and prepared to push him of off myself when my shoulder suddenly became hot and wet and Harry shook next to me.

It would be like rejecting a baby who wanted a hug. I couldn't resist. Wrapping my arms around him, I held Harry and murmured nonsense into his ear like I would a child. For a man who looked like a sex god, the sex god, only just a few minutes ago, this babyish blubbering was a big transition.

Soon the sobs quieted into hiccups and then those stopped and I no longer felt hot tears on my shoulder did I know he was alright. "Harry, do you feel better know? Harry? Harry!" Looking down, I realized the big oaf had fallen asleep nearly on top of me. "Dammit, Harry wake up!"

I used the last of my energy trying to get the fool off of me till I realized it was futile and laid back. "Guess this how I'm sleeping tonight." Was my last thought as I dozed off, realizing that Harry's weight on top of me wasn't really that annoying nut actually kind of…nice.

I woke up to the smell of delicious breakfast cooking and for a second I deluded myself into thinking I was home again, till I heard humming that was clearly masculine and only came from one testosterone filled cry-baby that I know of. Harry.

A slight shiver of I don't know what went down my back and with a sigh I opened my eyes. I was wrapped in a warm blanket still on the couch. Harry took my shoes of for me and set them to the side. I wonder when he woke up.

Unraveling myself from the blanket and standing, I stretched, feeling completely refreshed. Sleeping on a warm couch sure as hell beat sleep on the cold, hard ground.

"Harry?" I looked around, seeing no sight of him, but hearing his deep humming loud and clear.

The humming broke off, "I'm in here!" suddenly I see a spatula being waved from an alcove I didn't notice upon first entering. Following the spatula, the scent of food grew stronger and the humming grew louder.

Turning the corner, I entered a mini kitchen from which Harry was standing in front of a stove expertly flipping pancakes and bacon at the same time. He turned to look at me, that half-smile tugging at his lips. "Just in time, too!" he gestured towards the stool at the counter. "Breakfast'll be ready in a minute!"

I sat on the stool and looked around. Though little, the kitchen was very cozy and had a homey feeling to it. And the scents were just heavenly. Not having a proper meal since leaving home, I was suddenly ravished and wanted to fill my stomach till it busted.

"Here you go, Dray. Breakfast fit for a king!" Harry set a plate piled high with food in front of me and sat down with his own plate. "Dig in!"

Not having to tell me twice, I pushed my hair from in front of my face and promptly tucked into my meal. Or I would have if Harry hadn't suddenly gasped.

"What is it?!" Suddenly irritated from the distraction from my food, I glanced at Harry to see him staring at my ear. Eager to get to the food, I forgot that my hair covered my very pointed ears and that Harry didn't know I was an elf.

"You-your ear? You're…an…elf?" he looked at me with disbelief, "but…how?"

My appetite abruptly disappeared and I set my knife and fork down. "Well…I'm kind of more than that. See, I'm the Elfin Prince. And I ran away from home." Harry looked very pale and his eyes were unfocused. Concerned for him, I reached out to touch his hand when his eyes snapped back into focus.

Jerking away from me and standing up so fast his stool fell, Harry looked down at me, eyes furious. And for the first time in my life, I was terrified. When I said Harry oozed testosterone before, it was nothing compared to the him now.

Standing his full 6'5, muscles bulging beneath his shirt in an attempt at self-restraint, eyes blazing down on me full of anger, Harry went from his usual sex god self to god of death in 0.2 seconds.

"Prince? Prince! Dray, why didn't you tell me?!" At the sound of the weird nickname he gave me only the night before, I knew that Harry wasn't really mad at me, "Do you know how dangerous it is for you to be by yourself? How much trouble you could get in to and all the possible outcomes, depending on how twisted the person is?" The sound of his anguished filled voice tore at me, knowing what he felt was for me.

Looking down at the table, there was nothing I could do but let out a choked "Sorry."

All of a sudden a rough hand gently lifted my head up and I was looking into emerald eyes that were now filled with concern and not anger. "I didn't mean to snap at you, Dray, but the world's a scary place and without the right kind of protection you could get hurt or killed. I mean, how old are you even?"

Dreading his reaction at how young I was, I looked as far away from his eyes as I could and choked out' "Turned 15 two months ago…" The hand on my chin tightened for a moment, then slid up to cup my face, forcing me to look at the owner's eyes.

