Okay, so I've just been recently introduced to this fandom and I'm not completely sure what I'm doing... so um, this is just something I started. I don't even know if it's that good... but um so anyways...

Description: Hiccup works at a fake viking tourist thingy and Jamie's family is going their for a vaca and Jack tags along. Jack sees Hiccup and is strangely attracted to him... and yeah something happens after that... I hope -_-

Pairings: Jack/Hiccup

Rating: T.. maybe M later if I get the guts to write it. I dunno

I don't anything, they aren't my babies! Once again sorry if it sucks, I'm new at this crossover.

It had been a long day. One filled with tourists and camera flashes that didn't seem to lose their annoyance, even after the fiftieth time, as surprising as that is. Hiccup sighed as he finished packing up his work station, a small blacksmith shop, as Gobber went off to talk to some straggling tourists. He closed the door and locked it tight, staring around him with a dull passion.

Some of the other "Vikings" still lingered here and there, chatting with each other or gathering their work items. They all lived in Berk, the village of the past. Or, in other words, a big ol' tourist trap for those gullible enough to come and pay money to see people act like vikings. It was a dying attraction that was just barely hanging on with its rustic homes (where everyone slept for the night), its pleasant viking folks (most fakes), and its lovely, lovely weather (freezing most of the time). During the day all the actors played vikings and at night they all headed into their houses, fitted with satellite tv and running water.

Out of all the vikings, Hiccup was the one that the tourists paid the least attention to. Unlike the others, buff, grizzly, and invested in their roles, he was weak, skinny, and rarely focused while he worked. Sometimes people would play nice and ask questions but he usually chased them away with a sarcastic comment that later got an angry rant from his father. It was just a cycle he went through.

For fifteen years.

Now that he was done cleaning up he quickly hurried home, not wanting to deal with work anymore, although that's all his father did. He hunched his shoulders and braced his body against the slight chill that was beginning to grow as the sun went down. His chestnut hair brushed his leather vest that he wore whenever he was in character, his freckles showing even more as his face paled with cold. He was used to the temperature, but it was something he was bored with, just like everything else.

Finally making into his home and managing only to slip once, Hiccup smiled to himself. "Toothless? Where are you boy?" He called through the house, clapping his hands as he heard the pounding of his best friend's feet. "There you are!" A large grey hound pounced, using very little strength to bring the boy down. Toothless was a large black dog, his green eyes always seeming to be saying something even if he couldn't talk. Hiccup had raised him as a pup since he was left in the snow to die, his hind leg badly frozen to where they had to amputate, but he seemed happier non-the-less.

"Alright, alright, down boy," Hiccup laughed. He pushed the slobbering dog off of him, wiping his face with his sweater sleeve. "I'm guessing you're hungry?" The dog whined impatiently, rubbing his nose under his master's chin. "I'll take that as a yes then. Come on, let's get some food if Dad hasn't eaten it all yet." Hiccup stood, his one bad foot clinking against the worn out wood.

It was one thing he had in common with Toothless, both of them were broken. Something people stared at when they came into the village. Just another spectacle at Berk for the tourist. That's why Hiccup liked working at the blacksmith shop; he could hide behind a counter without having to worry about the stares.

Toothless nipped at Hiccup's hand, wanting him to hurry as he trudged into the kitchen. The boy just laughed, pushing his muzzle away affectionately. "You need to eat less, you're getting fat," he said jokingly. The dog's ears lowered as if he had taken offense to the comment. "Now, let's see what we got." He went through the cupboards, finding Toothless' food, but he didn't feel like eating anymore. "Go grab your bowl," he ordered. Within seconds Toothless was back, large bowl in mouth. It clattered to the floor as he dropped it, his tail wagging happily.

Hiccup struggled to hold the large bag and pour it, barely getting a few pieces of kibble in before Toothless had his head in the bag, eating away. "Toothless!" He stumbled a moment, the dog pushing his head deeper to grab more food. "You're choosing to ignore me right now aren't you?" He rolled his eyes and managed to pull the bag away, breathing heavily from the struggle. "You eat like a viking that's for sure," he muttered. Toothless barked loudly, pawing at the bag. Hiccup raised an eyebrow, almost scoffing at the dog's actions. "You've got to be kidding me?"

It had been a long day for the Bennets; they had been running around all day. They managed to get off their airplane, but have their luggage get lost somewhere in the airport, only to find it later at their hotel room. They were exhausted even though it was supposed to be a vacation. Jamie was still wide awake though, barely sitting still on the bed he was going to share with his sister, who was curled up in the pillows fast asleep. He grinned, missing teeth showing proudly. "Hey, Mom?" He asked, stilling bouncing up and down, jostling Sophie in her sleep.

"Yes, sweetie?" She looked at him, jet lag taking a toll on her.

"Can we go to the viking place? The one where it's like a real village?" He glanced at the wall, winking at something that wasn't there, or it seemed that way to his mother. In reality, if you could say it that way, there was someone there.

None other than Jack Frost himself. He had tagged along with Jamie since he knew it would be cold and after all, he was the guardian of fun, right? There was no way he would miss out on a vacation. Although, the other guardians seemed to look down on his idea. But then again, they always seemed to do that.

Jack crossed his arms, leaning against the wall as he watched Jamie's mother think it over. "Well, I suppose we could just pass through." She opened her suitcase and pulled out her pajamas. "We'll talk about it in the morning when everyone is," she looked at Sophie and then her husband, also incapacitated, "conscious."

Jamie threw a victory fist in the air. "Yes!" He hid his other hand behind his back, palm up, waiting until he felt the chill of Jack's hand high five him. "Thanks Mom!"

"Don't thank me yet, I never said yes." She said tiredly, but there was a small smile as she looked at him. "Now why don't you get ready for bed?" Walking into the bathroom she couldn't help but laugh as Jamie let out a groan. When the door clicked shut, Jamie turned to his friend.

"I can't wait to see them! I wonder if they'll be scary like they are in the movies!" He kept smiling that Jack couldn't help but smile back.

"Who knows, maybe they'll burn down a village for you?" Jack pushed off from the wall, twirling his staff slightly, trying not to hit anything. "Are you sure you want to go to some viking village? It could be really cheap and lame." He shrugged his shoulders, the frost on his sweater crunching slightly at the tension. "Why don't we go snowboarding or something?"

"But I want to see the vikings," Jamie said defensively. "I think it'll be cool." He wiggled his fingers at the word 'cool' and Jack gave a dramatic eye roll, laughing sarcastically.

"Well then, sign me up," he said. Jamie tossed a pillow at him but he threw it to the side using his staff. He quickly made a snow ball and chucked it, hitting the small boy square in the chest. Both of them laughed and stopped when the bathroom door opened.

"Jamie who are you talking-" There was a pause. "Jamie! How did you track snow onto the bed?!"

uhhh... *crawls under bed sheets and cries* please don't hate me.

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