Only one word filled with so much fear and anguish, "Why?" and I wanted to cry.

"Because I was full of everyone else's shit and lies and deceitfulness that I wanted to explode. Because I was sick of not having friends because everyone only wanted to get close to me for power. Because I wanted to know if there was actually a person on this damned planet who was actually open and honest and not completely corrupt with their own selfish desires. And I met him only after a week of leaving home." I let the wonder enter my voice. "You Harry."

Harry pulled me into a rough hug and held me there completely crushed against his chest; I could hear how fast his heart beat was. Slowly, I slid my hands up his back and gripped his shirt.

"I mean, it's not like I'm some idiot who would go out into the big bad world completely defenseless. I have a magically hidden bow and arrows, equally hidden multitude of guns, all of which I know how to use, and vast knowledge on how to turn almost anything into a weapon." I tightened my grip on his shirt. "Of course, a bit of extra assistance doesn't hurt."

Holding me impossibly tighter, Harry burst into laughter, "Can I become your extra assistance?"

I sniffed daintily at him and in the haughtiest voice I could manage, "Well only naturally. Did you expect me to protect myself?" Both of us burst into uncontrollable laughter till we were clutching our sides, trying to catch our breath.

"Well… okay… that's… over… Now we…eat…before…the food…gets cold." I nodded and sat back down; watching as Harry picked up his stool and sat down. Now that I think about, he looks pretty young.


"Yes, Dray?"

"How old are you?"

"Hmmm? Oh. 'Bout 17, I think."

"What?! And you got mad at me for being young! You hypocrite!"

"…Eat your food, Dray."

"Son of a…"


Sitting on a pile of rubbish, I watched as Harry ran back and forth, carrying all kinds of weird shit. He was sweating profusely from all the hard labour and had not taken a break since arriving.

"Yo! Harry! That's enough, man. You're done for the day. The missus said so." Turning towards the voice, a stocky man with unnecessarily bulging muscles called Harry over. "Why do you work yourself so hard? It's okay to take a break every once in a while, ya know?"

Smiling, Harry looked down at the man, "S'okay. I like helping out as much as possible. Helping others is what I do best."

"Heh, whatever man. Just don't kill yourself from overworking, 'kay? We need strong men willing to help like you. Now get your ass home and take a shower. You smell like a wet dog." Laughing, Harry waved to the man and headed towards me.

"Hey, Dray! Enjoyed the show?" Slowly lifting one eyebrow, I looked at the man who so stubbornly called me by that drastic nickname.

"And by whatever means deluded you into believing that I enjoyed sitting here in this hot ass sun watching hot, sweaty men walking around, carrying shit? I think the sun rays fried your brain."

Face screwed up in confusion, Harry looked over at me as we walked back to his apartment. "But whenever I glanced over at you, you were staring really hard at me."

Face aflame, I sputtered indignantly, "I was thinking, dammit. Why would I stare at you so hard if I have to look at you every day? You know me better than that."

And it was true. Two weeks passed since the day Harry and I met; we were preparing to leave this place and go out traveling together. Not that I was relieved or anything when Harry said I couldn't leave without him. I'm not exactly sure on how I feel about Harry, but for now I know for sure that his presence puts me at ease. Except for whenever he did something that set my whole body on fire. Usually it tends to be when he gives me that half-smile of his, of which I've never seen him show anyone else. Sometimes, when he doesn't want to sleep by himself, I would be so nervous curled up next to him; not even able to sleep because I fretted, thinking that he could hear my heartbeat pounding so loudly and painfully against my ribs.

Once inside the apartment, I plopped down onto the couch, thankful for the cool oasis from the scorching sun. Raising my arm, I was pissed about my pale complexion not providing me protection from sun burn and skin cancer. Fortunately, Kaji was a few shades darker than me, with an olive skin tone to die for.

"Imma take shower and then I'll take a short nap, 'kay Dray?"

"Yeah. I highly doubt that I'll be awake be the time you get out, though." Chuckling, Harry headed for the shower.

Sighing, I slid down till I lay vertically across the couch, stretching slightly. Lying there, I realized that I felt happier right then, than I've ever felt in my entire life. Closing my eyes, I let that sink in.

So immersed in my thoughts, I didn't hear Harry exit the shower. Nor did I feel the blanket he covered me in or the kiss he pressed on my forehead. No, I was too busy feeling sorry for myself. A single tear slid down my face before I fell asleep.